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Chapter 19 of Blade Dance
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Blade Dance

A story by


© 2004 by Jim Wilson. All rights reserved. Story content and Characters herein are fictitious, any resemblance to any person living or dead or any actual event is coincidental. All images and material strictly copy righted to respected artists. Characters Delanne, Luki, Malu, Alana, Raul, Kekona, Lani, James Terra Flastif, Mister Thomas, or any other character other than specified. © Jim Wilson. Character Ce’Dra © Bobbie Wilson. Character Shoshana © Mellina Lathe-Steindler. Character Fixer © Robert Steindler.



    Carrot wasn’t sure what to expect when she finally got home. The conversation with her father was troublesome to her feelings. Rather than heading straight home, she had wondered about aimlessly thinking. Opening the door, she had hoped everyone was still awake. To her relief they were. Jahmus was sitting on the couch softly petting Delanne’s head who was lying down in a ball resting in his lap. Ce’Dra was over in a chair reading Malu’s journal and looked up when Carrot stepped inside.

“We were just talking about you.” The lioness smiled closing the book and setting it down on a small table. “Where have you been?”

Delanne sat up looking over at the door as the raccoon fox answered. “Wondering about.”

Excited with her friends return, Delanne sprang from the couch and embraced the raccoon fox. “I’m so glad you’re home, I was worried you might still be upset with me.”

Smiling warmly at the happy wolf fox, Carrot admitted her feelings. “I didn’t mean to hurt you Delanne…I…”

Delanne put a finger to the raccoon fox’s lips silencing her. “Jahmus told me why you did it.”

Carrot attempted to speak but the wolf fox made a soft sound to remain silent. “I know you love Jahmus… Jahmus loves you…It was wrong of me to hate you for returning his feelings.”

“But we only kissed, I didn’t mate with him sweetie.” Carrot assured her nervously.

Delanne placed a paw against Carrot’s cheek. “I know.” Delanne smiled over at Jahmus who gave her a wink then she returned to her friend with a devilish smirk and whispered. “When he is ready…We’ll take him together.”

Carrot’s eyes widened with complete astonishment at her friend’s remark as Ce’Dra giggled. Jahmus sat up straight curious at what was said. “What did she say?” He asked of the wide eyed raccoon fox.

Carrot blushed then giggled her response. “Nothing Jahmus.”

The man gave them a stern look. “Why do I have this feeling living with you three is going to be an exploration all its own?”

Smiling happily, Delanne made her way over to the couch giving Jahmus a prolonged kiss. “Good night Jahmus.” Turning with a giggle, she playfully swayed her tail in his face and merrily went to her room followed by a smiling lioness who waved good night with a paw.

Watching the bedroom door shut, Jahmus turned his attention to Carrot. “Your father kind of put our belongings together in the main bedroom…If you don’t mind, I’ll take the couch and we’ll organize our things in the morning.”

Smiling at the man’s modesty, Carrot walked over and kneeled down in front of him. “Why do you have to be so charming…It makes me want to love you all the more?”

Jahmus caressed her cheek with a soft smile. “My soul screams out to know you my dear Carrot, but my heart shares….”

He was interrupted by faint sounds of desire echoing through the walls with the moaning pleasures of ones heart.

Carrot giggled. “Sounds like Delanne finally surrendered.” She looked over at the bedroom door then back at Jahmus. “Her sounds are adorably cute.”

Turning a bright red, Jahmus tried to keep his formality as he adjusted the collar of his pajamas. “Uh…Yeah…You could say that.”

Resting her chin between Jahmus’s knees, Carrot looked up at him with a playful smirk as her tail swung majestically from side to side. “You’d make one handsome fox.” She teased him. “Or even a raccoon.”

Jahmus chuckled at the idea. “Knowing my luck, I’d transform into a platypus.”

Smiling contently at the man’s humor, Carrot gazed into him with a dark lust in her eyes. “Aren’t you curious what our love has to offer?”

Jahmus looked down at the raccoon fox and began petting her hair. “You and Kimberly would have become fast friends.” He remarked attempting to avoid the subject. “The two of you have a lot in common.”

Carrot quietly turned her head to the side resting on Jahmus’s lap as she softly asked. “Did you love her?”

There was a moment of silence before he answered. “I’d rather not discuss it my dear Carrot…My memories of her haunt me still.”

Raising her head, Carrot sat up onto her ankles with a mournful look. “I’m sorry Jahmus…Is she the reason you choose not to love me?”

