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[1] Using your sona in a story

[2] Idea: Fantasy futuristic magic furry zombie apocalypse. Sounds silly, might work

[3] Character Building

[4] *Story* Cold Heart - Strangers Behind Me (13y+ users please)

[5] *Story* Stupid Rabbit

[6] *New Story* Cry Me a Murder (SFW, thriller, mild violence & scary stuff)

[7] *Story* Who is Schyster Werkes ? (SFW, happy, social satire, humour, 3700 words)

[8] *story* The Brockford files II - Food and the Fandom (SFW, happy, satire)

[9] *Story* The Brockford Files I : Human by day (SFW, humour, satire, happy)


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