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Chapter 16 of Blade Dance
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Blade Dance

A story by


© 2004 by Jim Wilson. All rights reserved. Story content and Characters herein are fictitious, any resemblance to any person living or dead or any actual event is coincidental. All images and material strictly copy righted to respected artists. Characters Delanne, Luki, Malu, Alana, Raul, Kekona, Lani, James Terra Flastif, Mister Thomas, or any other character other than specified. © Jim Wilson. Character Ce’Dra © Bobbie Wilson. Character Shoshana © Mellina Lathe-Steindler. Character Fixer © Robert Steindler.



 Their bellies full and their hearts filled with happiness, the trio gathered around Jahmus in Red’s living room sitting upon the floor. The night was young but the trio were already in their pajamas enjoying the time as they helped Jahmus into a pair Alana had made for him.

“Your hair really does feel like puppy fur.” Delanne giggled as she brushed the man’s hair then secured it back into a ponytail. “Carrot was right; you’ve got to feel this Ce’Dra.”

The lioness stopped brushing her own hair and reached out running her fingers through the thin strands of hair. “Wow…You’re not kidding…Wish my hair was that soft.”

“Don’t we all.” Carrot added as she removed the cover from a small wicker basket containing small wooden chips.

“What’s that?” Delanne asked curiously gazing at the small wooden object in the raccoon fox’s paw.

Carrot blushed then giggled. “It’s a game called answer me or kiss me.”

Jahmus cocked an unseen eyebrow. “Uh…”

“Oh don’t worry Jahmus.” The raccoon fox smiled sweetly. “It’s an innocent game; pup-pa said it was okay.”

“How do we play?” Ce’Dra asked letting go of the man’s hair.

Carrot smiled. “It’s easy…We each take turns pulling one of the wooden chips out of the basket, then we roll this die to determine who we ask…The person who is asked the question can either answer it or choose to kiss the one holding the chip if they don’t or can’t answer…If you choose not to do either one, you get a rock.”

“But the die has six numbers on it.” Delanne pointed out. “There’s only four of us.”

“Well, the roller doesn’t need a number, so each player gets two slots.” Ce’Dra answered then asked. “What kind of questions does it ask?”

Carrot read the chip in her paw. “What’s the color of the sky?”

Delanne giggled. “Blue of course.”

The raccoon fox smiled as she read the rest. “If you feel this way please take two, if your answers wrong kiss to stay true.”

“Guess you’re out of luck Carrot, Delanne got it right.” Ce’Dra teased playfully.

“Then here’s one for you.” Carrot snickered as she removed another chip from the basket. “A house can stand by wood or straw what’s the best one to out last them all?”

“Aren’t you supposed to roll the die?” Delanne pointed out with giggle.

The raccoon fox grinned. “Oh yeah…You’ll be one and two…Ce’Dra can be three and four and Jahmus you’ll be five and six.” Picking up the six sided die, Carrot rolled it out onto the floor. “Five!”  She called out excitedly. “That’s you Jahmus.”

The man thought for a moment. “Alright.” He nodded slowly. “I’ll humor you and play along…The answer is brick.”

Carrot smiled mischievously. “The answers stone.”

Jahmus’s face fell blank with uncertainty while Delanne and Ce’Dra giggled as the raccoon fox read the rest. “Stone of course is built to last…Can your kiss keep one from being cast?”

“I’ll take my chances with the rock.” Jahmus chuckled.

Carrot scrunched her face throwing a small pebble into his chest. “I want my kiss you pirate.”

Jahmus began to laugh as Ce’Dra inquired about the foreign word. “What’s a pirate?”

The man calmed himself smiling intently. “A pirate is…”

They were interrupted by Malu and Red who came bursting into the house. “There’s a fire at Flora’s!” Malu informed them quickly. “I need everyone outside and accounted for.”

The trio looked upon him in complete horror as Jahmus stood to his feet. “What can I do to help?”

Red admired the young man’s courage and willingness to support them. “You can stand by us on the brigade…Carrot, go fetch our pails.”

