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Chapter 18 of Blade Dance
« on: August 11, 2004, 03:31:08 pm »
Blade Dance

A story by


© 2004 by Jim Wilson. All rights reserved. Story content and Characters herein are fictitious, any resemblance to any person living or dead or any actual event is coincidental. All images and material strictly copy righted to respected artists. Characters Delanne, Luki, Malu, Alana, Raul, Kekona, Lani, James Terra Flastif, Mister Thomas, or any other character other than specified. © Jim Wilson. Character Ce’Dra © Bobbie Wilson. Character Shoshana © Mellina Lathe-Steindler. Character Fixer © Robert Steindler.



    It was a beautiful day despite the fact that neither Jahmus nor Carrot had been seen since the morning hours. Sighing heavily, Delanne plucked a flower from the trail she and Ce’Dra traveled down.

“Ce’Dra.” The wolf fox gently spoke as she pulled a peddle off the flower. “Do you think Carrot will forgive me?”

The lioness shook her head. “I don’t know sweetie…You lashed out at her rather harshly this morning.”

Delanne pulled another peddle from the flower. “I didn’t mean too…It’s just that she’s so…perpetuous towards Jahmus, it upsets me.”

Ce’Dra took a hold of Delanne’s paw. “You just need to learn to be a little more open Delanne…Carrot really fancies you, it’s a shame you haven’t noticed.”

Taking a deep breath, Delanne let go of Ce’Dra’s paw and leaned back against a tall tree. “I’ve noticed…It’s just that I don’t know what to tell her.” She took another deep breath. “Doesn’t it bother you that she fancies me?”

The lioness giggled shaking her head. “No…I don’t even mind you fancying Jahmus sweetie…As long as you love me, I don’t care who you fancy.” Stepping closer to the wolf fox, she took hold of both paws with a devilish smile. “You know…Sharing the release with both you and Carrot would be…Interesting.”

Delanne’s mouth fell open causing the lioness to giggle again. “What…Haven’t you ever fantasized about the possibilities of mating?”

“No.” The wolf fox quickly answered in defense then blushed shyly lowering her head. “I mean…not like that.”

Ce’Dra smiled with a wide sinister grin. “Busted.”

Delanne glanced at the lioness out of the corner of her eye. “You’re twisted.”

Wrapping an arm around the wolf fox, Ce’Dra urged her friend back onto the trail. “Come on silly, you and Carrot can make up over dinner.”

They headed home to find everyone gathered behind Luki’s home setting the table and talking amongst themselves. Even Kekona and Brektor were there, however they seemed trouble. Kekona was crying as Brektor continued to speak to his Father in law.

“Kekona?” Delanne called out to her sister with concern.

The short haired wolf wiped away her tears. “We’ve been exiled from the tribe.” She admitted with sorrow. “Just because I kissed Brektor in public.”

Delanne threw herself upon her sister with a tight comforting hug. “I’m so sorry sweetie.”

Kekona smiled with a sniffle. “We never should have left; it feels good to be home.” The two exchanged another warming hug. “I heard what Jahmus did during the fire…He’s gained a lot of respect amongst the tribes…How is he by the way?” She inquired looking around for the human.

The wolf fox shrugged. “Okay I guess…I haven’t seen him since this morning…No one has.”

Kekona lightly punched her in the shoulder with a wink. “I’ve been hearing other girls gossiping how cute and charming he his…I wouldn’t let him out of my sight.”

“We’ve also heard that he fancies you Delanne.” Brektor added with a nervous smile. “A lot of the ladies throughout the villages envy you.”

Delanne blushed as Ce’Dra playfully wrapped her arms around her. “Delanne’s Taken.”

Kekona laughed. “Somehow Ce’Dra, I don’t think you mind a third party.”

The lioness pressed her cheek against Delanne’s and squinted with a wide grin.

“Dinners ready!” Alana’s voice called out from the table. Taking their seats with content smiles, they noticed Red and Malu kept two vacant seats between them for when and if Jahmus and Carrot returned. A little worried for her friends, Delanne sat between her sister and Ce’Dra across the way. The family happily enjoyed the paw exchange with hugs and kisses galore. To Brektor’s surprise, Delanne embraced him with an added kiss on the cheek.