Cupping her chin, Jahmus raised her head looking into her eyes. “No…It’s just…I wonder if things are happening to quickly…I mean…I’ve only known you and Delanne for a couple of days and yet there’s this feeling I have to love you openly with an urge to become one of you…It’s like there’s some unseen force of power speaking into the back of my mind…Begging me to surrender to its calling.”

Carrot’s eyes widened, but only slightly. She knew of this power but could say nothing of its existence. Curiously and cautiously she asked. “Like a darkness fading into light?”

Jahmus thought for a moment then answered. “More like being trapped under water…A solid mass encasing me, hindering my movements.” Taking a deep breath he continued. “I want to break through the surface and inhale the air I know is there waiting for me, but I have this fear of never reaching it.”

Taking a hold of his hands, Carrot motioned for him to follow her. The man stood, but refused to step forward. The raccoon fox smiled sweetly into his fearful eyes. “Don’t be afraid my love.” Reaching upwards, she caressed his cheek. “Only if  you’re ready.”

The man smiled closing his eyes as he pressed his face against her warm paw. Opening his eyes he leaned forward and kissed her gently. They embraced passionately surrendering to each other. After a long moment, Jahmus separated himself from her and spoke freely from the heart. “I love you Carrot…I don’t know what will become of me, but I’m ready to accept the outcome so long as you are with me.”

Paw in hand, Carrot guided him to the bedroom and the love between them flourished.


    Morning came awaking Carrot with a sharp beam of light penetrating its way through her eyelids. Squinting at its brightness, she rolled over onto her side bumping into Jahmus’s motionless body. A warm smile broadened across her face as she nestled into him draping an arm across his bare chest slowly petting it. Jahmus’s body stretched as he let out a disgruntled moan. Carrot softly giggled to her self as the man rolled over to face her. Their eyes met and the raccoon fox matched his smile with a lovely gleam in her eyes.

“Morning.” She greeted him pleasantly petting his temple with a gentle paw.

Jahmus put an arm around her as he gazed lovingly into her bright red eyes and lightly chuckled. “Am I a platypus yet?”

His humor made her giggle as her eyebrows rose playfully. “Let me check.” Gliding her paws under the sheets, she followed the contour of Jahmus’s body until she found what she was looking for. The man shivered from her touch as she smiled contently. “Maybe you’re a wolf.” She teased bringing her paw back up to his chest. Jahmus laughed then playfully howled an imitation of a wolf’s cry. Carrot giggled as she rolled over sitting up on top of him and leaned forward brushing noses with him. “I can get used to that.”

Wrapping his arms around the raccoon fox, Jahmus gently pulled her down closer. They began kissing passionately with a love they now shared between them as lasts nights events took over their morning.


    Delanne rolled her eyes shaking her head. “Jeez, have they even slept?”

Ce’Dra giggled as she shut the washroom door. “Carrot sounds a lot like you.”

The wolf fox blushed shyly looking down into the tub. “No she doesn’t.”

Stepping into the tub, the lioness laughed as she sat down. “Oh?” Ce’Dra remarked with a know it all smile. “I had a front row seat before you and Jahmus tumbled your way into the bedroom last night.”

Delanne snapped at her through clenched teeth. “Keep your voice down…We don’t even know if Jahmus told her yet.”

There was a thump against the wall. Ce’Dra muffled her giggle with a quick paw. “At the moment, I don’t think she’d care what you told her.”

Giving the lioness a stern look only her mother could be proud of, the wolf fox expressed her concern. “Seriously Ce’Dra…I don’t want to hurt her feelings.”

Leaning back against the wall, Ce’Dra relaxed her shoulders and closed her eyes. “Jahmus is an optional sweetie…Carrot knows that and so do you.”

Taking the lioness’s words at face value, Delanne sighed. “You’re probably right…He loves her and she knows it.”

Ce’Dra sat up with an alarmed look. “He loves you too Delanne…Don’t go thinking he doesn’t.”

The wolf fox forced a smile. “I guess I’m just feeling guilty.”

The door suddenly opened catching their attention. Jahmus was standing in the doorway wearing a towel and was blushing. “Sorry ladies…I didn’t know you were up.”

“Well…You certainly were.” Ce’Dra giggled out then burst into laughter with Delanne as Jahmus’s face turned a bright red.

Embracing Jahmus from behind, Carrot smiled brightly over his shoulder at the couple in the tub. “Morning sweeties!”

“Morning Carrot.” They both replied still giggling in unison.