“Yes pup-pa.” The raccoon fox answered as she scampered off into the kitchen then quickly returned with two wooden buckets.

Delanne took a hold of Jahmus’s arm and led him outside into the chaos that was abroad.

Jayco was across the way in front of Flora’s hut that was burning rapidly. “Form two lines to the river and pass the buckets!” He directed everyone. Seeing the trio and Jahmus, the lion escorted them into line a short distance from the house.

Flora was nearby, weeping onto Lani’s shoulder as a faint cry emerged from the crackling flames. The white haired fox perked her ears looking upwards towards the house and gasped. “Oh No!” Her voice thundered with fear. “Kisses is still in their!”

Lani turned to the bug eyed lion. “Jayco!” She pleaded with him to do something.

Acknowledging her with a nod, Jayco turned towards the house and stopped with widened eyes of disbelief. Jahmus had streaked by him throwing his blind fold onto the ground and dove through a smoldering hole on the side of the house. The trio were running after him, but the lion stepped into their path. “It’s too dangerous!”

Malu and Red came trotting up to the group. “Why aren’t you watering the fire?” Malu protested nearly out of breath.

Jayco answered him with concern. “Jahmus ran into the fire after Kisses.”

Malu’s eye widened. “What?” He turned towards the house and with Red at his side; they attempted to enter the house stopping short of doing so as the structure began to collapse.

“No!” Delanne and Carrot screamed in terror running up beside Red and Malu who turned to hold them back.

“It’s too late.” Red admitted shamefully lowering his head. “They didn’t have a chance.”

The wolf and raccoon fox wept as the others began to shed their own tears of remorse, losing Jahmus and the young pup was overwhelming. The family gathered around emerging themselves into a pile of embraced sorrow as a cheerful voice broke the silence. “That was too close.”

All eyes rotated in the direction of the voice. There was Jahmus walking towards them carrying a raccoon fox toddler in his arms. Setting the young pup down, Kisses ran over to Flora shouting excitedly. “Mummy, mummy…The funny looking man saved me!”

The vixen fell to her knees holding the pup tightly. “Oh Kisses.” She cried out tearfully.

The rest of the group gathered around Jahmus, pouncing him excitedly with hugs and kisses. Flora speed through the group and flung herself onto the man. “Thank you.” She wept happily, holding onto him tightly.

“You’re welcome Flora.” Jahmus answered returning the hug.

The white haired fox kissed his cheek with a smile then returned her attention to the young pup holding her close crying happily.

“Jahmus.” Delanne called him nervously. “You can see.”

The man smiled seeing the wolf fox for the first time. “I wasn’t sure at first, but when I heard the little one cry, I reacted out of impulse.” Jahmus stepped closer to the nervous wolf fox. “You truly are beyond words…Beautiful.”

Delanne sighed with relief, and then happily teased him while blushing. “Anymore words like that, and I’ll have to kiss you.”

To her surprise, Jahmus gave her a quick peck on the lips then held her out at arms length by the shoulders. “Let’s have a look at you.” He exclaimed as his eyes studied the wolf fox from head to toe and back up. “You are an enchanting site…Strange, but more real to me now that I can see.” Letting go of her, he politely asked. “I hope it is not to forward of me to ask, but I was wondering...May I see your tail?”

Delanne smiled excitedly as she turned around with a bouncing hop. “Of course you can silly.” She giggled swaying her tail before him.

“Amazing!” Jahmus replied. “You can actually control it?”

The wolf fox continued giggling as she tickled the man’s nose with the tip of her tail. “It has its uses.”

Smiling happily, Jahmus was anxious to see the others for the first time. “Carrot?” He called out as he turned to look for her.

The raccoon fox was standing next to him nervously looking downward. “Ye…Yes Jahmus.”

The man smiled and embraced her tightly. “My word...Your ears, paws and tail are white aren’t they?” He teased happily.

Carrot blushed. “That’s not all that’s white.”

Jahmus chuckled letting go of her. “I’ll take your word for it my dear Carrot.” He studied her then remarked. “You never told me that your mask was red or that your fur was multi colored blends of black, red and grey.”

