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Chapter 17 of blade dance
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Blade Dance

A story by


© 2004 by Jim Wilson. All rights reserved. Story content and Characters herein are fictitious, any resemblance to any person living or dead or any actual event is coincidental. All images and material strictly copy righted to respected artists. Characters Delanne, Luki, Malu, Alana, Raul, Kekona, Lani, James Terra Flastif, Mister Thomas, or any other character other than specified. © Jim Wilson. Character Ce’Dra © Bobbie Wilson. Character Shoshana © Mellina Lathe-Steindler. Character Fixer © Robert Steindler.



     The trio and Jahmus were once again sitting on the living room floor as the man admired the sword he held. “This is a remarkable blade.” He commented to the girls. “It’s unbelievably light and well balanced…Not to mention incredibly sharp.”

“It is the sword of a guardian.” Carrot pointed out. “They are the protectorates of the villages.”

Ce’Dra laughed. “How do you know that sweetie…For all we know Grodi and Tip could be blade dancers.”

Delanne nodded with agreement. “They are so secretive, you could be a blade dancer Carrot and we would never know it.”

Carrot exploded with a laugh. “Yeah right…I can’t even dance without tripping over my own feet!”

“What’s a Blade Dancer?” Jahmus asked curiously.

Delanne shrugged. “No one really knows for sure…They are a secret society within the tribes…There are legends that they are the beginning of our existence and protect us from within and have strange powers that they use to guide us towards peace.”

“Grodi’s the last person I would consider to be a Blade Dancer.” The lioness admitted. “The thought of him having such power is frightening.”

Carrot confessed what she knew. “Pup-pa said that every village has guardians now, ever since the battle with Martin’s crew…He told me that Grodi formed the guardians and chooses his own protectorates and like the Blade Dancers, they are secretive.”

Ce’Dra found it amusing as she giggled. “Poor Tip…He must be new to the whole thing and Jahmus scared him off into the jungle.”

Delanne became worried over the white haired raccoon. “Did you hurt him Jahmus?”

The man shook his head. “No…I only disarmed him…I’ll have to return the lad’s sword back to him in the morning.” Stretching with a long yawn, Jahmus smiled at the trio. “Good night ladies.”

They all stood and stretched with signs of tiredness.

“Good night Jahmus.” Ce’Dra giggled giving him a quick hug.

Delanne flung herself onto the man giving him a long desired kiss on the mouth. Parting away slowly, she blushed. “Good night Jahmus.”

Jahmus was a bit taken aback by her gesture, but acknowledged her words with a modest blush. “Uh…Good night my lady.”

Carrot excitedly bounded over wrapping her arms around the man’s neck with a sinister grin. “You gonna kiss me good night too?” Her eyes squinting with a playful lust. “I still want what you owe me.”

Jahmus loosened the collar around his neck, blushed and took a step back. “Uh…My dear Carrot…I…”

The raccoon fox slid forward replacing the gap between them. “Yes Jahmus?” She called out softly gazing hopefully into his eyes.

Ce’Dra began giggling. “Delanne tells me her kisses are very soft and warm Jahmus.” She teased playfully. “You might like it.”

Jahmus nervously took a large step back. Carrot released him willingly. “Sorry Jahmus.” The raccoon fox apologized. “You don’t have to kiss me if you don’t want to.”

The man’s face turned a dark red. “It’s…It’s not that…Uh…Good night.”

Carrot watched with sorrow as the man entered his room shutting the door quietly behind him.

The lioness began giggling again. “I think he likes you sweetie…Did you see the way he blushed.”

The raccoon fox lowered her head. “I’ll see you guys in the morning…Night.” She half waved a paw as she slowly dragged herself to her room with her tail slumping depressingly across the floor and silently shut the door.

“What’s with her?” Delanne asked the lioness.

Ce’Dra shrugged. “I don’t know…Maybe she’s trying to hard to be his friend and her feelings got hurt.”

The wolf fox felt sorry for her but waved it off. “We’ll talk to her in the morning.”

Delanne’s expression changed to a rather bashful smile. “Only one room left…Um…Do you want it or the couch?”