“I’m a little worried.” Lani admitted as she poured herself a mug of grape juice. “Carrot wasn’t in class today and no one has seen Jahmus since this morning.”

Red chuckled. “I wouldn’t worry too much Lani…Carrot can take care of herself and as far as James is concerned, he’s probably out exploring the island like old Martin use to do.”

“I suppose you’re right.” Lani answered softly smiling contently at Delanne who suddenly dropped her fork with widened eyes as her mouth fell open.

Cautiously, Lani turned around and froze along with everyone else.

Smiling happily heading towards the table was Jahmus, holding Carrot closely by his side. The raccoon fox was nestling into his neck wearing absolutely nothing except the man’s coat and hat. Malu’s chair tipped over backwards landing with a thud as he lay there howling with laughter.

Lani gave a quick kick in the side. The one eyed fox fell silent as she addressed the couple in disbelief. “Tell me you didn’t?”

Jahmus slowly removed his arm from around Carrot’s waist. The raccoon fox nervously rubbed her paws together looking around the table not knowing what to say or expect as her shoulders slowly crept up her neck. Delanne tore off in full tears running blindly into the jungle. Everyone else only stared in complete silence as the man shamefully lowered his head.

Red slowly studied the couple then glanced around the table. Breaking the silence, he raised his mug and turned to face his daughter with a rather unusual smirk. “Well…How was it?” A piece of crab meat struck the side of his face. Glancing around the table he could tell it had been Alana by the sour expression she wore. “What?” The white raccoon answered shrugging his shoulders. “It was bound to happen sooner or later.” Setting his mug down, he slowly lowered his head. “Love should be celebrated…Not scorned.”

From across the table, Jayco nodded in agreement. “You are right of course my old friend…They have shared something wonderful between them…And we have destroyed that.”

Jahmus raised his head and bravely stepped forward. “There are no words I can say that can righteously defend my actions.” Noticing several of the family members stir, he quickly raised a hand to silence them. “Please…Just hear me out.” He pleaded softly. “I awoke this morning knowing a truth that haunted me all of last night.” Forcing a smile, he took a hold of Carrot’s paw then looked back over the table. “My fear of this truth darkened my feelings as I tried desperately to understand why my father chose to remain among you and not return home.” Offering his other hand to Malu, the one eyed fox cautiously accepted it as Jahmus helped him to his feet. Studying the wide eyed fox, Jahmus reached into the coat pocket Carrot was wearing and removed an old weather worn book. Malu took a step back shaking his head as Lani gasped with a muffled paw. Slowly opening the ragged leather journal to a marked page, he read out loud its contents.

“This Island…This place…Has a power that allows one self to free the soul that man has long since governed with morale law. My love for my lady Lani has changed me in ways I never thought were possible. We believe as Jayco pointed out, that somehow, nature and the spirit of the blade dance transformed my being so that my soul could balance the boundaries of our existence.”

Calmly, Jahmus placed the book onto the table as the elders of the family stared at him not knowing what to expect.

“Those were the final words of my father.” The man pointed out in a pleasant tone. “Most of his journal talks of his love for Lani.” Closing his eyes he took a deep breath and smiled as he once again looked around the table. “At first, I thought he had betrayed my mother and abandoned me…But as I continued to read his words, I found that his course of action was of the heart.” Jahmus put an arm around Carrot, who nestled into his shoulder as he continued. “I too believe that there is some unknown power here that frees ones soul if they are willing to surrender to its calling.” Giving Carrot a quick kiss, he curiously let go of her and stood before Malu gazing over him with hope. “I understand the reasoning for your silence…I don’t know how you became one of them…But…” Jahmus embraced Malu tightly within his arms as they both cried desperately with joy.

Ce’Dra cocked an eyebrow with a puzzled look. “What’s he talking about?”

Carrot smiled sweetly as she looked upon the hugging couple with admiration. “Uncle Malu is Martin Lewis.” She explained to the astonished lioness. “He’s the man in blue…Jahmus’s father.”

Not believing the raccoon fox, Ce’Dra looked over at Lani who was nodding happily with tears. “It’s true Ce’Dra sweetie…It’s a secret this family and the blade dancers have kept since Malu’s transformation.”

The lioness swallowed hard. “Uncle Malu is a human?”