Walking around Jahmus, the naked raccoon fox stepped into the tub. Delanne scooted over towards the lioness making room. “We need a bigger tub.” The wolf fox pointed out with a smile.

Carrot sat down attempting to make room for Jahmus. “I’ll talk to pup-pa and see what he can do.” She offered, and then looked over at Jahmus with a perky smile. “You coming in?”

The man smiled. “If there’s room.” Delanne shied away her eyes uncomfortably as Jahmus took off his towel and squeezed in between the edge of the tub and Carrot.

Noticing Delanne’s posture, the raccoon fox turned and smiled brightly. “Jahmus is very gentle isn’t he Delanne?”

The wolf fox’s eyes widened. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Carrot’s grin widened. “Its okay sweetie…He told me.” Delanne only stared as the raccoon fox continued with a giggle. “Besides, the white streak in your hair is a dead give away.”

“What!?” The wolf fox frantically pawed at her head attempting to find what she couldn’t see or feel.

Ce’Dra sat up looking the two over. “Whoa…You have one too Carrot!”

Carrot happily smiled. “I know, I kind of like it.”

Delanne shot up out of the tub looking her self over in the mirror. “What happened?” She asked as her fingers ran through the thick white stripe. “My hair is all one color now, except for this streak.”

Jahmus tried to be cheerful. “Dark grey is a good look for you love…I really like it.”

The wolf fox studied the color of her hair comparing it to her face and body. “You do?” She asked Jahmus with hopefulness.

The man nodded. “It textures really well against the light grey of your fur.”

Carrot interrupted with a giggle. “Very sexy Delanne…Grrrreow.”

Delanne blushed as everyone laughed and then a thought widened her eyes. “Mom has a white streak!”

Ce’Dra gleamed playfully. “So does Aunt Lani…Kind of Kinky huh?”

Delanne’s jaw fell open as everyone laughed once again and then she shyly blushed. “I guess so.”

The raccoon fox continued laughing as she addressed the lioness. “How about it Ce’Dra…We can all style together.”

Ce’Dra blushed looking down into the water. “Uh…No offence Jahmus…But I’m happy with Delanne.”

The man chuckled. “None taken Miss Ce’Dra…I’m content with the current arrangements.”

Nestling into Jahmus, Carrot merrily admitted her feelings. “I’m happy too.”

Retaking her seat, Delanne smiled leaning back into Ce’Dra’s arms. “Do you think the elders would allow such a bonding between couples?”

Everyone stared at her with curiosity and wonder. Carrot happened to speak first. “Are you proposing Delanne?”

The wolf fox nervously blushed teething her bottom lip. “It was just a question.”

Ce’Dra squeezed Delanne with a sparkling smile. “I’ll bond with you sweetie.”

Delanne turned around to face her friend with a nervous grin. “You actually want to bond with me?”

The lioness hugged her closely. “I love you Delanne…My heart is yours.”

The wolf fox pulled away slowly. “But what about Jahmus sweetie…I love him too.”

Jahmus very politely interrupted with a sincere smile. “I would respect your bonding as I would any marriage.”

To their surprise, the lioness was laughing. “I don’t care Delanne…As I said before; as long as you love me I don’t mind…I know you love Jahmus.”

Delanne swallowed becoming serious but gentle. “But bonding is a commitment…It would be broken if I were to be with Jahmus.”

Everyone knew that truth and sat silently until Carrot offered an idea. “There’s the ancient ritual of the spirit bond.”

The lioness and wolf fox stared in a way that perked Jahmus’s attention. “What’s a spirit bond?”

Delanne swallowed still full of surprise. “It’s a ritual that is only known by the blade dancers and is strictly forbidden except in rare circumstances when two or more of the blade dancers share some unknown power between them.”

Ce’Dra let go of Delanne and continued the explanation. “Only a blade dancer can perform the bonding and its secrets are never performed among us.”

Carrot was amazed at their understanding and knowledge of the ancients. “How do you know so much?”

Delanne scooted back towards Ce’Dra feeling ashamed. “We accidentally stumbled onto your manuals when your sword fell from the closet.”

The raccoon fox’s eyes widened as Ce’Dra quickly added. “We put it all back and we swear we won’t tell anyone.”

Carrot was completely dumbfounded. “What…What else do you know?”

“That’s all Carrot…Honest.” Delanne admitted truthfully. “The ritual book fell open and we were curious, but we left the others alone.”

“Wait a minute.” Jahmus interrupted. “If what their saying is true Carrot…That means that you are one of these blade dancers and what I was feeling last night was some sort of bond?”