Ce’Dra smiled mischievously stepping closer to the wolf fox. “Where would you prefer to sleep?”

Delanne began teething her bottom lip taking her eyes off the lioness. “Wher-wherever’s fine.” She stated nervously though she was hoping for the lioness’s company.

The lioness raised and lowered her eyebrow in a seductive manner as she slowly wrapped her arms around Delanne’s waist speaking softly. “The bedroom’s a little more…Private.”

The wolf fox swallowed with uncertainty knowing what the lioness had in mind. “F-For what?”

Ce’Dra only giggled softly as she rubbed noses with the nervous wolf fox.

“I…I’m not sure if I’m ready for that.” Delanne coward taking a step back. “But I would like to cuddle with you.” The lioness herself took a step back giving the wolf fox a perturbed look which caused Delanne to giggle. “Gotcha.”

Ce’Dra regained her prior position. “No.” She explained looking deep into the turquoise eyes that gleamed before her. “But you will.”

The situation only tickled Delanne to no end with giggles as the lioness took hold of her paw and led her to the vacant room.


    The view from the bedroom window exposed only a dense jungle of bushes and palms. A casting shadow of darkness filled every available open space, much like the way Carrot was feeling as she gazed over the endless dark shapes of the wild. Thoughts of Jahmus tortured her soul as she continued staring out into the nothingness of night. Perking up her ears, the raccoon fox sniffled back her tears and turned facing the wall adjacent to her bed. Soft sounds of giggling laughter echoed through the thin hollow tubing of the bamboo structure. The joyful activity of her friends formed an amused smile upon her face, but only momentarily. Exhaling with a deep sigh, Carrot dragged her way over to the bed and sat. Reaching over to the nightstand, she opened the top drawer and removed a small dark blue leather bound book. It was neatly closed by a leather strap that encircled a silver button. Carefully, she unraveled the tie and found the page she had marked with a red flower. Setting the flower onto the nightstand, she once again found herself falling into a pool of dreams as she read the words of the one she longed for.

July 14, 1754

    For some time now, I have been reluctant to fully understand my feelings for Kimberly. Parts of me yield a love for her that dwindles on the boundaries of a world I have long forgotten. It wasn’t until this morning when I suddenly realized the passion between us was nothing more than a kindled friendship, cherished by shared experiences of our travels together. The surprising kiss she bestowed upon me was pleasant and revealed a truth I have long debated. Love does not answer the howling loneliness you cry, but will find its way when and only when you no longer call for it’s healing. I know now that the bond between dear Kimberly and I is one of a long trusted friendship, like that of siblings. Though I have never had the comfort of knowing a woman, I cannot bring myself the pleasure of making her world my own. To my relief she understands my heart and allowed her torn soul to accept the foundation of who I am. In time perhaps she told me. Love will find me on a day when I am no longer blinded by my misfortunes. It will come onto me by a stranger in a foreign land not yet known to my knowledge. You are an explorer she continued to tell me. An enchantment of light waiting to be discovered by eyes of new. The one who steals your heart will be one of curiosity, a courageous soul who’s interest dwells on the mystery within you. Frankly I think Kimberly sees a part of me that I have yet to discover on my own. Of her words, there was one sentence that took me by surprise and one I shall never forget… There are many different meanings when blessed with loves first kiss, yours however my dear James will be one of surrender.”

A white paw trickled lightly over the books cover as it slowly shut. Closing her eyes, Carrot embraced the leather bound journal against her heart…and wept.


    Carrot awoke in a puddle of drool, sleepy eyed and depressed. The thoughts of last night had haunted her dreams. Wrinkling her nose, she inhaled a rather pleasant smell of blueberries that forced her belly to grumble with hunger. Grudgingly, she sat up forcing herself to a stance and stumbled to the door. Opening it, the aroma of the muffins filled her nostrils with a sweet sensation. Sounds of giggles and laughter were coming from the direction of the kitchen. Carrot knew from the sounds of giggles last night, that it was Delanne and Ce’Dra happily enjoying their morning. Dragging her tail, the raccoon fox made her way towards the kitchen glancing over at Jahmus’s door. Sighing heavily to herself, she proceeded into the kitchen where she caught sight of the lioness nestling into Delanne’s back as the wolf fox stirred some contents in a bowl she was leaning over.

