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Chapter 14 of Blade Dance
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Blade Dance

A story by


© 2004 by Jim Wilson. All rights reserved. Story content and Characters herein are fictitious, any resemblance to any person living or dead or any actual event is coincidental. All images and material strictly copy righted to respected artists. Characters Delanne, Luki, Malu, Alana, Raul, Kekona, Lani, James Terra Flastif, Mister Thomas, or any other character other than specified. © Jim Wilson. Character Ce’Dra © Bobbie Wilson. Character Shoshana © Mellina Lathe-Steindler. Character Fixer © Robert Steindler.



Eager to see Jahmus and parade him around as their friend, the trio continued their discussion of the tub scene as they made a fast pace towards home.

“Is he really as soft as Delanne said?” The lioness asked Carrot.

The raccoon fox smiled smugly. “Like silk only thicker.”

“Is his hair like ours?” Delanne asked curiously.

Carrot giggled. “Yes.”  She answered reaching out and played with the wolf fox’s long hair as she added. “It feels like puppy fur.”

“No way!” Ce’Dra exasperated jokingly.

Carrot shook her head up and down confirming her statement. “And, his facial hair is soft and prickly.” She continued as she scratched the bottom of Delanne’s chin giggling happily. “He calls it a goatee and mustache.”

“What else do you know about him?” Ce’Dra inquired.

The raccoon fox closed her eyes and sighed happily. “He’s so different from what you imagine upon first meeting him.” She stated as her face exposed a dreamy smile. “When he’s not being so polite and modest, I found that he can be playful and talkative…It’s no wonder you fancy him Delanne, I envy you.”

Delanne blushed as Carrot gave her a wink and teased her with an elbow to the shoulder. “He’s also an optional.”

“You asked him?” The wolf fox asked with eagerness and surprise.

Carrot shook her head slowly. “And he’s never had the release.” She added with a mischievous grin.

Delanne’s paws covered her muzzle in astonishment as Ce’Dra scoffed. “You’re pulling our tails.”

The raccoon fox shook her head side to side as she snickered. “He didn’t even know what the release was, I had to explain it to him…Then he got all bashful and said something about being a virgin, whatever that is…He changed the subject and talked about his friends that he had lost.”

“Now I envy you.” Delanne told the smiling raccoon fox. “You know more about him than we do.”

Carrot teased her. “Well, I wouldn’t feel too jealous if I were you; he seemed more interested in asking things about you than anything about me.”

“Really?” Delanne asked nervously.

The raccoon fox nodded. “He wished you and Ce’Dra had stayed, he really wants to get out of the house and explore the island with you.”

“Then we should hurry up and grant his wish.” Ce’Dra stated excitedly. “Father’s been wanting to meet him.”

With that, the trio picked up their pace and entered the village, where they found Malu sitting in a chair on the front porch waiting for them. He smiled at the girls and put a paw up playfully. “Wait here, Jahmus wants to look his best before coming outside.”

“What, he isn’t dressed yet?” Carrot teased with a giggle.

Malu continued to smile. “Alana washed his uniform, he wants to wear it when meeting the rest of the village…So I get to keep you company while we wait.”

Delanne used the opportunity to confirm some rather unusual stories that were told to her. “Is it true that Aunt Lani showed up for dinner one night long ago wearing nothing but Martin’s coat and hat?”

Malu choked out a laugh as Carrot and Ce’Dra stared at the wolf fox with widened eyes. “Where did you hear that?” The one eyed fox chuckled.

“Father Jayco told me.” She confessed with a hope to find out more.

The one eyed fox shook his head with a wry grin. “I should of known…Leave it to that old lion to remember only the unusual moments.”

Carrot began giggling loudly and asked teasingly. “I wonder what led to that.”

“Not the way you’re imagining things.” He answered with a stern look but playful look. “It was more of a joke…Martin thought it would be fun to make everyone think they shared the release and Lani went along with it.” Malu then smiled happily and finished. “Ever since then, she always wore his hat whenever they were together.”

