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Broken souls (OOC page CLOSED)
« on: November 11, 2014, 09:51:22 pm »
Welcome to the party. At least... this is your one year anniversary of being in it. You call each other friends, and some to even call each other family. Your past adventures have made you bond continuously throughout the time you all have spent together. Some more than others of course, some choose to distance themselves from the group, despite putting their full effort to help. You sit tonight with these party members, happily eating a well deserved feast from your past dungeon dive. But something lurks. The question is... is it a person or merely a feeling of paranoia. You ignore this as you continue to eat your meal with these people you have grown close to. Some are actually new to the party. Since your last dungeon dive unfortunately, you not only eat out of happiness of being alive, but out of honor of those who were lost in that cave. Either way, your passion and dedication for this party is not lost, but in fact higher than before.



No autohitting (2 warnings before I kick you out).

No godmodding. I catch you doing this and you're out, no excuses.

You know the rest. ect. ect. Basic rules apply.


Now I do admit I want everyone to be some sort of different class from each other. Examples include Knight, Paladin, Rogue, Thief, ect. Other than that I encourage to bring forth your best characters. You know who you are when I say who's in this. Tren, Sledge, Blades, and me are going to be in this. Also two characters max per person please.


Character Card:

Looks (physical attributes):
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Re: Broken souls (OOC page CLOSED)
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2014, 01:15:40 am »
Name: Valentine "wasp" Riche (Rick-uh)
Species: Thylacine
Age: 25
Gender: female
Looks: nearly 7' tall and almost painfully skinny. light golden yellow with off-white on chest/belly area. Bold black stripes underlined with bright green across lower back and tail. Bright green eyes shot through wih yellow streaks.
Clothes: very lightweight(and therefore skimpy) armor covering chest, upper legs, and shins, just enough to preserve decency, but also preserve mobility; painted black with thin, bright green stripes. Sometimes wears a long black cloak with green accents, whenever the climate is too cold.
Personality: very energetic and always on the move, be she tapping her feet, spinning her knives, etc. also very promiscuous; will like someone for a short time, likely sleep with them, then move on to another in a few days, sometimes more than once.
Backstory: has been with the group since very well near the beginning, and as such has seen a fair share of adventurers come and go, often passing through her bedroll on the way. Was abandoned as a pup and taken in(not really adopted) by a military scout. Was trained in knife-fighting from a very young age, and has since only improved. When the scout decided she was no longer as imprortant as mead, she set off in search of adventure. She found it with this group.
Class: Rogue/scout
Combat: uses speed and agility to outmaneuver her enemies and move in for very close combat. Excels at hand-to-hand combat, and can throw her knives very accurately. 
Weapon(s): four Ridley Knives(two in use at a time, at most. The other two are backups.)-

Name: XXXXXX "Flir" XXXXXX (name is as of yet not revealed.)
Age: unknown, but likely around 28-30
Gender: female
Looks: constantly hidden under specially designed armor: once very attractive, had steel-blue fur and bright orange eyes, but then was mostly covered in burns after a certain incident she won't speak of.
Clothes: armor designed for guarding prisoners working in large city forges, sharply angled to shed heat and cause attacks to glance off most times. Is also heavily insulated and covers her completely, leaving no fur exposed. Has had this armor painted black with luminescent red accents, and a gold band around her ring finger on her gauntlet. Helm is redesigned to allow the mouth area to open, in the case of eating or drinking, without revealing her appearance.(her muzzle is untouched by burns.)
Personality: usually the strong quiet type, she stays reserved and doesn't give input much. Whenever she does speak, however, it would be best to heed her advice.
Backstory: worked as a forge guard in a major city for a long while, until an incident that she has yet to talk about occurred. Afterwards, much like Viktor, she joined up with the group to forget her past and move on with her life.
Class:  Guardian
Combat: protects those she believes need her cover at the moment, taking it rather personal if they do get hurt, even in the slightest. A very heavy hitter, and heavy defense, and as such can deal massive damage, but not able to attack or defend based on speed. Will not usually fight unless someone needs help or she is forced to, but can fight very well.
Weapon(s): custom claymore broadsword with an extended handle nearly the length of the blade. Has intricate fiery designs of gold inset into the blade. For closer quarters, uses a sap made of lead cored ironwood, about 2-1/2 ft long and wrapped with red leather at the handle.
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Re: Broken souls (OOC page CLOSED)
« Reply #2 on: November 12, 2014, 10:13:18 pm »
Name: Victor Kalipin
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Looks (physical attributes): Typical red-orange coat for a fox but with a pearl gold chest and belly. Stormy grey eyes that seem almost a bit...aged for his age. Both his legs and left arm were lost in a...tragic event and he now has artificial limbs made from brass and copper. He covers them with synthetic fur patches which tend to tear easily in combat.
Clothes: Wears a sleeveless leather shirt, simple and worn for protection against slash attacks, a single copper pauldron on the shoulder of his organic arm with lower armguard, well worn black pants with many rips and tears, steel boots with brass inlays.
Personality: On the outside, seems like a swarthy pirate using the usual jargon in his speech coupled with an outward brashness, but in private...he's a whole different fox. He's a bit more sincere and maybe a little...insecure.
Backstory: Has been with the group of adventurers for a fair while now ever since he left the piratin' life behind him...that and Victor just wanted to forget about that...event, resulting in his artificial limbs. And what better way to forget than with an adventure or two?!?
Class: Barbarian
Combat: Uses the environment to his advantage and loves to use dirty tricks in battle. Kicking knees, throwing dirt and pebbles in enemies' faces', tossing a sheet over them to blind them...if it gives him the edge Victor will use it. 
Weapon(s): Steel broadsword which can be held one handed in his artificial arm.