The raccoon fox blushed and looked away. “You like it?”

Jahmus laughed cupping her cheek in his hand. “Only the goddess of the Earth could have mirrored her image in you.”

Carrot fell completely speechless as she looked upon him adoringly as Jahmus’s attention returned to Delanne. “Are you and Carrot related?” He asked curiously.

“No.” They both answered with puzzlement.

The man marveled at the two. “You look so much alike…Only with different markings and color.” Shrugging it off, his attention turned to a bounding lioness.

“Hi Jahmus.” Ce’Dra smiled widely.

Jahmus found himself chuckling again. “Wow…The courageous lioness…Your beauty shines like the glistening beaches on the horizon lady Ce’Dra.”

Ce’Dra kissed him on the cheek. “You’re just being nice.” She teased playfully.

Jahmus stuck out his tongue. The trio copied him. Then they all shared a moment of giggles and laughter as the village fire was brought to an end.


With the fire out and the village slowly calming itself down once again for the night, Flora felt uncomfortable and uncertain in Luki’s house as she paced the living room floor. “Who would do such a thing?” She asked of her friends.

Lani tried to comfort her. “At least you and Kisses are well, be thankful for that.”

The white haired fox took a deep breath and sighed. “I know…I am thankful for Jahmus saving my little one, but why would anyone blame him for the fire, he saved Kisses life.”

“Well, the girls can account for him.” Red pointed out.

“Do you think the fire was set to actually accuse Jahmus?” Alana asked to no one in particular.

Jayco waved a paw through the air. “Bah…No ones that childish.”

“But they found the torch Jayco…Which proves arson.” Lani explained regrettably.

“Not by James!” Malu insisted forcefully.

Luki motioned with his paws for everyone to remain calm. “No one here doubts that Malu, but we must find out who did.”

Red rubbed his chin. “What of the council, have they been informed?”

Jayco nodded. “Yes, and for the record, despite their wariness towards the human, they believe he was not involved and won’t make any assumptions until further evidence is provided.”

“Maybe we should have Jahmus and the girls stay with us tonight…Just in case.” Alana optioned worriedly.

Lani shook her head. “No, that would show we might be hiding something.”

Flora stepped in with her own concern. “What if this arsonist strikes again?”

Luki smiled. “Not likely…And at least not tonight, too many of us are aware and alarmed.”

Their attention turned towards the front door as it swung open slowly. Raul entered the living room showing no signs of expression. “They found the human’s blind fold at the scene; it is being entered as evidence.”

“Preposterous!” Jayco fired out. “I saw him remove it before my own eyes when he courageously saved the young pup!”

Raul nodded. “I don’t doubt your words Jayco, however I am not the one who is in charge of the investigation…I only came to inform you of their findings.”

Malu folded his arms. “And just who the hell are they?”

Closing his eyes, Raul sadly answered him. “I’m not at liberty to say father…I’m sorry.”

Lani exploded with frustration. “Don’t give us that crap Raul…An innocent man’s life could very well be at stake.”

“I’m not above the law mother!” The bald headed fox defended himself. “I have no choice!”

Luki calmly interrupted. “Look everyone…This is getting out of control, let’s not worry about it until morning…Thank you Raul for informing us.”

Raul sighed heavily. “I don’t know if it means anything or not, although I do not like the man nor trust him; I do believe he is innocent.” He silently headed for the door then turned abruptly before stepping out. “I am under oath, so I am sorry that I cannot tell you that Grodi and Tip are heading the investigation.”

Malu’s eye narrowed with anger as his mouth opened to fire, but Jayco cupped his muzzle before he could speak. The lion smiled and answered for his one eyed friend. “We understand Raul…Good night.”

The fox nodded then left.


Back over at Red’s house, the Trio and Jahmus were once again lounging about on the living room floor. Only this time, they were able to enjoy the returned sight of the human’s vision.

“Do you really think we are as pretty as you said?” Carrot asked as she began placing the game pieces back into the wicker basket.

Jahmus smiled. “You have nothing to worry about my dear Carrot…I do not judge by sight alone.”

The raccoon fox smiled bashfully. “I was just making sure.”