“Sounds like my father, from what I know about him.” Jahmus interrupted with a smile as Alana guided him out the front door.

The trio stared as Jahmus stood there in his full attire looking sharp and disciplined.

“Wow!” Carrot let out with an impressive look upon her face. “I see now why they called you and your father the man in blue.”

“He looks intimidating.” Ce’Dra admitted disgruntled. “I’m glad he decided not to wear his weapons.”

Jahmus nodded with agreement. “I didn’t see the need to display them.”

“I love the hat!” Carrot stated fondly.

“Oh…By the way.” Jahmus reminded himself as he reached into his coat pocket. “I have something for you.” He pulled out a bar of soap and gave it to her with a smirking grin. “Next time, I’ll retrieve the soap.” The man chuckled as he bent his arm and turned towards Delanne. “My lady, if you would be so kind as to guide me.”

Malu exploded out with laughter while Delanne and Ce’Dra looked at the blushing raccoon fox curiously.

“I…I dropped the soap and it hit the edge of the tub and landed on the floor out of reach.” Carrot started to explain full of embarrassment. “So I leaned over to retrieve the soap and Jahmus smacked me square on the butt…I…I fell out of the tub.”

Malu fell to the ground clinching his stomach with laughter as Delanne turned to Jahmus with an expression of disbelief. “You didn’t?”

The human shrugged. “I couldn’t resist.”

“So much for being a gentleman.” Alana teased jokingly.

Ce’Dra asked an interesting question. “I thought you were blind, how did you know she was leaning over?”

Jahmus smiled as Malu continued his laughing marathon. “Carrot had to take off my bandages to wash my hair, that’s when she dropped the soap…All I could see was a blurred vision of something bent over, so I playfully slapped it and ended up scaring the poor raccoon fox right out of the tub.” He ended chuckling.

Malu began to settle down and slowly stood placing an arm around the human. “It’s good to see you have your old man’s sense of humor, you’ll fit right in.”

Jahmus admitted to the group. “Well, with all do respect, I am rather informal around my crew…As Carrot explained to me, there is no modesty or form of propriety among your people, but she did say that you value truth and respectfulness above all us…Which are the ground rules I live by out at sea…So if I offended anyone, I am most truly sorry.”

Delanne nestled into his shoulder. “I hope you still feel that way when you are able to see again.”

Jahmus loosened his collar nervously. “I must admit, feeling fur every time I come into contact with one of you is a bit odd, but I have grown accustomed to it.” He then truthfully added. “I try picturing you all in my mind, but I can’t quite fathom the details…I look forward to being able to see what wonderful people you truly are…Just…I’m kind of wary of knowing your true form…Though so far, I consider you all beautifully sound from our interactions with one another, and proudly regard to you all as friends.”

Alana smiled. “Well, you’ll be able to see us by tomorrow, and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.”

“That’s very thoughtful of you madam, thank you.” Jahmus answered politely.

“And stop calling me madam…My name is Alana.” She scolded him playfully as the others giggled.

Carrot grabbed hold of the man’s other arm. “Come on Jahmus, let’s show you around.”

Arm in arm, Delanne and Carrot guided Jahmus forward along with Ce’Dra as Malu and Alana waved them off.

“Hey.” The lioness called out. “Can we stop by my place first, father’s been anxious to meet him?”

Delanne giggled. “Okay.”

They didn’t need to travel very far, Jayco was already half way to them. “Ha, ha, ha!” The lion greeted them happily. “It’s about time you girl’s shared this stranger of yours.”

“This is my father Jayco.” Ce’Dra introduced him to her father.

The man offered the boasting lion his hand. “It’s a pleasure mee…”

Jayco grabbed hold of the human’s hand forcefully pulling him in and embraced him. “The pleasures all mine.” He chuckled out. “Martin was a good friend.” The lion broke the embrace and held Jahmus before him by the shoulders. “Let’s get a good look at you.” His voice showing friendliness as he gazed upon the man from head to toe. “You look so much like him, minus the sandy blond hair, Martin’s was brown…Hmmmm.” The lion pondered for a moment. “Something’s not right.”

