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Chapter Eight of the Blade Dance
« on: May 10, 2004, 02:30:56 pm »
Enjoy chapter eight! I will post the other three chapters later after those that are interested read these.

Again, any and all comments good or bad are welcomed!

Blade Dance

A story by


© 2004 by Jim Wilson. All rights reserved. Story content and Characters herein are fictitious, any resemblance to any person living or dead or any actual event is coincidental. Characters Delanne, Luki, Malu, Alana, Raul, Kekona, Lani, James Terra Flastif, Kimberly Burr, Mister Thomas, or any other character other than specified. © Jim Wilson. Character Ce’Dra © Bobbie Wilson. Character Shoshana © Mellina Lathe-Steindler. Character Fixer © Robert Steindler.



The aroma of Aunt Lani’s cooking filled Delanne’s nose as she led Jahmus down the hallway into the kitchen. Everyone was sitting down at the table. Their eyes fixed with smiles at the new guest as they each welcomed them with good mornings. Lani was standing over by the counter grabbing a couple of plates and placed them next to each other on the extended round table.

“I am pleased to see you are well enough to join us James.” Lani stated happily.

Jahmus bowed his head respectively. “Thank you Madam, the pleasure is all mine.”

Ce’Dra seemed to be in better spirits of the human as she let out a soft giggle. “Madam Lani?” The unknown word sparking Ce’Dra’s interest.

Malu began laughing as he leaned closer to the lioness. “Madam is a word that addresses and respects one who is bonded or a parent.”

“Oh.” Ce’Dra giggled. However, she fell silent as Delanne sat Jahmus down between her and Ce’Dra.

Jahmus noticed the lioness’s silence. “Lady Ce’Dra…If my presence bothers you I will gladly take a different seat.”

Ce’Dra looked over at Delanne who was giving her a worried expression then turned her head to face the human. “No, its okay…It’s just…I don’t know you.”

Jahmus gave her a smile as he politely answered. “I admire your courage young lioness, it shows promise.”

Delanne smiled as Ce’Dra began to blush.

“Good Morning!” The cheerful sounds of Delanne’s parents announced as they entered the kitchen. Jahmus turned his head towards the direction of the voices as Delanne sprang out of her seat to greet them.

“Mumma…Pup-Pa!” Hugging each of them in turn. “I want you to meet Jahmus, he’s so sweet.” Excitement in her voice as she dragged them over to where Jahmus was sitting. The man stood at the mention of his name and bowed respectfully in their direction.

“It is a pleasure Sir…Madam.”  Extending a hand in friendship.

Delanne was fascinated at the discovery of her father knowing the customs of the human as Luki shook his hand sternly. “Captain…It is a pleasure…Martin was a dear friend, our home is yours.”

Jahmus shook his paw a second time. “Thank you Sir…I hope to know you all as my father did.”

Alana smiled happily as she wrapped her arms around the startled human. “It is good to see you up and well.”

Jahmus began to blush a little as he stepped back. “I am thankful for your hospitality; you are all very kind…thank you.”

Standing next to her new friend, Delanne introduced her parents. “That was Ah-lawn-ah my mother, she is Aunt Lani’s twin sister…Lew-kai is my father, as you know, he is wolf.” A pleasant smile of happiness filling her face as Jahmus smiled with a chuckle.

“That explains the familiarity of the embrace, I was beginning to wonder.” He laughed.

Luki smiled at the friendly expressions of the human. “I am glad our appearances do not bother you.”

Nodding in agreement Jahmus admitted his truth. “As am I…I have your daughter to thank for that…her kindness allowed me to see what my eyes cannot.”

The conversations delighted Delanne, as she joined the chat. “Thanks to Mumma, you should be able to see again within a couple of days.”

“It was you that saved the young mans eyes sweetie, I only put on fresh bandages.” Alana interrupted.

Delanne blushed. “Mumma.”

Aunt Lani broke into the conversation. “Come on everyone sit down before the food gets cold.”