The raccoon fox slowly nodded. “We are connected Jahmus…In a way that I can’t explain…Destiny brought us together but our love created the bond.” She lowered head shamefully. “I’m not supposed to say anything, but you and Delanne also share a bond that can never be broken.”

Ce’Dra’s eyes widened. “Delanne’s been chosen!?”

Carrot nodded. “She has the power, but lacks control…No offence Delanne…But the others believe you’re too emotional to wield such energy…At least for now.”

Delanne reached out caressing the raccoon fox’s cheek with a loving smile. “You’ve been training and testing me all this time haven’t you?”

“Yes.” Carrot nodded. “But I wasn’t expecting the bond between us…It was unforeseen and I fell into it without control.”

Delanne began to see a light she never knew existed. “You mean love?”

The raccoon fox nodded slowly. “It was a mistake on my part and now we share a connection that cannot be undone.” She then turned to face Jahmus with an apologetic look. “In a way I’ve trapped you Jahmus and I’m sorry.”

“Love is a free spirit my darling Carrot.” Jahmus informed her with a caring smile. “My surrender to it was mine alone to give.”

The man’s charm brought a warm smile to the raccoon fox’s face. “I love you Jahmus.”

They kissed warmly as Delanne watched with a relieved joyful smile. “Can you perform such a ritual?”

Carrot ended her embrace turning around with a gentle seriousness. “Yes I can…But if I were to do so, we would become Todd’s.”

Ce’Dra swallowed. “You mean we could never love outside of the bond?”

The raccoon fox nodded. “Somewhat yes…We would become life mates.”

“Even in death…The love endures.” Jahmus spoke softly.

There was an eerie silence until Delanne spoke. “I think I’m beginning to feel this power Carrot…And it frightens me.”

Carrot smiled showing support. “Don’t be afraid sweetie…Embrace it with your love and respect it.”

Delanne closed her eyes and felt the warmth of her friends that surrounded her. Opening her eyes, she looked upon Carrot with question. “You and I share blood.”

The raccoon fox shed a tear as she nodded. “A little yes…Lola…My mother…Was second cousin to Aunt Lani and Alana.”

Jahmus chuckled. “That explains the likeness between you two.”

Ce’Dra giggled. “I’m glad you’re not sisters…Ewe.” She shuddered playfully.

They all laughed as Jahmus took hold of Carrot’s paw. “Will the pretty raccoon and wolf fox bond with their platypus?”

Carrot blushed leaning back against him. “Are you proposing to us…My howling lover?”

Wrapping his arms around her, Jahmus kissed the side of her face and then smiled lovingly over at Delanne. “Yes I am my dear loves…Should I howl to make it official?”

Delanne looked upon the man with an adoring admiration of love as Carrot tilted her head back smiling and answered. “No…But there is something you can do for me?”

Holding the raccoon fox closer he smiled lovingly and replied. “Anything my love…Name it.”

There was an odd sound of something falling onto the floor as Carrot’s smile turned into a mischievous grin. “I dropped the soap.”


The trio and Jahmus wore content smiles as they made their way down the main strip of the village. The spiritual bond that was now between them brought feelings of pure happiness upon their hearts. It was time for Jahmus to meet the council under Jayco’s and Luki’s request. Making their way to Luki’s house arm in arm, they spotted Malu walking towards them carrying an arm full of fire wood. The group smiled brightly and silently at the one eyed fox as their paths crossed. Malu’s eye widened as he caught sight of them and tripped over his own feet. The cargo he carried bounced and rolled about escaping his grasp as he fell to the ground.

The group laughed as Delanne leaned in closely. “I think he noticed.”

Merrily, they approached Delanne’s old home and knocked on the door as they giggled quietly. To their surprise it was Red who opened the door and he stood there completely silent with widened eyes.

“Morning Pup-pa.” Carrot greeted him with a giggle.

The white raccoon blinked. “Uh…Morning.”

Delanne also giggled running a paw through her white streak. “You like?”

Red continued to stare as he stepped to the side. “Come in.”

Puzzled at his response, the group entered the house only to find their parents staring at them from the table.

Carrot’s smile slowly faded. “What’s wrong?”

Lani swallowed nervously. “So it’s true…You’re bonded?”

“You know?” Delanne asked carefully.

The family nodded as Alana answered her. “All the blade dancers know…We felt it…But didn’t believe it.”

Red silently walked over to the table and turned to face the young family. “Do you even realize the unbalance you have created?”

The group remained silent, however Carrot’s eyes widened. “Ce’Dra!”

