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Chapter Eleven of Blade Dance
« on: July 28, 2004, 07:13:37 am »
Blade Dance

A story by


© 2004 by Jim Wilson. All rights reserved. Story content and Characters herein are fictitious, any resemblance to any person living or dead or any actual event is coincidental. All images and material strictly copy righted to respected artists. Characters Delanne, Luki, Malu, Alana, Raul, Kekona, Lani, James Terra Flastif, Mister Thomas, or any other character other than specified. © Jim Wilson. Character Ce’Dra © Bobbie Wilson. Character Shoshana © Mellina Lathe-Steindler. Character Fixer © Robert Steindler.



The experience of Malu’s class, the recognition and the interesting symbolization gave the pack of sisters reason to feel overwhelmingly special as they made their way back to the village for lunch.

“I can’t wait to show Jahmus the earrings!” Delanne boasted out excitedly. “How do they look?”

Ce’Dra smiled with enthusiasm as she studied Delanne’s newly pierced ear. “You look adorable, I like how you have the silver ring sitting above the gold one.” Reaching out she lightly touched the tip of her friend’s ear. “I really like the silver one on the tip.”

“I love the two purple ones you got.” Delanne answered in compliment to her friend. “They blend well with your tattoo.” She began to giggle as she put an arm around the lioness.

Ce’Dra copied the wolf fox’s motion as she leaned her head onto Delanne’s shoulder. “I can’t believe we are finally of age now.” Ce’Dra announced softly as she nestled her muzzle into Delanne’s neck kissing it lightly.

Delanne giggled some more as she began to blush from the lioness’s affection. “You give me goose bumps when you do that.”

“Mmmmm.” Ce’Dra purred softly as she nestled deeper into the long grey fur of Delanne’s neck. “I enjoyed that kiss you gave me…I’m still melting from it.”

Delanne laughed. “I don’t know what came over me, I just acted on pure impulse.”

Carrot slowed her pace, allowing the couple to stride along side her, as an apologetic look formed on her face. “I’m sorry I kissed you Delanne…I wouldn’t have done so if I knew you were with Ce’Dra.”

Delanne and Ce’Dra stopped in their tracks, letting go of each other as they both stared at the raccoon that was now looking at the ground shamefully.

“I never said I was with Ce’Dra.” Delanne defended herself with a gentle voice. “She’s my friend.”

Ce’Dra for some reason was in a playful mood and began giggling. “I don’t mind if you kiss her.” Teasing the raccoon as she wrapped her arms around Delanne and started rubbing noses with her. “As long as you save some for me.”

“Ce’Dra.” Delanne whined pulling her head back from Ce’Dra’s reach. “I’m trying to talk to Carrot.”

Ignoring Delanne’s protest, Ce’Dra turned around and smiled at the raccoon. “So why did you kiss her?”

Carrot only continued staring at the ground while Delanne wondered the same thing and moved closer to the embarrassed raccoon and repeated the question curiously. “Carrot… Why did you kiss me?”

“I…” She began to answer still looking at the ground, sliding her foot nervously in the dirt. “I…fancy you.” Carrot managed to force out in a whisper. Slowly she began to back away from them, keeping her voice in an ashamed whisper. “I’ll go now…sorry.”

Stepping in front of the receding raccoon Delanne placed a paw on each of her shoulders as she gazed adoringly into the watering red eyes of her newly found friend. “You fancy me?” Delanne asked with a nervous whisper.

Carrot looked away shaking her head in confirmation. “I think you’re pretty.”

Wrapping her arms around the raccoon, Delanne held her dearly as she admired the statement. “Thank you Carrot.” She gave the raccoon a longing kiss on the cheek. “That means a lot to me.”

“I didn’t offend you?” Carrot asked managing to look into Delanne’s eyes.

Smiling happily at the raccoon, Delanne answered. “No… how can I be offended when someone actually thinks I’m pretty?”

Carrot blushed then returned the hug she had received earlier as Ce’Dra began giggling again. “How cute!”

The couple blushed as Ce’Dra bounded over, throwing her arms around her two friends. “Can we go eat now, I’m starving.”

A now happy giggling Carrot leaned over, giving Ce’Dra a quick kiss on the lips. “You’re as adorable as Delanne.”

Ce’Dra blushed while Delanne teasingly agreed in her own giggling voice. “I think she’s mate-able.”

Carrot covered her muzzle with a paw to drown out her laughter as Ce’Dra’s eyes widened in complete shock.