Delanne was lying on her side and sat up with her legs together, her arms out behind supporting her torso. “I agree with Carrot, I’m still a little unsure of what you think of us…You’ve been awfully quiet.”

Chuckling to himself, Jahmus laid his head down onto Carrot’s lap, outstretching his legs over Delanne’s. “I’ve been admiring the scenery…It’s not everyday a man finds himself in the company of such enchanting beauty.”

Ce’Dra began giggling. “He looks comfy…Otherwise I don’t think he’d be cuddled up on you two.”

“Who said anything about cuddling?” Jahmus smiled mischievously. “I just needed a place for my head and feet.”

Delanne playfully slapped the man’s legs off of her, then rolled over onto all fours slowly crawling above the man’s feet and legs. “Are you wanting to play?” She asked seductively.

Jahmus’s eyes widened not knowing what to expect. Carrot on the other hand knew exactly what Delanne had in mind. Quickly, the raccoon fox wrapped her legs around the man’s chest holding him down. “I’ve got him…Tickle fest!”

“Oh sh…” The man tried his best to squirm away, but Carrot’s legs were stronger than he had thought and the trio pounced, tickling him from head to toe as he wiggled about helplessly with laughter.

There was a sudden knock on the door that interrupted them. The trio stopped their attack as Delanne sat back onto Jahmus’s ankles. “Who can that be at this hour?” She asked the group who only shrugged.

Cautiously, the wolf fox went to the door opened it and found herself blushing. “Uh…Hello Tip.”  It was the white haired raccoon with black tips on the bangs that had offered her the blue flower. “Is…Is there something…I can help you with?” She finally managed to ask.

The raccoon startled upon finding Delanne showed his own shyness. “Oh…Duh…” Tip swallowed nervously. “Delanne…I…I didn’t know…That you were here.”

The two stared at each other not knowing what to say to the other as Ce’Dra came bouncing up beside the wolf fox. “Hi Tip!” The lioness greeted him with a friendly smile. “Wanna join the party?”

The raccoon stared at the lioness. “Puh…Puh party…What party?”

“A slumber party!” Carrot announced joining the group then giggled at the sight of the raccoon. “You’re right Delanne…He is cute.”

Ce’Dra grabbed his arm. “Come on in Tip…Have some fun.”

Tip grabbed at the side of the door frame refusing to go inside. “I…I’m here for the human.”

The lioness let go of him as Carrot brought up an interesting question. “What do you want with Jahmus?”

Hearing his name, the man approached the door. The raccoon upon seeing him panicked and drew his sword. The trio hadn’t realized that Tip was armed and jumped behind Jahmus who raised his hands before his chest. “Whoa there lad.” He tried reasoning with the frightened raccoon. “I am unarmed and you are frightening the ladies.”

Tip stood there shaking with a tight grip upon the sword. “I…I…You…Have to…”

Jahmus bravely and slowly took a step forward still exposing his palms. “Put the weap…”

Panicking at the human’s movement, Tip thrust his sword forward. Jahmus quickly side stepped as the trio screamed. Grabbing a hold of the youngster’s wrist, the man disarmed him and turned to hand the sword over to Carrot when Ce’Dra suddenly shouted. “Look out!!!”

Jahmus barely managed to block a swift moving blade from a growling dark grey wolf. The two engaged in a fierce battle of clashing swords. To the human’s amazement, the weapon was incredibly light and easy to handle. Suddenly, Grodi’s eyes widened in horror as he found the tip of Jahmus’s blade less than an inch from his throat and his own weapon lying upon the ground. The dark wolf kneeled before the human, surrendering to the man’s will.

Jahmus slowly lowered the sword. “I do not wish to fight you sir.”

With caution, Grodi stood and stared with amazement towards the human. “You have beaten me… I am at your mercy.”

“You’re free to go.” Jahmus informed him politely. “I have no quarrel with you or your people…I only wish to become friends.”

“You are the son of Martin.” Grodi replied astonishingly as they were quickly surrounded by the trio’s parents.