Ending his embrace, Malu smiled at his niece. “I once was a long time ago.” He returned to gaze at his son with an admiration for the man he had become. “No one knows how it happened…But I’ve never regretted it.” Jahmus embraced his father again as the one eyed fox asked curiously. “How long have you known?”

The son smiled. “I wasn’t sure at first…It wasn’t until I bumped into you this morning that I realized my assumptions were true.”

Malu chuckled. “Brilliant…You were testing me.” He placed a loving paw onto his son’s shoulder. “Have you found the love within you for Delanne and Carrot?”

“Oh No!” Carrot gasped covering her mouth with a paw. “I’ve got to go and find her!” The raccoon fox quickly scampered off into the jungle of trees hoping to make amends.

Ce’Dra stood to give chase but Jayco grabbed her arm. “Let them be Ce’Dra…They must face their fears alone.”

The lioness pouted scornfully crossing her arms as she sat back down. Glancing over at Jahmus, she saw Lani embracing him with tears. The truth of Malu’s identity brought a curious question to mind. “If uncle Malu is Martin…Does that mean Jahmus is Delanne’s cousin?”

Everyone’s attention turned to the lioness as Lani answered her with a bright smile. “By the joining of two families, yes he is.”

“Which makes you mommy.” Red chuckled out from his chair as he stood to pay respects. Lani blushed as everyone laughed and gathered around the new addition to their family.


    Carrot began to worry as she turned down yet another path within the dense jungle. Two hours had passed and there was still no sign of Delanne. Sighing heavily, she rounded an old ancient tree as a faint sound of someone crying caught her attention. Stepping off the path, the raccoon fox followed the sound, hoping desperately that at last she had found her friend. Making her way through some thick brush, she spotted the wolf fox sitting upon the ground leaning against a tree quietly weeping.

“Duh…Delanne?” Carrot called out softly with caution as she inched her way closer rubbing her paws over one another.

Delanne slowly turned her head with a sniffle, looked Carrot over then turned back away from her. “Go away.” She asked the raccoon fox with a gentle scorn.

Teething her bottom lip, Carrot took a couple of steps closer and stopped. “Can we talk?” She asked nervously.

Jumping to her feet, Delanne fired at the top of her lungs. “I said go away!”

“I want us to be friends.” Carrot admitted calmly shortening the distance between them with a few steps.

Delanne answered her with a growling snap as tears poured heavily down her face. “You used me…You trash digging coon!”

Carrot’s eyes widened with fear, but she held her ground attempting to remain calm. “Delanne…I…”

The wolf fox’s fist connected with the side of Carrot’s face spinning her sideways as she fell to the ground. Frantically, the raccoon fox curled up into a ball shaking tremendously with fear as she whimpered in pain.

Delanne stood over the shaking raccoon fox clinching her fists, angrily hoping she would stand up so she could strike her again. But Carrot remained in a tight ball still whimpering from the stinging blow. After a few moments of watching Carrot shake and whimper, Delanne began to realize what she had done. Carefully, she kneeled next to her friend gently placing a paw onto her shoulder. “Carrot…I’m…” Feeling her touch, the raccoon fox flinched scooting herself away in panic. Delanne eased back not wanting to frighten her. Taking the opportunity, Carrot scrambled to her feet and ran off into the jungle crying. Delanne watched with regret as the raccoon fox disappeared and with remorse she apologized quietly. “I’m sorry.”  Covered her eyes and wept.


    The family was still gathered around the table waiting patiently for the girls to return. Lani was becoming worried. “It’s been almost three hours, maybe we should go look for them?”

Luki shook his head with agreement. “Perhaps you’re right Lani…I blame myself for not giving my daughter the attention she deserves.”

Kekona spoke from across the table. “Delanne has a fragile heart pup-pa…It’s nothing you did or didn’t do.”

The wolf smiled at his daughter. “You’ll be a good mother one of these days.”

Kekona blushed as Jahmus looked up from his father’s journal. “I agree with Lani…I mean mom…We should look for them.”

Lani smiled at the man adoringly. “You don’t have to call me mom.”

“Nothing would make me prouder.” Jahmus answered giving the vixen a warming hug.

