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Chapter 13 of Blade Dance
« on: July 28, 2004, 07:41:37 am »
Blade Dance

A story by


© 2004 by Jim Wilson. All rights reserved. Story content and Characters herein are fictitious, any resemblance to any person living or dead or any actual event is coincidental. All images and material strictly copy righted to respected artists. Characters Delanne, Luki, Malu, Alana, Raul, Kekona, Lani, James Terra Flastif, Mister Thomas, or any other character other than specified. © Jim Wilson. Character Ce’Dra © Bobbie Wilson. Character Shoshana © Mellina Lathe-Steindler. Character Fixer © Robert Steindler.



Delanne felt horrible as she lay beneath a shortened palm crying to her self. Thoughts of Jahmus were etching into her mind as she whimpered out towards the sky. “Why do I always get so emotional?”

“Because your heart has much love that has yet to be released and discovered.”

Startled by the unexpected voice, Delanne quickly sat up and noticed Ce’Dra’s father standing over her smiling brightly.

“Father Jayco.” The wolf fox addressed him as he sat down next to her and lifted her up onto his lap.

“Why the tears young one?” The lion asked as Delanne nestled into his chest.

“I over reacted when Carrot was playing with Jahmus.” She admitted in a whispered voice. “They probably think I’m being childish and hate me now.” The wolf fox began to cry again as continued. “Especially Jahmus.”

Jayco held her in his arms providing a feeling of comfort as he smiled playfully. “Fancy the young man do you?” He asked with a chuckle.

The question only caused Delanne to cry harder as she buried her head into his shoulder. The lion frowned at his mistake and squeezed the wolf fox lovingly. “You are so much like your Aunt Lani.” He began to tell her. “So full of love and a desire to be noticed by those that the world seems to be keeping away from you.”

Delanne raised her head looking up at the smiling lion. “You mean her love for Martin?” She asked with sniffle.

Jayco chuckled at the wolf fox’s knowledge of Lani’s affection for Martin. “Told you did she?” He asked without expecting an answer. “I’m not surprised; the arrival of the young man brings back a lot of fond memories.”

“Did others fancy Martin as well?” Delanne asked curiously.

The lion chuckled. “You catch on quick.”

The wolf fox only stared at him with a beggar’s look of wanting. Jayco laughed out loud. “Well, you are of age now…guess it wouldn’t hurt to tell you of old days long forgotten.”

Delanne sat up in his lap watching him with interest as he told her the tale of Lani and Martin…


Meanwhile over in a secluded part of the beach, Lani waited nervously with her students for Ce’Dra to return with Delanne. Perking up her ears with hope at the site of Ce’Dra emerging from the tree line. The fox’s smile turned into a disappointed frown when the young lioness appeared alone shrugging her shoulders.

“Did you find her?” Lani asked desperately with some hope.

Ce’Dra lowered her head and shook it slowly. “No.” Looking back up at the saddened fox. “She’s not in any of her usual spots.”

Lani’s expression worsened as Carrot came bounding out of the tree line. “Jayco found her in the forest, he’s bringing her by!” The raccoon fox relayed to them as she sprinted up to them panting for breath.

Lani grabbed at her chest with relief. “Is she alright?”

Carrot shrugged. “I think so, Malu crossed paths with them on his way to the village.”

“There they are!” Ce’Dra exclaimed pointing to the tree line.

Seeing her friends smiling at her excitedly, Delanne ran up to them and embraced them both.

“I’m so sorry Carrot.” The wolf fox cried out happily letting go of Ce’Dra and embracing the raccoon fox fully. “I was acting selfishly.”

Carrot began to tear happily as well. “Can’t blame you there sweetie, he’s really cute.” She laughed out showing her friend that all was okay between them.

Delanne smiled openly as she broke the embrace. “How is he?”

Carrot smiled widely. “Clean.”

The wolf fox’s eyes widened with enthusiasm. “He let you bathe him?”

“I’ve got to hear this!” Ce’Dra exclaimed.

Carrot wrapped an arm around Delanne. “Come on, I want to tell you all about it.” She giggled as the trio headed off to join their classmates.

Jayco smiled as he saw the trio happily conversing in gossip as he approached Lani.

“Thank you Jayco.” The fox smiled adoringly at her long time friend.

The lion boasted out with laughter. “Anytime my dear.”

Lani finished thanking him with a quick kiss. “Where ever did you find her?”

“Among the clouds.” He chuckled motioning skywards with his eyes.

“Oh you.” Lani teased him with a gentle slap on the shoulder. “What did you say to her?” She asked curiously noticing the change in Delanne’s character as she watched the girls off in the distance giggling with gossip.