Delanne was now blushing excessively as she continued to giggle at the lioness who could only continue to stare. “I know you love me Ce’Dra.” The wolf fox began. “That’s the real reason I kissed you earlier.” A gloating smile covering her face. “I love you too.”


Some how, Delanne managed to maintain her balance as the lioness completely wrapped herself around the smiling wolf fox. Ce’Dra’s tail was swinging happily as she held her friend close while tears of joy poured down her face. “I wanted so much to tell you, I tried, but I didn’t know where to begin.”

“I know sweetie.” Returning Ce’Dra’s embrace with as much intensity. “I’m so sorry it took me until this morning to notice, I feel so stupid for not knowing… I can’t imagine what you must have gone through, having me so oblivious to your feelings.”

“Doesn’t matter.” Ce’Dra announced as she rocked Delanne back and forth in her arms. “I love you Delanne…I love you so much.”

Tears of happiness began to fall down Delanne’s face as she rocked along with Ce’Dra. “I love you too silly.”

Carrot was watching them with interest as her eyes began to swell. “You two are going to make me cry.” She sniffled out wiping a tear from her eye.

The happy couple giggled silently while rubbing noses before they turned acknowledging Carrot’s admiration. Ce’Dra held out an arm motioning for Carrot to join them.

Leaping into the open arm of the lioness, Carrot buried herself between the couple crying happily. “I’m so happy I listened to my father and Uncle Malu…I didn’t think I would make any friends.”

Delanne smiled affectionately and kissed Carrot on the cheek. “Welcome to the pack.” She giggled.

Carrot’s smile widened. “Thanks Delanne.”

Ce’Dra kissed her on the cheek as well. “Now can we go and eat?” She giggled out playfully then teased Delanne. “The sooner we get home, the sooner you’ll see Jahmus.”

Delanne blushed at the comment as they began walking towards home again. “I fancy him; he has a way of making me feel special.” She admitted.

Carrot asked curiously. “Is it true what Uncle Malu said, that he’s human?”

Ce’Dra began giggling. “Yes, and he’s Martin’s son…He is rather nice.”

“I can’t wait for you to meet him.” Delanne excitedly told Carrot. “He’s so charming.”

“Was he born here on the island?” Carrot asked.

Ce’Dra smiled. “No, Delanne found him lying on the beach yesterday.”

Carrot’s curiosity deepened. “What was he doing?”

“Maybe I should tell you everything that happened.” Delanne offered.

Carrot smiled with interest. “Would you?”

After hearing the tales of Jahmus’s discovery and his interaction with the family, Carrot began to giggle. “He does sound charming, is he bonded?”

Ce’Dra started laughing. “Damn Carrot, you haven’t even met the man yet, and you sound as if you’re ready to mate with him.”

“Would be interesting…wouldn’t it?” Carrot took the idea and played with it. “Feeling all that bare skin against your fur.”

The lioness and raccoon giggled together as Delanne stared at them with widened eyes and then sharply defended Jahmus. “I don’t know if he’s bonded or not, but I don’t like the way you two are teasing him.”

Ce’Dra attempted to stop giggling, but some of them still escaped her as she explained herself. “We’re not teasing him sweetie…I actually think he’s rather cute!” A slight blush forming on her face before her giggles overpowered her again. “You two would make a cute couple.”

Carrot added in her two cents with as much giggling as the lioness showed. “If you don’t want him Delanne, I’ll take him.”

Both their giggles turned into full laughter as Delanne blushed. “You two are horrible.” She teased, feeling better knowing that they were only gossiping in fair play. Delanne continued to blush, but seemed distant as she tried to admit to them how she felt. “I really do fancy him, do you think it would be…never mind.”  Shaking the thought from her head.

Ce’Dra could tell something was bothering Delanne deeply. Putting a paw onto her shoulder, Ce’Dra brought her to a halt. “What is it sweetie?” She asked caringly as the wolf fox began to tear.

Lowering her head to hide the tears, Delanne shook her head. “Nothing…I’ll be alright.”

Carrot put an arm around Delanne showing her support. “You really do fancy him, don’t you?”

‘Sniff’ Delanne only shook her head as she continued to stare at the ground.

Ce’Dra tried to comfort her. “I think it’s wonderful that you found someone who makes you feel so special.”

Delanne slowly lifted her head and looked at the smiling lioness. “You don’t think it’s weird or impure?” She asked carefully.

“I’ll admit he’s different, but he seems really nice.” Ce’Dra responded with a friendly smile. “That’s what makes it special.”

Carrot nodded in agreement. “Yeah, what’s so impure and weird about fancying someone?” She began to giggle. “I haven’t even met him yet and he sounds like someone I could fall for.”