“What do you mean sir?” Jahmus asked with concern.

Jayco smiled and removed the man’s hat and planted it on Delanne’s head. “There!” The lion chuckled. “That brings back a lot of pleasant memories…See you at dinner!” Jayco ended as he chuckled at them waving as he walked off to where Malu was howling with laughter back at the house.

“Where’s my hat?” Jahmus asked as the girls giggled to themselves.

“My father put it on Delanne’s head.” Ce’Dra answered happily.

“Could I please have it back, I feel naked without it?” Jahmus asked politely.

Carrot began to tease him. “Only after I try it on.”

She playfully grabbed for the hat as Jahmus spoke out plainly. “Please, if there’s one thing that truly bothers me, it’s not wearing my hat.”

The raccoon fox lost her smile and handed the man his hat. “I’m sorry…Are you upset with me?”

Jahmus placed the hat on his head adjusting it accordingly and smiled. “No, I didn’t mean to sound rude my dear Carrot…I just have this thing about my hat.”

Delanne looked upon him distastefully. “It’s just a hat.”

The man nodded. “I’m sorry my lady, it’s just I’ve always worn a hat from the time I could walk.” He could tell the girls were disappointed in him. “Here.” Jahmus corrected his behavior taking off the hat. “Indulge yourselves.” He handed the hat back to Carrot.

The raccoon fox accepted it slowly. “Are you sure?”

Jahmus turned and took the hat out of her hands and felt outward for her face. Upon finding it, he gently placed the hat onto Carrot’s head. “There.” He smiled. “How does she look?”

Ce’Dra giggled. “She looks adorable.”

Carrot blushed and removed the hat offering it to the lioness. “Here Ce’Dra.”

“No thanks.” She playfully laughed. “I don’t want it to flatten my hair.”

The raccoon fox then turned to Delanne who was smiling sweetly. Taking the wolf fox’s smile as a yes, she plopped it onto her head.

“Now she can be adorable.” Carrot teased with a giggle.

Delanne blushed as she retook a hold of Jahmus’s arm. “Let’s see who’s out and about.”

The trio led Jahmus down the row of huts and stopped about five doors down. There was a red female fox kneeling down tending to her garden of flowers.

“Hi Flora!” Delanne called out to her waving a paw.

The pretty fox with long white hair looked up and smiled. “Hello Delanne.” She greeted them as she stood brushing off her paws onto her apron. I was beginning to wonder if that uncle of yours was pulling my tail again.”

Jahmus offered his hand. “It’s a pleasure meeting you madam.”

Flora couldn’t help but giggle. “First off Jahmus, if you are going to be meeting anyone for the first time, address them by their name…Second, we don’t shake paws, we offer friendship and then trust if it’s desired or wanted.”

“My apologies miss Flora.” Jahmus offered sincerely. “Carrot was kind enough to inform me of your customs, but I am still unsure of how and when to use them.”

“Oh it’s simple.” The fox began giggling at the human’s politeness as she placed a paw on his shoulder. “This is how I greet you as a friend…Then I wait to see if you offer the same.”

Nervously Jahmus reached out and found the fox’s shoulder. Flora giggled. “Very good Jahmus…Now if that’s all you wish to offer, you leave it at that…However, if you feel you can trust them, you place another paw on the adjacent shoulder.”  She then offered him the second paw of trust.

Smiling at the stranger’s affection, Jahmus copied her as the fox congratulated him. “Excellent Jahmus, see…That wasn’t so bad was it?” Flora asked without wanting an answer. “Now if they are someone close to you or of family you can embrace or even kiss them.”

Jahmus blushed. “Well…I…”

Flora giggled some more. “Don’t worry, I don’t expect you to show affection your first day here…But…I would like to offer you a hug, showing that I am a family friend.”