Name: Christie Tavare
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Looks (physical attributes): Very tall for a woman at about 5'11", emerald green eyes like her big brother, Grey fur with a white stomach and purple tribals on her back, neck, and right arm, standard black raccoon mask and ringed tail but it tapers off like an otter's tail, and black hands that are slightly webbed, and long brown hair.
Clothes: Dark green tunic with the Tavare family seal across the back with hardened leather breastplate, pauldrons, and armguards, black pants that are frayed and torn around the bottom with matching hardened leather greaves and simple brown boots.
Personality: A very confident and sure woman if not a little brash, very decisive and unafraid to voice her opinion. A very wise and intriguing individual when you really get to know her.
Backstory: Christie is from a line of adventurers, Her mother Elena before her and her big brother Blades before he settled down to have a family. Since childhood, Christie wanted to carry on the tradition of the Tavare family of being great adventurers and to her, what better a place to start than with Wise and his crew?
Class: Spellblade
Combat: Very precise in battle, often preferring to focus on a single enemy at a time if at all possible taking careful shots trying to keep the battle as quick and clean as possible.
Weapon(s): Basic ice magic that shoots out in a jet from her free hand and an arming sword with a small emerald in the end of the hilt.
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Re: Broken souls (OOC page CLOSED)
« Reply #3 on: November 12, 2014, 11:41:02 pm »
Done and done. 8)

Name: Jemeni Telanos
Class: Medic!
Species: Ocelot
Gender: Female
Age: Late-Twenties/Early-Thirties.
Appearance: Jemeni has a tall and lean frame, standing at five foot eleven.  Short fur; burnt orange base coat with a patch of cream white fur on the chest.  Standard black markings for an ocelot.  Pale blue eyes. 
Apparel: Jemeni wears a set of leather armor with a scalemail vest.  Gives moderate protection from slashing and stabbing and doesnít restrict mobility too much.  Sometimes wears a white robe over the armor.
Personality: Jemeni can seem aloof and cold to some, but she is a very kind person at heart.  She will go to great lengths to keep her friends from harm, sometimes too much so.  Can be a bit shy if confronted by more than one person at once.
Weaponry: Jemeni uses a brass studded club as her main weapon, paired with a barrel shield. (Slightly curved rectangular shield)
Combat: Jemeni is very tenacious in battle and favors the aggressive approach.  She mightnot be terribly strong, but the momentum of her club will still carve a nice groove in your skull if you donít get out of the way.
Backstory: Jemeni has been with the group from the very start, ever since she met Wise.  Before that she served as a healer in a small town.

Oh, what happened to Zerik? *scans around* Hmm... i guess he called in sick or something, cause i don't see him anywhere.  Besides, Aaron's a good guy; Zerik probably would have just ended up smashing somebody's head in or something.

EDIT: Oh dear, it seems Aaron had a change of heart.  I guess he looked around as saw all these crazy people and thought "that makes me unbearably normal!"  Yeeeeah, not like Wise was gonna let him live anyways, WERE YOU WISE?  No, i got a better idea.  Gonna fight fire with fire here, you want over-the-top characters, i'll give you something that can keep up... and something that will have you rather uneasy, i might add.

Name: Chaerom ďThe ButcherĒ Bloodfang
Class: Spider/Stalker
Species: Nureongi
Gender: Male
Age: He wonít tell, and his scars make him look older than what he probably is.
Appearance: Chaerom isnít notably large of stature, standing at five foot six when standing straight up; his normal posture makes him appear even smaller.  Golden brown coat of tangled and matted fur, no real markings of any kind.  He has many scars from past wounds, and a few newer ones from injuries heís ended up with while adventuring.  His brown eyes are always scanning the room, and he never seems to keep eye contact for more than a few moments.
Apparel: Chaerom wears tan pants, torn off just below the knees.  Always shirtless, though he does have a ratty poncho stuffed into his backpack.  A necklace of teeth around his neck and a matching bracelet, with some bone charms hanging off his belt.
Personality: Chaerom is not the sort of person you would want to trust with your life.  He hasnít let anyone down yet, but his general unpredictability combined with his violent nature make him hard to trust.  He doesnít seem to have made a real friend out of anyone in the party, but he has risked his life for them, knowing that it is mutually beneficial for the group to work together.  Chaerom has been known to talk to himself late in the middle of the night, usually about his rather disturbing past.  Itís unadvisable to directly question him about his past, however.
Weaponry: Chaerom uses a pair of meat hooks as his main weapons, though he will certainly make use of anything else lying around.  Heís also been known to take bites out of the people heís fighting.
Combat: Chaerom makes full use of all three dimensions thanks to his remarkable jumping ability, and uses vertical surfaces to his advantage whenever possible.  He can climb up walls with remarkable speed, and is rather fond of crawling along the ceiling to drop down on his foes from above.  Despite his vicious fighting style, he is very stealthy when sneaking around, and given the right environment he can leave a fight just as quickly as he could enter it.
Backstory: Chaerom says he wonít talk about his past, but over time listening to him talk to himself, the others have picked up on a few things.  For one, his previous employment was as a butcherís assistant, which help explain the meat hooks.  Itís still not entirely clear why he left his job, but he left his hometown in search for adventure.  He found it diving for treasure with Wiseís crew.
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Re: Broken souls (OOC page CLOSED)
« Reply #4 on: December 08, 2014, 02:18:48 am »
No start?
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Re: Broken souls (OOC page CLOSED)
« Reply #5 on: December 08, 2014, 03:37:07 am »
I know this is closed but you look like you could use an archer
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