The question made the lion chuckle even more. “Oh you know.” He teased playfully. “About life and love.”

“Jayco.” Lani got after him with a stern look.

“Alright, Alright.” Jayco gave in playfully. “I told her about you and Martin.”

Lani’s eyes widened with astonishment catching the lion’s humor as he answered the fox’s silent expression with a chuckle. “I didn’t tell her about that.”

“I should hope not.” Lani answered distastefully looking away from him momentarily.

The fox’s reaction tickled the lion to no end. “Should I tell you what she knows?”

Lani shook her head. “I don’t think I wanna know.”

Jayco shrugged. “Very well then, but is she starts wearing his coat and hat, don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

“What?” Lani exclaimed as Jayco danced off in a rather unusual trot chuckling his way into the forest. “JAYCO!” She called out after him. “Come back here!” The fox added as she picked up a small rock and threw it missing the lion purposely as the Jayco disappeared.

“I’ll get him later.” Lani sneered under her breath as she headed off to begin her class.


“You actually told him that?” Delanne asked full of amazement.

Carrot blushed with a smile. “Well, he does have a cute butt…and you were right, he is rather um…well…uh…equipped.” She added nervously.

The lioness began to laugh. “Must have looked kind of funny without any fur around it.”

The raccoon fox found herself turning red. “A…Actually, I found it rather…”

“Okay Class!” Lani’s voice broke over the sounds of chatter among all the students. “I want a standard box of five by five.”

The class began to shuffle around forming somewhat of a lopsided box. Carrot, Ce’Dra and Delanne found the middle of the front row.

“I thought you wanted to be a singer or a musician?” Delanne asked the lioness curiously.

Ce’Dra smiled. “I changed my mind just before my announcement; I wanted to stay close to you guys.”

Delanne and Carrot smiled at her brightly as the raccoon fox added. “This is going to be a lot of fun…I just hope I don’t make a fool of myself.”

“You’ll be find sweetie…just take your time.” Delanne encouraged her friend.

Lani stood before the trio giving them a smiling wink before addressing the class. “Okay class, I need everyone to place out their left arm to the side and your right arm straight out.”

The fox smiled as the class seemed to shuffle themselves around voluntarily. “Very good.” Lani stated. “Your finger tips should barely be touching the other dancers around you.”

Walking outward to a viewable spot so the class could observe her, she kneeled down onto the ground and demonstrated to them as she explained. “If you would all please follow along, we will begin with the starting position.” She began as the class copied her motion. “Be sure that your knees are together and your feet out straight…Now extend your paws and arms out straight shoulder’s width apart…Now, lean forward relaxing your body until your forehead is resting on the ground…Then, bring your arms back slowly to your sides with your pads up and fingers out straight.”

Lani took a moment to watch the class settle into position. “Very good.” She smiled. “This is the position you will be in when the music starts…we will work on flowing into this position upon entering the performance area later…please hold this position as I walk around and check each one of you.”

Standing to her feet, Lani walked over to the student on the end of the first row and suddenly realized the class had their tales in different directions. The fox giggled to her self as she informed the students. “I meant to tell you, tails down and relaxed straight out behind you…we want to perform for the tribe, not entice them.”

The class giggled and laughed as they each fixed the positioning of their tails as Lani proceeded down the line studying each student. “Excellent form Delanne…Very impressive Carrot…It’s nice to have you here Ce’Dra.”  The fox continued on to the white and grey rabbit next to the lioness then proceeded down the next row and so on.

Smiling happily Lani returned to the head of the class. “Okay everyone, you all did remarkably well, I’m proud and impressed with each and every one of you…I’m sorry that we don’t have more time, and I hope you girls are enjoying it…the dance is very spiritual to those that become a part of it…and…its fun to watch the boys drool over us.” She added with a friendly smile. The class giggled and laughed as they parted and began to go their separate ways.

Carrot ran up and embraced Lani happily. “Thank you Aunt Lani…I think I can do this after all.”

The fox smiled motherly at the raccoon fox’s affection. “I’m glad to hear that sweetie.”  She then smiled at the happy trio. “Malu and Alana are setting up a private little party for Jahmus…You girls can go and help set up if you wish…Or.” Lani teased them. “You can guide him through the village and introduce him to everyone.”

“Can we?” Delanne asked excitedly.

Lani became sternly serious. “Just be careful.” She warned them. “Everyone knows he’s here, but there may be a few that fear or don’t understand him.”

“Yes Aunt Lani.” The girls acknowledged in unison.

Lani smiled. “Have fun and be on time for dinner.”

Smiling with excitement, the trio quickly headed off towards home.

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