Smiling with admiration towards her friends, Delanne took each of them in her arms and held onto them dearly. “Thank you.”  Her embrace tightening before letting go and wiping her tears away with a paw. “I think I’m actually falling in love with him.” She admitted fully.

Ce’Dra’s eyes widened. “I thought you only fancied him?” The lioness asked as she swallowed before continuing. “We were only joking about mating with him; you mean you would actually consider it?”

“Nnn…No.” She answered worriedly. “I didn’t say that.”

Carrot was giggling as she teased the embarrassed wolf fox. “But you’ve thought about it.”

“I…” Delanne tried to answer but only turned away from them instead.

Ce’Dra was teething her bottom lip while Carrot attempted to apologize. “I’m sorry Delanne.” She placed a paw on the wolf fox’s shoulder. “That was stupid of me…I actually admire you for loving someone…I don’t think of it as being impure at all, I really do wish to meet him.”

Delanne’s hopes lifted as she turned around and embraced the raccoon, crying onto her shoulder. Ce’Dra felt bad; she hadn’t meant to upset her friend. “Jahmus is a great guy.” She began. “It’s just that you took me by surprise, that’s all.”

Exchanging her hold of Carrot for Ce’Dra’s, Delanne confided in her friend. “I don’t know if I want to mate with him or not…I just really fancy him.”

The lioness giggled as she held her friend close. “Well, if you did…would you still find me mate-able?”

Smiling bashfully, Delanne answered truthfully. “If I were to mate, I think I’d be more comfortable with you being my first.”

“I’d have to agree!” Malu announced boastfully as he approached the group smiling with a chuckle. “The first time is always easiest with someone you know and trust.”

Ce’Dra and Delanne quickly broke apart, both of them blushing with embarrassment as Carrot complained. “Uncle Malu…That wasn’t very nice!”

“What?” Malu exclaimed in his innocent playful voice before addressing the perturbed raccoon. “You’re all of age now, nothing to be embarrassed about.”
Smiling with a twinkle in his eye, he turned to face the lioness and wolf fox. “You’ll get used to it as you’re around the adults more, wouldn’t surprise me if your parents became more open around you as well.”

“Alana?” Ce’Dra teased playfully. “I can’t imagine her being so open around us, she’s so motherly.”

Malu chuckled. “Well, take it from me…Alana can be a wild seductive fox at times, more so than myself or Lani.”

Carrot giggled. “I saw her pounce on top of my father once…the way they were wrestling around, I thought they would have the release before they finally made it into the bedroom.”

Delanne’s and Ce’Dra’s eyes widened in complete shock as there jaws fell silently open. Malu began laughing. “That was Lani.”

“Oh.” Carrot answered correcting the memory within her thoughts. They shared a moment of laughter as the lioness and wolf fox continued to stare.

The news of Aunt Lani sharing the release with Red was shocking for Delanne, especially when it was Carrot who said it. “When did you see that?”

Carrot’s laughter diminished a little as she answered. “Many cycles ago, when I was very young.”

“Lani always had a thing for Red.” Malu added with a chuckle. “He was Lani’s optional before we were bonded.”

“I thought Aunt Lani fancied Martin before you?” Delanne asked curiously.

Malu continued to smile. “Lani’s older than I am…She became of age long before I was born.”

Ce’Dra’s eyes widened. “Aunt Lani’s an elder?”

The befuddled expressions on all their faces amused him as he answered. “Lani and Alana were one of the first born on the island…The three of you are only the third generation of our family.”

Carrot started giggling. “Aunt Lani was an optional all those centuries and never bonded?” Her eyes sparkled as she teased Malu. “You must have wooed her well to win her heart.”

Malu was actually blushing. “I think it’s the eye patch more than anything.” His blush diminishing as he continued to smile. “Lani has always had an attraction for things that are different, unique and considered impure.”  Malu’s eye gazed into Delanne’s as she blushed. She too had an attraction for things that weren’t ordinary.

Ce’Dra noticed the relation between the two and giggled out playfully. “Must be a family gene.”

“Uh…Yeah.” Hoping the girls wouldn’t notice his reaction to something he promised Lani, Malu quickly changed the subject. “You girls going to see Jahmus?”

Carrot smiled excitedly. “They’ve been telling me all about him; I can’t wait to meet him!”

Smiling at the raccoon’s response Malu hurried them along. “Well, you girls’ should be going…Lani’s class will begin shortly.”

Filled with enthusiasm the pack of sisters scurried off towards home as Malu sighed with relief. “That was close.”

~Jahmus~ The Jedi Fur

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