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Chapter 15 of Blade Dance
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Blade Dance

A story by


© 2004 by Jim Wilson. All rights reserved. Story content and Characters herein are fictitious, any resemblance to any person living or dead or any actual event is coincidental. All images and material strictly copy righted to respected artists. Characters Delanne, Luki, Malu, Alana, Raul, Kekona, Lani, James Terra Flastif, Mister Thomas, or any other character other than specified. © Jim Wilson. Character Ce’Dra © Bobbie Wilson. Character Shoshana © Mellina Lathe-Steindler. Character Fixer © Robert Steindler.



There was much excitement back at the house when the trio returned for the dinner party. Delanne’s whole family was there sitting at the table along with Ce’Dra’s parents. The group waved and smiled as Jahmus was led by the trio to the elongated table set up behind the hut.

Alana was the first to speak out as she hurriedly placed a platter of crab legs on the table. “You’re just in time.” She smiled happily returning to the house for another platter.

Lani began motioning for them to join the table. “We saved some seats over here for you.”

Delanne and Carrot guided Jahmus to a seat between them with Uncle Malu and Aunt Lani facing them from across the table. Ce’Dra happily sat in between Lani and her father Jayco.

“How did it go?” Lani asked.

Jahmus smiled. “I met a lot of good people today, though there were a few who distrusted me.”

“That will change over time.” Jayco offered politely.

Malu noticed the red flower tucked into the collar fold of Jahmus’s coat along with the many others placed in other button slots. “I see some of the ladies fancy you.” He chuckled.

Jahmus blushed. “There were a few.”

Ce’Dra laughed out. “The white one with the yellow center came from a male skunk.”

Everyone at the table laughed as Delanne added. “The red one was given to him by Flora.”

Lani smiled happily. “That’s wonderful news…I’m glad she finally found closer.”

“Yes.” Luki added from the head of the table. “I think the presence of Jahmus helped her come to terms with her mate’s death.”

A worried thought crossed Jahmus’s mind. “Does anyone on the island still hold a grudge?”

Malu shrugged. “Most of the islanders have come to terms in their own way after the battle…Though I would imagine there are a few like Grodi that will never forgive the betrayal of Martin’s crew.”

“Ha, ha, ha.” Jayco boasted out. “That old dog.” He chuckled loudly. “He’s harmless…as the saying goes; he’s all bark and no bite!”

Everyone laughed except for Jahmus who pointed out. “The deadliest strikes come from those who are revered as being the most silent.”

The lion was impressed. “Wise words my young friend…But I wouldn’t worry too much about Grodi.”

Alana came out carrying a platter of assorted cheeses. “Have you decided where you will be staying the night Jahmus?”

The man shook his head. “I haven’t given it much thought to tell you the truth.”

Delanne was disappointed. “I thought he was staying with us?”

“Regrettably we don’t have a spare room or bed sweetie, but Malu and Lani offered Raul’s old room.” Alana pointed out sincerely.

“I can sleep on the floor.” Delanne offered desperately.

Jahmus smiled. “I’m flattered my lady, but I could not ask that of anyone…Besides, when I am able to see again, I was going to inquire if perhaps I could stay in the cave…Where I could keep an eye out for my friends…if they survived.”

“What an excellent idea…His kind is better off isolated.” Raul sneered as he sat down on the opposite side of Malu.

Everyone’s eyes fell upon the young fox with looks of disgust and concern. Carrot was the first to lash out. “How can you say that?” Her expression burning with a dark fire. “Jahmus is a friend and welcome here…He received many flowers throughout the village.”

Raul scoffed. “Those are just to mask his stench.”

Ce’Dra fired back. “The only thing that stinks around here is you!”

“Trap your hole kitty, your impurity towards Delanne is only one of many things that are destroying our way of life.” Raul answered back with a snap of the tongue.

Jahmus was on his feet. “I think you owe Miss Ce’Dra an apology sir!”

Raul sprang from his seat and rounded the table towards the defending human, but Carrot stood up between them. “What’s wrong with you?” The raccoon fox tried reasoning with him.