Once again the family nodded as the lioness nervously asked. “What did I do?”

“Nothing at all sweetie.” Lani comforted her with a smile. “It’s just that you’re not chosen.”

Ce’Dra defended herself. “Neither is Jahmus!”

Alana reminded them of past events. “Delanne’s blood flows through his veins.”

“My eyes.” Jahmus admitted as the family nodded yet again.

Carrot shared an idea. “Could Ce’Dra share blood with one of us?”

Jayco shook his head. “It’s not that simple…Delanne’s action was of the heart for a noble cause.”

“Are we in trouble?” Delanne interrupted.

Luki stood from his seat smiling contently. “No…Your bonding has been accepted because it is pure…A little premature, but noble none the less.”

Springing up from her seat, Lani ran over and embraced the young family. “We just wanted to make sure you understood the commitment of the bond.”

The family old and young embraced one another with hugs and smiles as Red changed the subject with a chuckle. “The new look is beautiful on you girls…Compliments of young James I presume?”

Jahmus adjusted his collar as the girls blushed. After a moment, Carrot asked an interesting question. “Will Jahmus change now?”

The parents looked over at each other then back at the bonded group. Alana quietly answered their concern. “Mating with you won’t change who he is…If he wants to change, we can help him…But you must understand Jahmus…That there’s no going back.”

The man nodded with full understanding. “I love them beyond words…I want to change…If you’ll accept me?”

The door behind the trio shut as Malu stepped in front of his son. “Are you sure son?” He asked full of concern. “Nothing would make me prouder…But you have your whole life ahead of you.”

Jahmus smiled placing a hand upon his father’s shoulder. “They are my life…They are the foundation of my existence…I wish only to be with them.”

Carrot and Delanne embraced him warmly with admiration as Luki smiled with a content nod. “Very well Jahmus…We will welcome you openly.”

“What will he become?” Delanne asked curiously.

Malu smiled happily. “Only his heart knows the answer…We will know when it happens.”

“I’m hoping for fox.” Carrot admitted excitedly. “He’d fit right in.”

Ce’Dra giggled. “Careful what you wish for sweetie…He could be a skunk.”

“As long as I aint a platypus, I’ll be happy.” Jahmus remarked causing the trio to giggle.

Malu raised an eyebrow. “Platypus?”

The trio giggled some more as Jahmus waved it off. “Nothing dad…Just a joke.”

Alana interrupted with a reminder. “We will discuss your outcome later…The council is waiting for you.”

“That should be interesting.” Red commented with a chuckle. “It’s a shame I’ll miss it.”

Luki walked over putting an arm around Jahmus. “Come young James…It is time.”

Kissing the girls’ farewell and a hug to Ce’Dra, Jahmus was led out the door by Jayco and Luki.


    Carrot was overwhelmingly happy as she gathered flowers along a trail near the beach. The family was excited for the group over their children’s' bonding and were planning yet another private party in their honor. There was to be music and dancing, which the raccoon fox was looking forward too. Dancing close within Jahmus’s arms just might break the rotten luck she has of having two left feet. Alana was preparing a huge feast mostly of desserts and sweets. Malu and Red chose to make gifts using their talents while the trio marveled of decorating with lots of flowers, ribbons and candles. Candles were Ce’Dra’s specialty; she was superb in the arts of craft and immediately began making scents. Delanne chose to make ribbons, which left Carrot with the task of gathering the flowers. Taking it to full advantage, she took her time picking only the ones that reminded her of family and her loved ones. A blue flower with a white center for Jahmus. For Delanne she gathered lavender and for the lioness a gold colored flower with a yellow center. Watching a black and yellow butterfly flutter about, Carrot smiled at the joy she felt and began humming a cheerful song. Spotting another blue flower with a white center, she kneeled down and plucked it from the ground. Bringing the beautiful flower up to her nose, she smelled its aroma which widened her smile…Then suddenly…Everything went black.


    The untidy skunk looked over the council of elders with an expression of disgust, he hated being the chairman. Under normal circumstances each member held the seat but once a year, however as luck would have it, his rotation saw three. The first being an historic event with the creation of an impure tribe followed by an emergency meeting of the fire a day later. Now…Now the next day he finds himself here once again with the unpleasant honor of meeting a human that he honestly could care less about.

Shaking his head, he brought the gavel down onto the bench and addressed the members. “I would like to begin by first apologizing to you all for the inconvenient short notice and to thank you all for your presence.”

