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Part the veil
« on: December 13, 2014, 12:41:00 am »
Listen my child, and i shall tell you of the world beyond. The realms of the dead often cross with the world of the living. Oh, you know the normal ways, voodoo, contacting spirits, divination, but there are other ways. The spirit world occasionally touches in a more...affectionate way. It is common knowledge most efforts to create half dead are useless. But on occasion, the mortal's pure potential co-incides with the pure DESIRE of the dead to feel again, and a veil child is born. Fear not my poppet, things like that are no more wicked than any other person. They just have different ways than us. But of course its just a story child! Silly girl. Run along now, its bedtime for you....

But it isnt a bedtime story, is it? Youve known since you were young. A parent that was never there. You were sickly as a child werent you? But, you know, you never felt sick. People's eyes passed over you, you found it easy to avoid their sight. A strange way about you wasnt there. Things moved without you touching them, shadows responded to your thoughts. The monsters under your bed were your friends werent they? But be careful little ones, there are things out there on both sides, creatures that dont want your kind existing. So watch children, and be warry. For you alone are the children that can part the veil.

Furs occasionally find that the spirit world leaves them permanant residents. Children touched by a specific type of spirit. You are one of these children. Will you seek to join the living, or do you dwell with your dead relatives? The choice is yours. But watch out. Living creatures fear you, and may attempt to exorcise you. On the other side, there are the reapers, psychopomps who believe the line between life and death is sacred, and will attempt to ferry you to the afterlife...willing or not.

1. Any rules i say, and those of any ADM i appoint go
2. no squabbling
3. no goddmodding
4. if you want to know something, ask

These powers are universal to the children of the veil
The sight: All children, being half dead themselves, can see spirits and ghosts
The shroud: By wrapping themselves in the mists of the spirit world, children can slip from casual sight. A determined viewer can see them, but if they are not being specifically tracked, they are nearly impossible to locate
Poltregeist: This ability refers to the "tricks" that children can pull off. These are simple things: light telekinesis (5lbs. or less), lights, sounds, temperature changes (usually colder), conjuring small things, cleaning/dirtying things, changing color, taste, texture, etc.
Weaknesses: Cannot cross lines of salt, cannot stand the sound of latin chanting, cannot

Each veil child has a descendancy, the type of spirit that they claim an ancestral link to. Each grants a few unique powers, as well as a few unique weaknesses, and common traits. They can choose 2 powers from their ancestry, and must choose 2 weaknesses

Basic revenants, half-ghosts may arrise from any number of circumstances. They have the greatest versatility
Telekinesis (power): The half-ghost may exert powerful force on the world of the living, equivalent to a quarterbacks tackle at first, rising as the talent is practiced and the half-ghost ages. The oldest ghosts are said to be able to channel the force of bullets, or even cars, to strike things
Drowned (power): Your ghostly parent died in the water, and you can call it to you. The drowned can pull water from sources within close proximity (usually anywhere within the same room), and infuse them with a deathly chill that halves the time the living can hold their breath
haunt (power): The ghost can possess small household items. Haunted items can be moved on their own, activated (clocks chime, ovens turn on/off, etc.), and can be held closed/open, etc.
Dread chill (power): This power allows a ghost hiding using their shroud power to instill creeping paranoia in the hearts of humans. This can be used in a variety o ways, and like many ghost powerrs, is more powerful with age
Skin-Ride (power): Skin-riding is the ghost term for possession, allowing a half-ghost to possess weak willed humans. Those with strong minds are immune, but the weak willed can be controlled like fleshy marrionettes. More powerful half-ghosts can do so much more subtler, allowing them to skin-ride undetected.
Holy symbols (weakness): This weakness forces the ghosts to flee when presented with a holy symbol, so long as the presenter has true faith.
holy water (weakness): This weakness causes holy water to leave foul burns on the flesh of the veiled children
phobia (weakness): This weakness is often tied to the cause of the parent ghost's death, and causes the affected child to suffer severe terror at the site of some otherwise normal object, ranging from stairs to rope to bathtubs to almost anything else (must explain how said item ties into ancestors death to be valid)
psychotic (weakness): Children with this weakness have the taint of madness about them. Normally they are fine, but on some occasions, usually the worst and most inopprotune moments, they are tricken with a murderous hatred for all other life around them

More to come, this is very WIP

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Re: Part the veil
« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2014, 01:03:28 am »
Ooh... Interesting.
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Re: Part the veil
« Reply #2 on: December 13, 2014, 06:49:36 am »
I like it...can't wait until I see what you've come up with
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Re: Part the veil
« Reply #3 on: December 13, 2014, 08:56:26 am »
I might hop back here for this.
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Re: Part the veil
« Reply #4 on: December 13, 2014, 12:21:03 pm »
When this picks up, I do hope that it doesn't die off.

Either way, it's perked my ears! Welcome back Rose, it's been too long! ^-^
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