The angry fox ignored her, glaring with a growl at the human. “You are not welcome here blind man!”

Malu shouted from across the table. “That is enough Raul…You’re excused!”

Raul ignored him and spoke with a distasteful sour tongue. “Your lust for this animal sickens me Carrot…I’d rather your legs be parted for the lioness than this tailless freak.”

The table fell silent as Carrot’s mouth fell open in shock. Raul’s words were unbelievably ill hearted and cruel. Her paw found the side of his face striking fiercely with hatred. Raul shook off the slap shoving both his paws into Carrot’s shoulders causing her to fall into Jahmus. The man caught her as they both impacted the ground. Everyone around the table stood up in protest but Raul began to storm off throwing a paw in the air with disgust.

Delanne and Ce’Dra helped them to their feet as Jahmus worried over the raccoon fox. “Are you alright Carrot?”

She only shook her head as she started to cry with tears of anger and fear. Jahmus held Carrot tightly against his chest, petting her hair as Delanne spoke shamefully. “I always thought of Raul as being sweet.”

The others gathered around their side as Malu apologized shaking his head with shame. “I’m sorry everyone, I thought I raised him better than that.”

Jayco padded the one eyed fox on the shoulder. “He is a man now, and of his own will.”

Lani was still dumbfounded. “I don’t understand what got into him…He seemed rather interested in meeting you when I spoke to him last.”

Jahmus chose his words carefully. “The love of the heart can change a man’s vision when iced with a jealous vengeance.”

Luki nodded with agreement. “Yes…I too noticed the darkness in his words.”

Carrot looked up from Jahmus’s shoulder ending her crying with a sniffle. “Are you saying Raul is in love with Delanne or Ce’Dra?”

“Most likely Ce’Dra.” Delanne pointed out wiping a tear from Carrot’s face. “Raul and I are cousins.”

“I’d like to put something between his parted legs.” Ce’Dra growled. “My knee.”

Lani was still upset. “I’ll go talk with him and see what’s going on.”

Alana called out to her. “Wait Lani…Let him cool off for awhile so he’s more inclined to talk sensibly.”

Lani sighed shaking her head. “Perhaps you’re right.”

Ce’Dra turned to Jahmus. “Thank you for defending me, that was very noble of you.”

Jahmus bowed his head respectively. “His words were unwarranted; you are lady and should be treated as such.”

Luki stepped in with an offer and change of subject. “Well, it would be unwise to allow you to stay in Raul’s old room and the cave though unknown to most could prove to be hazardous.” The wolf smiled. “You may have our bed Jahmus…Alana and I can stay with Malu and Lani for awhile until a more suitable arrangement can be found for you.”

Jayco chuckled. “There’s no need for that my friend…We have a spare room we can loan the boy.” The lion pondered momentarily. “Though it is unfurnished.”

“We have a spare room that is!” Carrot offered out hopefully.

Alana turned to the raccoon fox with a gentle smile. “That’s very thoughtful of you dear, but your father isn’t here to ask.”

Carrot became puzzled. “Come to think of it, I haven’t seen him since our recognition, where is pup-pa?”

Malu answered her with a mischievous grin. “He traveled north to your old home, he said something about an old trinket of Martin’s he has that he would like to give to Jahmus.” The one eyed fox shrugged. “Whatever that is?”

Jahmus spoke out politely. “Its very kind of you all to offer me room and board, but I think it would be for the best if I could use the cave…Tonight however, I would be honored to stay wherever you decide is most convenient.”

Everyone began to speak out at once, but Lani beat them to the punch. “We’ll discuss that later, for now let’s just enjoy this wonderful meal Alana has prepared for us.”

“Ha, ha, ha.” Jayco chuckled. “Well said my dear…well said.”

They all returned to their seats happily as Luki stood at the head of the table. “On a more peaceful note.” The tall wolf began jokingly. “I would like to welcome our new friend and guest to our home.” The group applauded and howled out with excitement as Luki continued. “Jahmus, in your honor, we would be proud if you could begin the paw exchange.”