Malu stood an inch away from the dark wolf’s face growling with hatred. “Just what the hell are you doing?!”

Grodi took a step back as Luki stood between them. “Easy old friend.” He cautioned the one eyed fox. “I believe Grodi has realized that.”

The dark wolf lowered his head. “Forgive me Jahmus…I saw you disarming Tip and attacked foolishly.”

Jahmus offered him the customary exchange of friendship. Grodi looked upon him with disbelief but accepted the offer, however he did not return the human’s offer of trust. “I accept that you are the son of Martin…However that does not title you to our trust.”

The man nodded respectfully. “All I ask is to be given a fair chance…Let my own actions determine my fate.”

“We shall see.” The dark wolf implied. “We will be watching you.” Kneeling down with a watchful eye on the human, Grodi retrieved his sword and departed.

Lani practically knocked Jahmus over with an unsuspecting hug of relief. “Are you alright Jahmus?”

Jahmus returned the hug with a chuckle. “I’m fine madam, thank you.”

The vixen gave him a stern but playful look. “I wish you would stop calling me that.”

The man stuck his tongue out. Lani copied him with a sneer. Everyone laughed as the trio surrounded their friend.

“I was so frightened.” Carrot admitted wrapping her arms around the man from behind, nestling into his neck.

Delanne held him from the front resting her head on the man’s other shoulder. “We were all scared.”

Ce’Dra looked upon the man with amazement. “You would make a fine blade dancer.”

Malu became intrigued by the lioness’s comment. “I’ve never seen a human fight so gracefully before…Has the outside world changed so much?”

Jahmus smiled as he brought the raccoon fox around to his side and held both of the girls in his arms. “No…It’s a fighting style from an ancient culture of Japan…When my crew and I were…”

“Became pirates.” Carrot interrupted cautiously.

Jahmus let go of the girls and looked upon the raccoon fox with a careful interest. “How do you know that?”

Carrot took a couple of steps back, slowly rubbing her paws together as she gazed at her feet. “I…I’ve been reading your journal.”

To her surprise and relief, the man was laughing. “So that’s where it went.”

“You’re not upset that I took it?” Carrot asked managing to look up at him.

The man smiled. “No my dear Carrot…I am thankful that it was not lost and that you find my travels worth reading.”

“Hold on a second.” Malu interrupted. “What do you mean you’re a pirate?”

“He was charged with treason for firing on his own fleet.” Carrot answered wanting to tell the story as everyone’s ears perked up to hear the tale. “This Admiral made an error and attacked a civilian merchant by mistake…Jahmus tried to warn the Admiral only to be accused of being a coward. The only thing Jahmus could do was to maneuver his own ship between the fleet and merchant. The Admiral fired upon Jahmus’s ship. Despite his efforts to save the innocents, the British fleet sank the merchant vessel. Jahmus managed to sink two frigates before that. Only the Admiral’s and Jahmus’s ship survived the attack. The Admiral escaped and returned to England while Jahmus rescued the survivors…This king marked Jahmus as a traitor and branded him and his crew as pirates with a bounty of death.”

Malu was speechless, but Jayco managed to find a chuckle. “My word…A hero betrayed…Your actions should have been one of celebration and feast, not exiled as an impurity.”

Jahmus nodded. “I thank you Jayco, it is kind of you not to judge my unwanted title.”

“What happened to the survivors of the merchant vessel?” Delanne asked curiously.

The man answered her with a warm smile. “I offered them passage to a neutral port and hired a private ship to take them home…Though some of them swore loyalty to me and joined my crew…I accepted graciously.”

“Was it the unknown Frenchman that cast you into the sea?” Carrot asked.

The man once again nodded. “A nobleman who lost loved ones on the merchant vessel…He blames me for their deaths.”

Lani broke into the conversation. “We will ask no more of you tonight Jahmus…You are a still revered as a trusted friend, so don’t you go worrying about that.” Everyone agreed with nods and words of encouragement as she continued. “It’s late; we should all turn in for the night.”

The company parted with lots of hugs, smiles and kisses as they returned to their party sleepovers.
~Jahmus~ The Jedi Fur

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