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Chapter Five of the Blade Dance
« on: May 05, 2004, 05:52:40 pm »
'<img'>  Well, I'm glad everyone likes it so far! Here's chapter five!

Sorry I can't post the rest, I have to leave to run errands.  '<img'>

Blade Dance

A story by


© 2004 by Jim Wilson. All rights reserved. Story content and Characters herein are fictitious, any resemblance to any person living or dead or any actual event is coincidental. Characters Delanne, Luki, Malu, Alana, Raul, Kekona, Lani, James Terra Flastif, Kimberly Burr, Mister Thomas, or any other character other than specified. © Jim Wilson. Character Ce’Dra © Bobbie Wilson. Character Shoshana © Mellina Lathe-Steindler. Character Fixer © Robert Steindler.



Life on the island was never dull when Uncle Malu was around; he was always full of mischief and laughter. The thought made her smile as she sat in front of the vanity mirror along the side wall of her room. Malu never took anything too seriously and always seemed to find a way to help those around him feel wanted.

Picking up a brush she began to smooth out her hair. It was strange hearing Uncle Malu using the same phrase the human in the cave had used. The reflection in the mirror stared back at her as she thought of the words. True beauty is found only in the rarest of treasures.

She smiled at the reflection in the mirror. According to the conversation in the bath tub, it appeared that Jahmus and Malu’s friend Martin had much in common. Would the new man in blue become close friends with her and her family as the other human had with Malu?

During the conversation in the tub, she had almost told Malu of Jahmus. Perhaps it worked out for the best that she didn’t. The man was blind, weak, and a stranger in a strange land the thought entering her mind. Their discovery of each others existence had been one of fear and wonder. It would probably be a good idea if she kept the secret of her new friend to herself for awhile. At least until he is well, and I get a chance to talk with him some more.

“Delanne?” The sound of the lioness’s voice breaking her chain of thought. “Everyone’s waiting.”

Turning around she found that Ce’Dra was already dressed in a red robe. “I’m almost ready.” She answered, which wasn’t true she was still naked and needed to comb her tail.

“Put your robe on, I’ll get your tail.” Ce’Dra handed her a red robe as she took the brush from Delanne’s paw and began brushing her long bushy tail.

Delanne chuckled. “I can’t very well put on my robe with you holding my tail.”

Ce’Dra paused long enough for Delanne to pull the robe over her head, then helped slide her tail through the back opening and buttoned it shut. Standing beside her they both looked into the mirror as Delanne tied on a red belt.

Ce’Dra started giggling. “You’re going to have a full bouquet of flowers by the end of the night.”

Lowering her head in shame. “Don’t tease me Ce’Dra…You know no one fancies me.”

“I fancy you.” She was still giggling.

Delanne leaned her head onto the lioness’s shoulder. “Do you really think I’ll receive flowers?” she asked hopefully.

Smiling as she tenderly petted her friend’s hair. “I know you will.”

They held each other closely as Ce’Dra spoke. “Come on silly…I’m getting hungry.”

Squeezing her friend tightly as a thank you she pulled away and urged Ce’Dra to go. “Go on, I’ll be right behind you.”

Waiting until Ce’Dra had left the room she went over to her bed and removed the pear shaped container from under the mattress and tucked it under her robe. She planned on taking food to Jahmus later and didn’t want to forget to put back the object that wasn’t hers to have.


Normally during a coming of age ceremony, the whole tribe would gather around two rectangular tables and share the meal as one family. The scene was much different from those who had their ceremony last night. Instead of two tables there were five and they were all full of different species unlike the traditional days when it was just the red foxes of her tribe. It was awkward but pleasant knowing that on such a special day, that she could share it with Ce’Dra and not alone with family.

“Delanne!” Ce’Dra was motioning to her from the row of tables; she was sitting next to Malu who sat on the corner.

Taking a seat directly across from her friend; she left the corner and end of the table for her parents. “There’s so many of them.” She whispered over the table.

Malu smiled. “There are many who are here in support of our tribe as well as those who are looked upon as impure.” Putting an arm around Ce’Dra, he squeezed her lovingly. “Ce’Dra will be joining you in circle tonight as well as many others who have joined our tribe.”

