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Sea bound souls (pirate RP) (OOC, Sign up)

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This one looks like it'd be pretty fun!

Looking for Boarding Party Member
Card skeleton
Name- Jack Dawson
Age- 29
Gender- Male
Species- red fox
Nationality- England
Personality- assertive, aggressive, but knows his place. A loyal and trustworthy individual, but is ruthless to those who betray him.
Appearance- Lost his left eye in a sword fight several years ago, fairly big fella (for a fox, that is), about 5' 7" tall, same patterns as a normal red fox, but with black where white should be.
Clothing- loose, but not baggy or saggy, and fairly thick pants tucked into a pair leather boots with straps to hold them in place, wears a doublet that is partially opened, but laced together at the front, and is never seen without his signature hat: a duffer hat which he looted from the corpse of an Irishman some time ago. Also wears an eyepatch, even though he knows it's stereotypical.
Backstory- He had no mother growing up, and was almost always at sea with his father who literally showed him the ropes. One day, young Jack Dawson was allowed to commandeer his father's ship, with Shayne Dawson, his father, at his side. He lost his father in a pirate raid at age 25, and was dumped at an English port. Seeing as he knew nothing but the sea, he set out to find a crew to join. After a few months of failure to join a crew, he walked into a rather smokey tavern, and here's where this adventure begins.
Weapons- a flintlock pistol, two rapiers
Equipment- old compass, and a lucky ring.

Jacoby Quinn:

--- Quote from: midnightparadox92 on December 05, 2016, 09:22:21 pm ---if i can join then this is my character:

 name: foxy the pirate
age: 18
gender: male
species: fox-dragon
nationality: caribbean
personality: bold, outgoing, good sense of humor, lonesome.
appearance: 6 feet 5in, 130 lb, semi-fit, purple fur with black patterns, wings have a purple transparent membrane with black swirls, grey stomach and neck fur, black fur with purple tips, eyes shift between purple, red, and blue, a scar runs down neck to stomach.
clothing: leather knee high boots, tattered dark grey pants, leather vest, white long sleeve button up shirt, pirate hat.
backstory: was set off to sea at an early age and quickly became outlawed. soon became a ship builder and made my own ship and started my own crew. eventually started sailing the seven seas and hunted for legends like the fountain of youth. my ship was taken away and was put in prison but escaped and is looking to join a crew. is very skilled with a blade.
weapons: long thin sword, a small dagger, a pistol, and a tomahawk.
equipment: compass, amethyst crystals, healing potions, map, pocket watch.

--- End quote ---
Tighten up your grammar
Also a no on the potions and the watch

Doc, Shift, welcome to the crew

Sledge, at least put down your clothing and desired position

ok now i have made my changes! please accept me...

Jacoby Quinn:
sledge, midnight accepted

Sledge, I'm appointing you AGM and first mate if you'd like to take it

Aye, I'll be taking that.  ;)


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