Setting the gavel on the rock beside him, he slowly stood and entered the center of the circle. “Almost three centuries have passed since this council has openly welcomed a human among the tribes.”

Untwisting his belt, the untidy skunk began to pace around the inner rim looking at each member as he passed. “Today…Jayco and Luki from the impure tribe…Once again I remind you…Ask humbly for the acceptance of Martin’s son James to be openly welcomed among us.”

The members began to stir as the skunk motioned with a paw to remain silent. “It has been said that young James…Known as Jahmus…Has already won the heart of not one…But two of our children and has improperly bonded without consent of this council.”

Chatter began to fill the circle as the untidy skunk once again calmly motioned for silence. “Needless to say…Not only have they shared in the release and have become spiritually bonded…But it is believed that the son of Malu has been chosen.”

Grodi stood from his rock firing out in anger. “Impossible…No human has the power!”

Jayco calmly stood to address the dark grey wolf. “You felt the bonding between them Grodi…There’s no sense in denying nature’s calling.” The lion smiled with a know it all smirk. “He also defeated a blade dancer in combat which is rare and unheard of.”

Grodi snarled under his breath as the untidy skunk agreed. “Yes…And lucky for us it went unseen.”

Making his way around the circle he stopped in front of Jayco and Luki with a watchful eye on Jahmus who sat between them silently. “I have been told you wish to become one of us?”

Standing to his feet, Jahmus nervously stood at attention. “Yes Sir…Father Luki and Father Jayco have explained the difficulties and the consequences of the procedure.” The skunk nodded as Jahmus shifted to a parade rest. “Permission to speak freely your honor?”

The untidy skunk smiled with a slight chuckle. “You have been recognized young Jahmus…You may speak freely as you wish.”

Nodding in compliance, the young man showed a relieved smile before he spoke. “I know my first impression upon this council is one of doubt and dishonor due to the actions I have fulfilled in following my heart…And although I can not justify my feelings in words…I assure you my love for Delanne and Carrot is pure.”

Placing a paw onto the man’s shoulder, the skunk smiled. “The only dishonor in love Jahmus…Is to ignore it blindly.”

Jahmus exchanged paws with the skunk and received a surprised hug. “You are of age Jahmus…Continue to grow.” Smiling cheerfully at the humans puzzled expression, the untidy skunk added. “Walk the circle and be recognized…When you are done…We shall talk of how we are able to transform you…And why we have the ability to do so.”


    Carrot’s head was throbbing as she painfully opened her eyes only to quickly shut them again in agony as she whimpered holding the back of her head. Something touched her on the shoulder causing the poor raccoon fox to panic as her feet struggled to push her body across the floor.

“Easy.” A soft sounding voice echoed into Carrot’s ears. “You took a pretty nasty blow to the head.”

Chancing the softness of the voice as being friendly, Carrot opened her eyes as she attempted to sit up. All she saw was a blurred image of a figure reaching out to assist her in the dim lighted cell. Allowing the stranger to help, the raccoon fox took a moment for her eyes to adjust and come into focus. The form of a woman began to take shape, a human woman if Carrot’s assumptions were true. She was very pretty despite the ragged torn clothes she wore. Her skin was a light tan colored brown and she had long thin black hair that the raccoon fox guessed would be shiny if it had been washed. The lady was smiling at her with a careful caution.

“Who are you?” Carrot finally asked managing to safely sit up against the wall.

“My names Kimberly.” The woman answered gently. “Are you alright?”

“I think so.” The raccoon fox admitted not wanting to nod her head. “I’m Carrot.”

Sitting down beside the raccoon fox, Kimberly offered a friendly smile. “I’m glad you’re alright.”

Carrot returned the lady’s smile and asked curiously. “Are you Jahmus’s Kimberly?”

The woman looked at her with confusion, then her green eyes suddenly widened. “James is alive?” The raccoon fox nodded slowly as the woman’s expression changed to concern with disbelief. “Wait…How do I know you’re telling the truth?”

Taking a moment, Carrot thought carefully. “He surrendered his heart.”

Kimberly closed her eyes and sighed with relief. “He is alive.”

Carrot slightly nodded. “He speaks very highly of you…And misses you.”

Putting a hand on her hip, the woman gave Carrot a questionable look. “Oh…Missed me enough to find love huh.” She joked sarcastically with a smile. “Who’s the girl?”

Teething her bottom lip, Carrot shied away her eyes as an unfamiliar sound brought their attention upwards. A man wearing a green and white uniform similar to Jahmus’s had opened the barred door and entered the cell accompanied by two others. “The Captain requests your company.”