Spotting the raccoon fox, Ce’Dra smiled pleasantly. “Morning Carrot…Delanne’s making us blueberry muffins.”

The lioness reclaimed her snuggle position against Delanne’s back as the wolf fox giggled tasting the contents of the bowl on her fingertip. “Hi Carrot…Hungry?”

“Not really.” Carrot lied showing signs of sadness.

Ce’Dra released Delanne and looked over at the raccoon fox. “Are you alright sweetie?”

Carrot slowly shook her head. “I’m fine, just tired.”

“I’m sorry Carrot.” Delanne apologized. “If we kept you up, we were rather loud.”

The raccoon fox partially smiled. “No.” She answered truthfully as her curiosity began to grow. “How was your first release Delanne?”

Delanne’s eyes widened brightly as she cupped her muzzle with a paw attempting to prevent herself from exploding with laughter. Ce’Dra on the other hand giggled out bravely. “Who…Miss giggles here?” The lioness played pointing a thumb in Delanne’s direction. “Every time I try to be romantic she breaks out with a bad case of the giggles.” Slowly, the lioness reached out gently caressing the wolf fox’s bottom, but Delanne giggled swaying her buttocks forward out of her reach. “See!” Ce’Dra pointed out.

The awkward situation lightened Carrot’s mood as she smiled sweetly. “Are you really that shy Delanne?” She teased.

The wolf fox blushed dipping her finger into the bowl tasting its contents once again. “No.” She giggled. “It just tickles me to see her so…interested in me.”

“Morning ladies!” Jahmus’s voice interrupted with a cheerful smile. “Could someone please tell me where you keep the chamber pot?”

Delanne and Ce’Dra fell silent not knowing what it was he was asking. Carrot on the other hand smiled with a soft giggle. “We use toilets silly…I need to go as well, I’ll show you where they are.”

The lioness and wolf fox curled their lips waiting till the couple exited the house then looked upon each and exploded with laughter.

Outside, Carrot put her arm through Jahmus’s and looked back over her shoulder at the closed door. “I swear those two are made for each other.” She remarked sarcastically.

Jahmus however had his mind on something else and stopped. “Carrot.” He inquired softly looking into her eyes. “May I ask you something?”

The raccoon fox tilted her head curiously. “Of course Jahmus…You can ask me anything you wish.”

The man smiled with a slight nod. “I don’t know if its my place or not to be asking, but I heard you crying last night and wondered if you are alright?”

Carrot looked away from him shamefully. “I’m sorry if I kept you up.”

“That’s not what worries me.” He answered stepping around to face the raccoon fox again. “May I ask what upset you?”

Nervously, Carrot began rubbing her paws together looking away from him once again. “I…”

Gently placing a hand on her shoulder, Jahmus attempted to comfort her. “It’s alright my dear Carrot…You don’t have to tell me.”

The man’s eyes widened as the raccoon fox flung herself upon him as she began to cry. Jahmus held her in his arms offering comfort as he began to pet her. “Hey…What’s this all about?” He asked kindly full of concern.

The raccoon fox adjusted herself tightening her hold. “Nothing.” She answered softly nestling into his shoulder. To her relief, Jahmus continued his comforting touch of petting her.

“You know.” Jahmus began chuckle hoping to change her mood. “I really need to go.”

Sniffling back her tears, Carrot raised her head and smiled warmly. “Thank you Jahmus.”

The man returned her smile. “You still owe me an explanation.” He teased turning his smile into a widened grin. “But for now…Escort me please.” He playfully begged doing a quick dance.

Carrot giggled with an amazed smile. “And you Captain…Owe me a kiss.”

Jahmus gave her a rather questionable look. “My dear wonderful Carrot…What fuels this desire you have to kiss me?”