Everyone was in cheerful spirits as the table was now full with family.

“Jahmus?” Lani called from across the table. “Would you like juice or water…There is pineapple, orange, grape, and strawberry.”

“Pineapple if you would be so kind Madam.” He answered politely.

Filling a mug with the pitcher on the table she handed the full mug to him as her face began to blush. “Just call me Lani…or Aunt Lani if you like.”

Malu was chuckling next to her. “Madam Lani.” His chuckle turning into a laugh. “I remember when you were once my lady Delanne.”

Jahmus raised an eyebrow in interest. “Delanne?” He asked curiously. “Were you named after your Aunt?”

“Yes.” Alana answered. “My sister was second born as Delanne was, and we adored the name…To keep confusion from the two, Malu gave Delanne the nick name of Lani.”

Jahmus looked in wonder at Delanne. “You have a twin sister?”

“Maternal twin.” She answered honestly. “Kay-cone-ah is all wolf, only the color of our eyes and hair give us away.” There was a level of sadness in her voice.

Jahmus smiled. “Well, if her beauty shines as yours does, it would be a pleasure to meet her.”

Everyone’s eyes fell upon Delanne with curiosity of her expression as she began teething her bottom lip. The comment made her blush with embarrassment; however it was strange to her how Jahmus understood her so well. She was beginning to fancy the human even more as her eyes were fixed upon him.

Luki saw this and decided to save his daughter before everyone’s minds began to speculate at the scene they were seeing. “Your classes begin today…Have you two decided what path you will follow?”

Ce’Dra took her eyes off Delanne’s necklace to acknowledge Luki’s question. “I haven’t really decided Father Luki…I’m still stuck between being a singer or a musician.”

Luki smiled. “Well, you have a whole cycle to decide, there’s no reason why you can’t partake in both lessons to help you choose a path you will enjoy more.”

“Thank you.” She answered as her gaze returned to Delanne who was still staring at Jahmus lost in thought, as if she were dreaming.

“Delanne?” Luki called out for her answer. Still lost in a trance, she didn’t hear him.

Patiently with a smile Luki called her again. “Delanne?” There was still no answer.

Malu began to chuckle as he grabbed a small piece of egg from his plate and tossed it at Delanne hitting her in the shoulder. “Hey!” He called out which finally got her attention.

“Huh…What?” Delanne asked in confusion as she looked around the table. Everyone was giggling and laughing, except for Ce’Dra who was looking rather sad. “What did I miss?”

“Nothing sweetie.” Lani answered with a giggle. “We were just wondering what path you would choose.”

“Oh.” The word escaping her slowly as she realized what had actually transpired.

Malu lowered his laughter as he made a proud statement. “I believe our young wolf fox plans on being a dancer; she is very good from what I have seen.”

An embarrassing look formed on her face. “You’ve seen me?”

Malu was smiling with pride. “Ever since you were old enough to walk, you would mimic the dancers from behind the music pit…It was adorable to watch, I’ll bet you’ll become a gold belt in nothing flat.”

Delanne began to blush as Jahmus inquired on the subject. “Are you all performers?”

Malu opened his mouth to answer but Luki waved him off with a paw and spoke first. “Not exactly…perhaps in time we will discuss it further.”

“Pup-Pa…That was rude, Jahmus follows the cycle of the moon as we do, see.” Delanne held up the pendant from her neck as Malu and Lani stared at the familiar object.

Luki politely smiled at his daughter and then apologized to Jahmus. “I meant no disrespect Captain…Its just time for the girls to go to their first class.”

“But what about Jahmus?” Delanne complained. “He needs me to look after him.”

“I’ll be here all day if he needs anything.” Alana broke in. “You’ll have plenty of time to visit with your friend when your classes are done.”

Jahmus began chuckling. “I assure you all; I am quite capable of caring for myself…I look forward to hearing all about your class when you ladies return.”