Kimberly spat onto the guard’s boot just before he grabbed her by the hair. Carrot attempted to stand to help the struggling woman but was hit in the stomach by the butt of a musket and fell to the ground coughing. The raccoon fox watched helplessly as the guards in green dragged the poor woman out into the hallway and up a flight of stairs. Curling up into a ball...Carrot silently wept.


   “You know something Ce’Dra?” Delanne inquired to the lioness as she finished tying a blue ribbon into a bow on the lamp post. “I don’t know what Jahmus’s favorite color is.”

Rolling a red sheet of bees wax into a cylindrical shape, the lioness smiled. “I don’t think it matters sweetie…I’m sure he’ll love the turquoise robe just fine.”

Returning the smile, the wolf fox handed Ce’Dra a small bottle of lavender oil. “Do you think the red trim on the fold and belt is a bit much?”

Ce’Dra poured a few drops of the oil onto the end of the sheet before securing the candle shut. “No…It’ll remind him of you and Carrot…He’ll love it.”

Delanne sighed. “I hope so.”

“The place looks fantastic girls, I’m impressed!” Malu interrupted with a cheerful smile.

Red was standing next to him holding a long cloth wrapped gift which sparked Delanne’s curiosity. “What’s that uncle Red?”

The albino raccoon smiled. “A gift for Jahmus…I saw the robe you made, it’ll look good on him.”

Delanne blushed as Ce’Dra rolled up a yellow candle. “I wish Carrot would hurry back with the flowers…I want to add some of them to the candles.”

Red chuckled. “You know her, she’s a day dreamer…It’ll probably take her most of the day.”

Malu sat down on the table top looking over the lioness’s head at Delanne. “Has James returned yet?”

The wolf fox shook her head. “No.” Delanne then lowered her head worried in thought. “Uncle Malu?” She asked with concern. “When Jahmus becomes one of us…Will he still be the man I love?”

Hopping down from the table, the one eyed fox put a loving arm around her. “Lani felt much the same way sweetie when I made the change…I was overwhelmingly happy and excited with my new appearance…However Lani was uncomfortable…It was difficult I’ll admit…It took time for her to accept the new me…She…”

“I was afraid.” Lani interrupted with a caring smile. “My fear only allowed me to see an unknown fox that resembled the human I loved so dearly.”

The vixen wrapped her arms around Malu, nestling into his shoulder as she continued to smile at her niece. “In the end I realized he was still the man I adored.”

Delanne smiled contently at the happy couple. “I’m just nervous of what he’ll be…I try imagining him as a fox or a wolf and I can’t see it…I mean…What if he becomes a squirrel or something and I don’t like what he becomes?”

Lani released her hold of Malu and held the wolf fox in her arms. “You’ll love him sweetie…No matter what breed he becomes…I promise.”

Delanne squeezed her tightly as the vixen carefully added. “He’ll need your love and support…The transformation is difficult to adjust to.”

Looking up into her aunt’s eyes, the wolf fox asked nervously. “What do you mean?”

Red walked over chuckling as he answered for Lani. “Mostly his tail…Malu here always kept sitting on it and slamming it into things causing a ruckus.”

“Hey!” Malu defended himself. “It’s got a mind of its own until you learn to control it.”

They all laughed as Lani began petting Delanne’s hair. “The tail is one of the major concerns…It controls our balance and shows off our affections…He’ll have trouble walking at first and at times he may appear angry but he’s actually happy.”

“He’ll be sore from head to toe as well.” Malu added. “His bones will be begin restructuring themselves which is painful…His skin will also adjust to the transformation…He will either want to be rubbed and petted or left alone because the faintest touch burns.”

Delanne looked at him while teething her bottom lip in dismay. “How long will he suffer?”

Malu smiled. “The process only takes a few hours…With luck, he might be changed already.”

The wolf fox lowered her head shedding a tear. “I wish I could have been with him.”

Ce’Dra, Lani, and Malu embraced her as a familiar soft voice spoke out from behind them. “Sorry my love…I didn’t want you to see me suffer.”

Everyone turned with widened eyes. Jahmus was completely covered with a long hooded cloak and he had his paws tucked into the opposite sleeves so none of him was exposed. Jayco and Luki stood on either side of him smiling happily.

Delanne cried joyfully flinging herself around him with a loving hug. Jahmus however did not return the gesture. Sadly, Delanne took a couple of steps back looking into the huge hood. All she could see was a black nose and the tip of a white muzzle. Worried for him, she cautiously asked. “What’s wrong Jahmus?”