The fox embraced him as the man just stood there silently. “See.” She offered. “You don’t have to show the same affection, but now you know my feelings towards you and I know yours…And…As a note, I won’t offer the embrace again until you offer it first, that’s how it works, it’s a form of showing respect.”

“Thank you.” Jahmus answered with understanding. “I appreciate your hospitality.”

Flora smiled and picked a red flower from her garden and gave it to him. “You are very sweet and friendly.” She admitted kissing him on the cheek. “Please feel free to stop by anytime, I would enjoy your company.”

The trio giggled amongst themselves as they continued on.

“Wow.” Ce’Dra exclaimed smiling teasingly. “Flora really liked you.”

Carrot giggled softly. “Giving someone a flower means…”

Jahmus cut her off. “I know, don’t remind me.”

“Actually…I feel sorry for her.” Delanne frowned. “Pup-pa tells me she hasn’t handed out a flower since her mate was lost in the battle against Martin’s crew.”

“You mean she hasn’t shared the release with anyone since then?” Carrot asked sadly.

Delanne shook her head. “No…And no one will give her a flower or fancy her until she offers one first, signifying that she is over her bond and ready to be an optional again.”

Ce’Dra began to giggle. “Then I guess she’s done mourning.”

Delanne’s eyes widened at the realization that Jahmus was given a flower. “I…I guess so.”

“Well, if I was down in the dumps about mating and met someone like Jahmus here, it would definitely wet my appetite.” The raccoon fox laughed out.

“Carrot!” Delanne lashed out at her in complete shock.

“I’m sorry Jahmus.” Carrot apologized. “I forgot to tell you I also have a habit of being too forward as well.”

To the trio’s surprise, Jahmus was laughing. “Good!” He boasted out. “I’m tired of all the tip toeing around…I actually find you rather amusing my dear Carrot, by all means be who you are…That goes for everyone, including myself.”

Delanne seemed puzzled. “Have you been lying to us?”

Jahmus waved his hand as he shook his head. “No, no, no…Being an officer, a ship’s Captain and the only Englishman on the island forces me to act diplomatically and polite.” He began to chuckle as he continued. “Though by nature I am all of those things, but I prefer to act out playfully and have fun when I can.”

Carrot latched onto his arm and nestled into his shoulder laughing. “Then I take it back, you wouldn’t wet my appetite, you’d drown me in pleasure.”

“If that’s what he’s stirring up, pour me a glass would you please?” Delanne joined in for the first time playfully.

It pleased Ce’Dra to no end to see her friend finally beginning to return to normal as she threw herself around the laughing wolf fox. “Oh Delanne.” She revered. “It’s so nice to see you playing again.”

Delanne hugged the lioness tightly. “I’m sorry sweetie, I was trying to impress Jahmus, and I didn’t realize he just wanted us to be ourselves.”

Ce’Dra planted a longing kiss onto Delanne who accepted it openly and for the first time held the lioness close to her as she warmly shared the moment.

Jahmus was curious of the sudden silence. “Uh…What’s going on?”

Carrot gleamed with a smile. “Delanne and Ce’Dra love each other and they’re finally allowing themselves to share it openly.”

“Oh.” Jahmus answered without expression causing the couple to part.

Delanne became concerned. “Does that bother you?”

Jahmus pondered for a moment rubbing the thin hair of his goatee. “Let’s see…I’m the only human trapped on an island where its inhabitants are covered in fur, who have tails…With segregated tribes that define aspects of their existence as being either pure or impure…Yet its population depends greatly on having sex in order to survive.” He paused briefly and shrugged. “And you’re asking me if two females showing one another affection is okay?” He asked sarcastically and continued with laughing chuckle. “I think the games in your favor.”

“What kind of answer is that?” Ce’Dra demanded blankly.

Delanne giggled. “A safe one.”

Jahmus bowed playfully with a smile. “Thank you my lady.”

Carrot kissed his cheek with excitement. “I think he’s okay with it.”

They each found themselves in a bond of friendship as the trio continued their journey introducing Jahmus to the tribe.

~Jahmus~ The Jedi Fur

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