“Don’t you already have a mom?” Ce’Dra asked curiously from across the way. Malu looked up from his son’s journal with great interest.

“Aye Miss Ce’Dra…She is alive and well back home.” Jahmus replied more for Malu’s benefit than hers.

The one eyed fox lowered his head. “I miss her.”

Lani held his paw as Jahmus comforted his father. “Despite the facts, she still believes you are alive and well.”

Malu shook his head with a slight chuckle. “She always was a stubborn woman…But with a great spirit for love.”

Ce’Dra smiled at her favorite uncle. “I still find it hard to believe that you were once human Uncle Malu.”

“What are you talking about?” Delanne’s voice interrupted as she approached the table.

“Delanne!” Everyone called out in relief as they stood from their seats.

The wolf fox flung herself onto Jahmus holding him tightly. “I love you!”

Releasing himself from the embrace, Jahmus placed his hands upon Delanne’s cheeks and caressed them gently with his thumbs. “I never meant to hurt you my lady…I…”

The family watched with content smiles as Delanne kissed the man with a deep desire she had never before released. She began to tear happily when Jahmus returned his own feelings for her with a gentle tug around her waist. Ending the long awaited kiss, Delanne nestled into his neck holding him close.

Jahmus chuckled looking over at his father. “What do you think dad…Should I keep her?”

The one eyed fox laughed. “Delanne’s a rare treasure my son…A love that’s worth surrendering too.”

Delanne perked up her ears and head. “Did you just call Uncle Malu dad?”

Malu smiled at the wolf fox and with a paw, lifted up his eye patch exposing a deformed layer of skin with a branded symbol. Delanne’s eyes widened as she stared upon it in wonder. Slowly, she glanced down at the necklace Jahmus had given her and back up to Malu’s eye. They were an exact match. “You…You’re the man in blue?” The words stumbling from her mouth. “I…I don’t understand.”

Lani explained things to her as the family gathered around and one by one welcomed her back with hugs and kisses. When Lani finished explaining, Luki confronted his daughter. “We should have told you girls when James was first discovered…But we weren’t sure how everyone would accept the truth.”

Delanne gave Malu an adoring smile. “It does explain some things, like the habits you two share.”

Both Malu and Jahmus placed their hands on their hips answering in unison. “What habits?”

Everyone laughed as a painful thought entered Delanne’s mind. “Where’s Carrot?”

“She didn’t find you?” Red asked with concern.

Delanne shied away teething her bottom lip. “I…”

“Sent me back for Jahmus’s hat.” Carrot interrupted with a gleaming smile giving the wolf fox a quick wink. “I accidentally dropped it on our way home.”

The two friends embraced each other with warm feelings. Delanne inched back gently placing a paw onto Carrot’s cheek where she had struck the raccoon fox out of anger and softly whispered. “I’m sorry.”

Without warning, Carrot kissed Delanne with a long desired passion which the wolf fox accepted openly then hugged the raccoon fox a second time with a relieved smile. Gathering around, the family welcomed Carrot back as Jahmus playfully placed his hat upon Delanne’s head as a little raccoon fox toddler came running out of the house. “Auntie Lani…Auntie Lani!”

Kneeling down, Delanne hugged the little one. “Hello Kisses.”

The young girl looked up at the wolf fox with a puzzled expression. “Why were kissing Carrot Auntie Lani, she’s a girl.”

Delanne blushed and giggled. “Because I love her silly.”

Kisses’s eyes widened. “Are you and Carrot going to have a baby?”

“Kisses!” Flora snapped at her from the other end of the table. Malu fell to the ground howling with laughter.

“But mummy.” Kisses whined. “Bunnu says when you see people kissing it means their gonna have a baby.”

Flora shook her head with a sigh. “Time for bed sweetie…Go get your pajamas on…I’ll be inside in a few minutes to tuck you in.”

The young raccoon fox wrinkled her face and silently went inside.

“Speaking of which.” Red announced putting an arm around his daughter and Jahmus with a mischievous smile. “My house is officially yours, along with Delanne and Ce’Dra.”

The trio stared at him in amazement. Jahmus politely declined. “That’s very generous of you sir, but I could not accept such a gift.”

The white raccoon chuckled. “Nonsense…It’s too much house for myself…Besides, I believe the four of you need to become better acquainted…You know, sort things out.” He ended with a wink.