“I’m nervous.” Jahmus admitted remaining motionless. “I’m not pure and I don’t know if you’ll like what I’ve become.”

To everyone’s surprise, Delanne began to cry happily. “I love you silly.” Once again, the wolf fox flung herself around Jahmus and this time he returned the hug with joy.

Slowly, Jahmus separated from her and took a step back. The group could now see his exposed paws. The top half of his fingers and thumbs were white while the rest of his paws were a light sandy colored brown leading halfway up his forearm to a fine point. The underside of his forearm was white leading down to a fine point where his wrist met the palm of his paw. They watched with interest as Jahmus untied his cloak and slowly removed it from his body revealing his new form.

They all stared, both in awe and in wonder. Jahmus was a wolf, but mixed with fox and raccoon. His fur was a couple of shades lighter than the sand colored paws. The color covered most of his body except in a few places which were white. His feet, ankles and shin matched his paws and forearms while his chest was white from both clavicles ending in a fine point just below his belly button. They also noticed that his chin, neck and muzzle were also white except for the sandy color like his paws that covered the top portion of his muzzle working its way up forming a raccoon style mask around his eyes. He had fox ears that matched the color of his mask with white tips. The tail was also that of a fox which was the color of his body with raccoon rings matching his mask and a sporty white tip.

The group stared in awe causing Jahmus to feel uncomfortable. His shoulders slowly crept up and he began to turn to walk away only to be held at bay Luki who turned the wolf raccoon around to face his family.

Smiling contently and in a proud voice, Luki comforted him. “It’s alright Jahmus…They like it.”

Worried and nervous, Jahmus looked up at his family who were now smiling with joy.

Delanne took a step forward looking the wolf raccoon over. “You’re beautiful Jahmus…More so than I can put into words.”

Ce’Dra nodded in agreement and added with a soft voice while blushing. “Delanne’s right…If we were optionals; I think would give you a flower.”

Jahmus smiled as Malu began to chuckle. “Coming from you Ce’Dra…That’s quite a compliment.” The one eyed fox looked the wolf raccoon over. “A timber wolf…Interesting.” He looked over at Lani then back at Jahmus. “Lani’s got some explaining to do.”

Everyone laughed as they each gave Jahmus welcoming hugs and kisses.

Delanne remained on his side nestling into him as Lani smiled at the couple contently. “You are beautiful Jahmus…I hope you are pleased with the transformation?”

Delanne noticed that Jahmus’s tail was whipping back and forth as if he was upset, but he was smiling cheerfully.

“I am.” Jahmus assured her with a quick nod. “It’s one of the exciting events of my life…Exploration has always intrigued my heart…I now have the opportunity most could never discover…The exploration of oneself.”

Jayco boasted out with a massive chuckle. “Well said young Jahmus…You truly have the heart and soul of a blade dancer.”

Ce’Dra began giggling as she studied Jahmus’s new form. “He may have the heart and soul of a blade dancer…But he’s got the body of a lover.”

Delanne’s eyes widened as she looked down. Jahmus on the other hand turned a bright red and quickly covered himself with his paws as Lani and Ce’Dra blushed from observing the wolf raccoon’s private happiness. Red and Malu laughed amongst themselves as Delanne reached over to the table grabbing a blue cloth wrapped gift. Tearing the package apart, she shook out the folded robe she had made for him and quickly helped Jahmus into it. Still blushing from the exposed embarrassment only Carrot and Delanne knew of him, Jahmus smiled awkwardly as the lioness approached him.

Gently caressing the wolf raccoon’s cheek, Ce’Dra smiled playfully. “Not bad Jahmus.” Giving him a sweet wink of an eye, the lioness walked on as she announced to everyone. “I need more oil for the candles…I’ll be back shortly.”

Waiting until the lioness was out of earshot, Jahmus leaned in close to Delanne. “Some how, I don’t think she was referring to the nice robe you gave me.”

The wolf fox giggled. “I think she fancies you…She always had a thing for wolves.”

Jahmus raised a questioning eyebrow but then changed the subject. “Where’s Carrot?”

“Gathering flowers.” Lani answered with a smile.

The wolf raccoon returned the smile. “Would you mind if we went to look for her…I want to surprise her?”

“Go right ahead Jahmus…Enjoy your day.” The vixen answered with a blushing smile as her thoughts got the better of her.

Holding paws, Delanne and Jahmus ventured off to find their mate.
~Jahmus~ The Jedi Fur

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