Standing to his feet, Jahmus performed a polite bow to Luki then turned to face Carrot who leaped onto him embracing him tightly. “I’m pleased you chose me first silly, but you need to go the other way.” The raccoon fox teased him playfully.

The man cleared his throat. “My apologies.” Then turned around to his right and offered Delanne the hand of friendship. Like Carrot, the wolf fox embraced him kissing his cheek. “You’re doing just fine.” She giggled.

Jahmus returned the hug. “Thank you my lady for all you have done for me.” Gently and slowly he took a hold of Delanne’s paw and kissed it respectively. Delanne blushed and teased him with a soft giggle. “My cheek is attached to my face you cutie.”

Gently with a kind smile, the man rubbed his hand against her cheek and moved onward to Luki who offered both paws and a welcoming hug that he accepted more openly than before. Jahmus made his way around the table receiving hugs and kisses on the cheek from everyone that was there. Finishing with a second over whelming hug from Carrot, he retook his seat. “I must say, the paw exchange is a rather unusual but welcoming tradition…It’s a shame other cultures aren’t so keen on relations.”

Jayco chuckled from across the table as his massive paw gripped a good size portion of crab legs. “Aye…Though your own culture has that umm…Tea time I think its called?” The lion pondered. “I kind of miss those old moments Martin used to share with us.”

Lani smiled at Malu remembering those lost times. “There were many things about him that seemed to have faded away over the years.”

“Nonsense Lani.” A familiar voice broke in from a smiling albino raccoon standing behind her. “We just grew tired of drinking sugarless tea because lord of the jungle over here would gnaw on the sugar canes before we could grind them into our cups.”

“Pup-pa!” Carrot called out excitedly as she sprang from her seat running around the table to embrace her father.

Red held his daughter as Jayco laughed at the comment. “Ha, ha, ha…I cured myself of that old habit when you and Martin started coating them with candle wax.”  The lion made a distasteful expression. “Bleh.”

Everyone laughed and giggled as Red made his way around the table exchanging hugs and kisses, then smiled as he stood before the human. “At last, I get to meet the old dog’s son.” He exclaimed offering the man the paws of friendship.

Jahmus accepted both paws and his hug. “It’s an honor to meet you as well Red…Carrot has told me a lot about you.”

The white raccoon chuckled. “Did she now…And just what has my daughter said about her old man?”

“Only that at times you’re spotted in the mind sir.”  Jahmus jokingly admitted.

Red put an arm around the man as he laughed. “That’s my Carrot…Just call me Red by the way…Sir sounds too dignified for my taste.”

“Can Jahmus stay with us Pup-pa…He needs a place for the night.” Carrot exploded out begging with an added. “Pleeeeeease?”

Red let go of the man and shrugged. “Well…I don’t see why not, we have the space.” He began to chuckle. “Just promise me you’ll give him his space…and no pestering him in the middle of the night with questions of curiosity like you did to poor Flora.”

Carrot smiled showing her teeth. “I won’t”

Red noticed Delanne adjusting herself in her seat and offered an idea to loosen the hidden tension between the girls. “Hey…How about a slumber party for you girls…If it’s okay with you guys?” He inquired to his old friends.

The trio began to bounce excitedly in their seats. “Can we…Pleeeeeease?”

Alana made a sour face. “You girls are of age now, there’s no need to ask permission…Just…Give Jahmus his space.” She sighed. “And behave yourselves for Uncle Red.”

“YEAH!!!” The trio shouted again in unison.

Red was laughing. “Don’t worry Alana, they’ll be fine.”

Jayco had a thought. “Not a bad idea Red…A sleep over…How about it old timers…Wanna crash out at our place?”

“I’m up for it.” Malu chuckled. “Been a long time since the old gang got together.”

Lani smiled. “I’ll bring over all the old games we used to play…If I can find them.” She wondered to herself.

“I got them Lani.” Alana revealed. “After the dishes are done, Luki and I will bring them over.”

“Ah…But first let’s eat!” Luki announced with a smile.

Everyone sat down and enjoyed the wonderful meal with laughter, high hopes and togetherness.
~Jahmus~ The Jedi Fur

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