The raccoon fox’s eyes swayed and danced as she searched deep within his brown pupils for an answer only truth could reveal. “If I tell you, I will lose you forever.”

Jahmus slowly took a step back, half in fear the other in wonder as his own eyes fell into the sea of her thoughts. “Uh…I…” The man’s thoughts suddenly evaporated not knowing what to say.

Carrot took a slow step forward keeping her eyes locked onto him. “Do you want to kiss me?” She asked softly with careful ease.

Jahmus began to stumble backwards. “I…”

“Morning!” A cheerful voice shouted out. Carrot and Jahmus both jumped in fright as Red began chuckling at their astonished expressions. “Mighty early to be fishing ain't it?”

Jahmus swallowed nervously. “Forgive me sir…I’ll be on my way.”

Red laughed. “Come now James…Only a fool hinders love.” Smiling happily, he continued his walk waving a paw behind him. “It’s okay to kiss her now!” He shouted playfully. “I promise I won’t look!” The joyful albino raccoon began to sway his arms in a dance like motion as he whistled a soft melody entering the house.

Carrot was blushing a dark red. “I’ve never seen him so happy.”

Jahmus adjusted the collar of his pajamas. “Now I really have to go.”

The raccoon fox giggled sweetly. “Okay silly…You can kiss me later.”

To his relief, Carrot took a hold of his arm and led him to their destination.


    Joyfully ending the whistled melody, Red closed the front door smiling heavenly at the aroma coming from the kitchen. Merrily, he made his way to the source only to find Delanne sitting on the counter top giggling at the lioness who was embraced within the wolf fox’s legs attempting playfully to dodge Delanne’s pushing paws to plant a kiss. The white raccoon chuckled causing the girls to pause and notice him.

“Morning uncle Red.” They both gleamed happily.

Noticing several white floured paw prints on the lioness’s bottom, Red chuckled with amusement. “Well, I see that love is everywhere this morning.”

Ce’Dra glanced over her shoulder catching a glimpse of Delanne’s markings on her bottom and slightly blushed with a widened smile.

Suddenly, the kitchen door slammed open. Delanne and Ce’Dra stared at the unusual sight. Flora was holding the door against the wall with a paw. Tightly grasped in her other paw was a light blue sheet held closely above her breasts. It was apparently the only thing she was wearing. Her fur and hair were wildly matted in every direction as she stood in the door way heavily breathing with her eyes locked onto Red with a burning fire of lust. “I’m not through with you.”

The albino raccoon simply smiled with a shrug grabbing a deformed muffin off the counter and taking a huge bite before addressing the crazed vixen with muffled words. “Is there something I can help you with Flora?” He then waved a few fingers over the muffin grinning fiendishly.

Flora kept her eyes transfixed upon Red as she marched across the room grabbing hold of the chuckling raccoon from the scruff of the neck. “Excuse me girls.” She announced dragging Red in a barbaric fashion back across the kitchen. Delanne and Ce’Dra only stared in awe as Red happily waved to them taking another bite of the muffin as Flora kicked open the bedroom door where Jahmus had slept and dragged the raccoon in behind her. The door slammed shut as the girls looked on. Ce’Dra could only think of one word. “Damn!”

Delanne let out a muffled giggle from behind her paw. “I should make muffins more often…The feed back I get is amazing.”

The lioness turned her attention back onto Delanne. “Mmmm.” She purred softly wrapping her arms around the wolf fox’s waist. “You’re amazing.”

They began kissing with a serene innocence of pleasure. At least until Delanne caught a strand of giggles again when Ce’Dra’s paw grazed over her buttocks. “Now how am I supposed to get close to you with you giggling every time I touch you?” The lioness scolded playfully.

Delanne shrugged grabbing a deformed muffin from the counter offering it to her friend. “I don’t know…Have a muffin, it worked for uncle Red.”

Ce’Dra gave the wolf fox a stern look. “I’ve had two already.”

Smiling happily, Delanne wrapped her arms around Ce’Dra’s neck. “Well then.” She spoke softly. “I promise to be gentle.”