Lani was smiling to herself. It amused her how much Delanne fancied the young man. “Alright young ladies.” She teased them. “Go get ready or you’ll miss Malu’s first lesson.”

Malu had just put a spoonful of oatmeal in his mouth when his ears perked up. His voice attempting to break through his full mouth. “Ohf Yah...Efkoose me.” He got up and left the table.

Delanne and Ce’Dra silently headed into the bedroom to get ready.


The room was dreadfully quiet as Delanne began combing her tail. The thought of leaving Jahmus saddened her spirits, though she was looking forward to the class. Glancing over at Ce’Dra, she noticed the lioness seemed to be rather distant as well. She was quietly changing into her red robe in the corner; it was unlike Ce’Dra to be so silent.

“Ce’Dra?” Delanne asked softly. “You’ve been quiet all morning…Does Jahmus still frighten you?”

Not looking at her friend Ce’Dra tightened her red belt answering in a soft saddened tone. “No…He’s nice, like you said.”

Delanne could tell something was disturbing the lioness. “What’s wrong sweetie?”

“Don’t call me sweetie.” The lioness half snapped in whispered tears.

“Ce’Dra?” Delanne asked worriedly. “What’s wrong?”

The lioness turned revealing the few tears that began to run down her face as she headed for the door. “I’ve got to go…I’ll see you there.”

Delanne’s eyes followed Ce’Dra as she scurried through the curtain almost colliding with Malu who managed to step aside just in time.

“What’s going on?” He asked curiously.

Shaking her head in disbelief, she wasn’t sure what was going on. “I don’t know…she wouldn’t tell me.”

Malu nodded with a slight smile as his eye studied the pendant Delanne was wearing. “I think I know…I’ll talk to her about it.”

Puzzled that Malu knew she asked with concern. “What is it Uncle Malu?”

Smiling, he wrapped his arm around his niece and began to lead her out of the room. “It is not my place to tell you, Ce’Dra will come around sweetie, just give her time.”

The answer only concerned Delanne more as they inched their way down the hall towards the kitchen. “Is it something I did?”

Squeezing her closer in his arm he smiled with his answer. “No sweetie…It’s something that Ce’Dra didn’t do that upsets her.”

Now she was really confused of her friend’s trouble. “What do you mean?”

Stopping he looked into her eyes and smiled. “It’s not my place to say…Now go say good bye to everyone, we have a class that is waiting for us.”

Following Malu into the kitchen, she noticed that Ce’Dra was no where in sight and Jahmus was finishing his meal with her parents. Aunt Lani had departed already as well, as she was teaching her own class within a couple of hours. Seeing her new friend openly talking with her family brought a strange realization to her heart that she was actually beginning to have feelings for the stranger, she couldn’t explain or rationalize the concept in her head but she was overwhelmed with his kindness towards her and his charming politeness. Excitedly, she bounced her way over to the blind man, pecking him on the cheek with a quick kiss.

“I’ll see you after class Jahmus.” Her voice full of enthusiasm as she skipped out the door humming to herself.

Jahmus sat his spoon down onto the table and looked up questionably. “What was that all about?”

Alana giggled. “I believe my daughter fancies you.”

“I beg your pardon?” Jahmus asked. It was the last thing Malu heard as he stepped outside, it was going to be a long day.
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Chapter Eight of the Blade Dance
« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2004, 05:43:53 pm »
And I enjoyed it very much. Quite the situation that is happening towards the end of the chapter. Looking forward to reading more. '<img'>

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Chapter Eight of the Blade Dance
« Reply #2 on: May 10, 2004, 07:39:27 pm »
Ha Ha! I am so glad you are so interested! Wait until chapter nine which I will post now! I've added an interesting character to the story named Carrot. Plus, Malu and Lani some what reveal a hidden secret they have yet to tell Delanne.
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Chapter Eight of the Blade Dance
« Reply #3 on: May 10, 2004, 09:08:25 pm »
Cool. I'm on a break from writing myself so I'll check it out. This sounds good. '<img'>