Carrot was amazed and impressed. “Pup-pa?”

Red held her close. “You are of age now and have friends that care for you.” He kissed her forehead. “It’s time for you all to be on your own, if you choose to do so.”

The raccoon fox hugged him excitedly. “Thank you pup-pa!”

Red smiled turning his attention to Delanne and Ce’Dra. “You’ll find all of your belongings already in the house and put away…Although you can place them to your liking.”

Delanne giggled. “Thanks uncle Red…I’m sure we will be happy with the arrangements.”

Ce’Dra pounced the wolf fox from behind smiling brightly over Delanne’s shoulder at Carrot. “You gonna bunk with Jahmus?”

The raccoon fox blushed. “I…I don’t know…I mean…If he wants too.”

Red glanced over at the human with a raised eyebrow causing the man to nervously adjust his collar. The white raccoon chuckled. “Loosen up James…We’re all adults here.”

“It’s just odd.” Jahmus admitted. “That everyone is so open and accepting to our relationship…Especially within the short amount of time we have known each other.”

Jayco smiled from across the way. “Peace and Serenity is the foundation of existence…Without, our people could not survive.”

Jahmus shook his head. “I think I understand.”

Luki smiled. “It is good to see that your heart stays open young Jahmus…Tomorrow afternoon, we will bring you before the council for a…review of who you are to become.”

“What exactly does that entail?” The man asked with concern.

The grey wolf smiled. “Only for the benefit of knowing of good man…So the council can see you are welcomed among us.”

Jayco outstretched his arms with a longing yawn. “It is late everyone…I will see you tomorrow.”

The family exchanged warm hugs with one another and began departing their separate ways. Waiting until Delanne, Ce’Dra and Jahmus were out of ear shot, Red stopped his daughter with a gentle smile. “Carrot…Can we talk?”

“Sure pup-pa…What is it?” The raccoon fox replied as she waved her friends to go on without her.

“Why the masquerade?” Red asked with interest.

Carrot teethed her bottom lip. “Jahmus wasn’t ready…And Delanne doesn’t know the sacrifice he would have to make in order for her to love him.”

Red nodded. “So that’s how he found out about old Martin, you told him?”

The raccoon fox began shuffling her paws together. “I couldn’t share the release with him pup-pa…Not without him knowing the consequences…I love him too much.”

Putting an arm around his daughter, he squeezed her gently. “You’re playing a dangerous game sweetie, you’re lucky Delanne is still your friend.”

“I know, I’ll tell her the truth.” Carrot promised as she nestled into her father’s chest. “Will my actions affect her destiny?”

Red quickly glanced around making sure there was no one within earshot. “Actually, we have learned a great deal about some concerns we have had about her…But…There are secrets that your friends cannot know.”

The raccoon fox nodded. “I know pup-pa…But…”

“Good night sweetie.” Red interrupted then kissed her forehead with a content smile. Carrot watched as he headed off to Malu’s house and with a faint whisper she finished her words. “But they are chosen.” Lowering her head, she headed for home with a feeling of sorrow and regret.

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Chapter 18 of Blade Dance
« Reply #1 on: September 04, 2004, 05:25:28 pm »
I just read the newest chapters 10-19 I say that I liked them a bunch ^v^
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Chapter 18 of Blade Dance
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'<img'>  Thank you User_of_shadows! I'm glad you like the story! I am having so much fun writing it. Chapter 20 is being typed up...I hope to have it up by tomorrow.

Out of curiosity, may I ask who your favorite character is thus far?

 '<img'> *smiles* Some one likes my story!.....Yea!.....
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Chapter 18 of Blade Dance
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Carrot, is probably my favorite character if I had to choose. Though Delanne is very close. ^v^
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Chapter 18 of Blade Dance
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'<img'> I love Carrot...She's my favorite character to write about...Perpetually Curious.
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Chapter 18 of Blade Dance
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~jaw hits floor~ wow didn't see that coming... wonderful Delanne it.........btw Carrot is my favorite too.....wouldn't mind share a release with her......~giggles and hops back into the rafters~
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Chapter 18 of Blade Dance
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I just read the story Blade Dance I enjoe it, and I look forward too reading more of it in the future...
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