The lioness closed her eyes waiting for the kiss she anticipated would come. Instead, Ce’Dra opened her eyes when Delanne’s arms released her. She found the wolf fox lowering her head with an embarrassed blush. “Hi Jahmus.”

The man smiled entering the doorway followed closely by Carrot. “Don’t stop on my account.” He joked as Delanne’s blush darkened.

The raccoon fox scanned the scenery that lay before her. “What did I miss?” She asked with a peculiar smile as she studied the white floured paw prints on Ce’Dra’s bottom.

“Well, I would stay out of you room for awhile Jahmus.” Delanne giggled. “It’s currently occupied.”

Jahmus raised an eyebrow. “Oh?”

“By who?” Carrot followed in question.

This time it was the lioness who giggled. “Flora.”

The raccoon fox’s eyes widened. “No way!”

Ce’Dra confirmed with a nod. “And uncle Red.”

Carrot fell completely speechless; however Jahmus chuckled while eating a deformed muffin. “Mighty early to be fishing aint it?”

The raccoon fox gave him a blank look as Delanne giggled. “What are you talking about?”

“Something Red was saying when our paths crossed.” Jahmus answered delightfully then added. “Oh, which reminds me?” He turned to face Carrot. “About that question you asked me.”

“Yes?” Carrot replied full of hope.

The man smiled. “Yes…I do.”

A warm relieved smile was all the raccoon fox answered with as Jahmus prepared to exit the room. “Now if you ladies will excuse me, I have a sword I must return.”

Delanne watched as Carrot dreamily leaned against the doorway following the man’s leave with her eyes. “What did you ask him?” The wolf fox asked curiously.

Carrot took in a deep breath and smiled contently with a sigh. “If he wanted to kiss me.”


     Jahmus strolled down the main path through the village receiving waves and smiles from those he had met yesterday. He smiled happily, for it was wonderful to be able to see the beautiful surroundings with his returned sight.

“James!” A familiar voice called from behind.

The man stopped to greet the one eyed fox. “Morning Malu…Beautiful day isn’t it?”

Malu nodded. “I’m glad you feel comfortable around us.” His smile forming into a smirk. “Nice pajamas.”

Jahmus chuckled. “Thanks, the only alternative would have been interrupting a rather…unusual circumstance.”

The one eyed fox raised an eyebrow. “Oh?”

“Flora and Red.” He admitted with a mischievous grin.

Malu laughed. “Well it’s about time…Those two have been fancying each other for many cycles…That’s wonderful news!”

The topic brought forth questions to the man’s thoughts. “May I ask you an unusual question?”

Shrugging, Malu answered politely. “I’ll see if I can answer it at least.”

Adjusting the collar of his pajamas, Jahmus nervously began to ask his question. “I’m having trouble with…”

Malu chuckled interrupting him with a waved paw. “Let me guess, both Delanne and Carrot fancy you and you are unsure if the foundation of boundaries is one you are willing to cross.”

Jahmus stared at him in disbelief. “Uh…Actually…That’s not what concerns me.”

The one eyed fox chuckled. “Okay then, what is it?”

Lowering his head, Jahmus shook it slowly. “How does one choose between one love and another?”

Malu stood there silently for a moment rubbing his chin. “Love is not choice of opinion; it is a free spirit that will only accept ones surrender to its calling.”

The fox’s answer left Jahmus puzzled. “Are you saying we should allow fate to find its own path?”

Malu smiled placing a paw on the man’s shoulder. “Love freely James…Or it will torment your soul for eternity.”

Jahmus swallowed hard knowing the truth to the answer he was seeking. “I don’t know if I can accept the…”

Malu interrupted with a chuckle. “Here James, let me return the sword to the youngster…While you sort out your heart.”

Handing over the sword, the man had but one question. “Can such a love truly exist?”

“Love itself already exists; it’s the willingness to surrender that does not.” Malu informed him as he turned with a chuckle walking away. “Besides, you are not the only one Miss Carrot fancies.”

Jahmus could only stare lost in thought as Malu happily whistled a tune as he departed to return the sword.


    Jahmus returned to the house only to find it empty. In a way it relieved his desire to be alone. Cautiously he knocked on the bedroom door and found it had been vacated as well. Leisurely he changed into his uniform then strolled into the messy kitchen. The site brought a warm smile to his face, knowing that the trio had enjoyed their morning. Searching the drawers he found a clean cloth and placed it and the deformed muffins into a wicker basket securing it shut with the sewn on ribbon. Looking around the place, he decided to help out and cleaned the entire kitchen. Content with his accomplishment and no sign of the girls, he decided to venture out and explore the island.

Traveling westward and to the north, he spotted many interesting and unusual plant life within the jungle. One spot in particular caught his eye. There was clearing off to his left that held a formation of rocks neatly placed by two’s forming a large circle. It reminded him of stone henge back home in his native land of England, only smaller and no adjoining pieces. Sitting quietly he took in a deep breath and exhaled slowly. To his surprise there were sounds of footsteps approaching from behind him. Turning his head, he caught sight of Carrot walking rather depressingly towards him.

“My dear Carrot.” Jahmus called out startling the poor raccoon fox. “Have you been following me?” He joked with a friendly smile.

After realizing who it was that startled her, Carrot’s frown perked up into a pleasant smile. “No silly…I always come here when I want to be alone.”

“You wish for me to leave?” Jahmus snickered playfully.

Carrot shook her head with a smile. “No…Unless you prefer to be alone?”

Scooting over on the rock to make room, Jahmus patted the space next to him. “Have a seat my lady, if you wish.”

Combing her back from the side of her face with a paw, Carrot smiled and sat down. “What brings you all the way out here?”

“Curiosity of the unknown.” He admitted proudly. “The life of being an explorer.”

“Do you ever fear what you might find?” The raccoon fox asked curiously.

Jahmus shook his head with a soft chuckle. “No…The only true fear in exploration is what you must leave behind.”

Carrot carefully scooted closer to Jahmus. “What have you left behind?”

Noticing the raccoon fox’s advance, the man nervously adjusted his collar. “No regrets.”

Carrot looked deep into Jahmus’s eyes as she leaned in closer to him, their noses practically touching. “If you were to kiss me, would you regret it later?”

Transfixed by the staring beautiful red eyes of the raccoon fox, Jahmus slowly leaned back attempting to create space between them. Carrot however formed a sinister grin following his retreat, tempting him, but Jahmus only furthered the distance.

Carrot’s grin turned to a frown as she sat back up. “I guess so.” She answered softly at her own question lowering her head.

Jahmus studied her as they both sat there silently. Carrot’s ears were folded over in sorrow as she watched her feet shuffle over the ground. After a few moments the man spoke. “Carrot…Malu says I’m not the only one you fancy.”

One of her ears perked up at the question then folded back down, her eyes remained staring at her feet. “Does it bother you that I fancy Delanne?”

The answer was not what Jahmus expected to hear. “You fancy Delanne?”

The raccoon fox turned her back on him shamefully. “Since our first class together…Our eyes met and there was something there, but I know now that I was only imagining things.” She wiped a tear from her cheek. “She loves Ce’Dra so much, and fancies you…I doubt she notices me.”

Jahmus smiled placing a comforting hand upon her shoulder. “I do fancy you my dear Carrot…More so than I ever thought possible.”

Turning around, Carrot looked into his eyes with a joy she had longed hoped for. “You do?”

Closing his eyes, the man nodded. “Yes, but I fancy Delanne as well…And I…”

Carrot gently placed a paw over his lips. “I know you do Jahmus.”

The man opened his eyes as Carrot’s paw glided over to his cheek and smiled kindly with a warm voice. “Delanne is very kind and sweet…I don’t mind, as long as there is room in your heart for me.”

For the first time Jahmus felt openness within that surpassed the only boundaries he knew. The feeling frightened his soul but his desire for the raccoon fox overpowered his will. They embraced passionately with loves first kiss. Tears of joy flooded Carrot’s eyes when the feelings of her passion and curiosity of the man at last had been answered. As for Jahmus…He willingly surrendered his heart.

~Jahmus~ The Jedi Fur

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