Delanne looked at her Uncle in surprise, then at Ce’Dra. “You’re changing your tattoo?”

There was a distraught look on the lioness’s face. “Not exactly.”

Malu removed his arm from the lioness and stared at her. “You haven’t told her?”

“I…Uh…” Ce’Dra looked down at the table.

“Tell me what Uncle Malu?” Delanne asked with wonder.

It was news he did not wish to give to his niece, but he told her everything down to the last detail about the events of the council meeting.

Delanne’s eyes were beginning to swell. “How could they do such a thing?” Her eyes bouncing back and forth between Malu and her friend. “They allow us to form a new tribe without prejudice, yet they deny us the traditional customs we live by?” She was furious and kept rambling as Malu patiently listened. “How can we be seen as a tribe without a symbol of belonging?” “What point is there in having the dance if we are forbidden from learning the purity of it?” “Why can’t they just love us for who we are?” Tears began to run down her face. “Its so lonely being different.” She buried her face in her arms upon the table and cried.

Malu gently petted her. “You’re not alone anymore sweetie…Everyone here knows how you feel.” He smiled devilishly. “Besides…I’ve found a way of symbolizing our tribe without committing the violation of tattooing.”

“What?” The word came from both Ce’Dra and Delanne as they both moved their heads to stare at him.

“It’s a surprise…You’ll find out what, when you stand in circle to be recognized.”  He was gloating over his achievement. “And as for the purity of the blade, it will be taught by yours truly.” Crossing his arms he posed himself before them with his head up in an angle to the side.

Delanne stared at him in amazement. “Uncle Malu…They’ll exile you from the tribes… you can’t do it.”

He saw her statement as being redundant. “Haven’t they done that already?” Waving his hand in the direction of the tables showing her his answer.

“Delanne…Ce’Dra…” Looking at them in turn. “As long as I breathe, I will never allow anyone to deny my girls their right to be seen as equals.”

They both reached out and embraced him, giving him a kiss on the cheek as he welcomed them openly with a smile. “Now then.” Changing the subject as they each sat back down, his eye admiring his niece. “I wonder how many flowers this young beautiful wolf fox of ours will be given.” He teased as he leaned in towards Ce’Dra with the question.

Ce’Dra giggled. She could see where Uncle Malu was going with this.

Delanne blushed. “Uncle Malu.” She was trying not to look at him. “Who would want to give me flowers?” She asked playfully with a continued blush.

Ce’Dra covered her muzzle with a paw to muffle the sounds of her growing giggles as Malu answered her with a grin. “Oh, I can think of a few who might fancy you.”

“Delanne?” The voice was nervous sounding and came from behind her.

Turning around to find the voice, she discovered it was the cute raccoon that was always giving flowers to Ce’Dra. “I…uh.” The raccoon was holding out a single flower, not just any flower like the ones he gave to Ce’Dra all the time, but a large blue one that only grew on a hillside on the north end of the island that was almost impossible to climb.

Delanne’s eyes widened as she stared at him in amazement. She had tried many times to climb the hillside to see the flowers up close but could never reach them. The flower was so beautiful and different, she always wanted one. It also amazed her that she was being offered a flower; she wasn’t expecting anyone to fancy her, let alone the cute raccoon.

“I…I was told you always wanted one of these.” His body was shaking nervously.

Slowly she took the flower from him and stared into it.  The center was filled with dark yellow seeds on white stems with long thin blue pedals waving outwards that were longer than her fingers. It was even prettier than she imagined it would be. Looking upwards to thank him, she found herself speechless; she didn’t know what to say.

The raccoon began sliding his feet behind him, slowly inching away, Delanne opened her mouth to say something but he turned and scurried off to the far table at the end of the row, where he was sitting with a couple of male skunks. It disappointed her to see him go.

Ce’Dra began giggling again. “I told him you were as shy as he was, I’m surprised he actually approached you…I didn’t think he had it in him.”

Delanne stared at her friend. “I thought he fancied you?”

Ce’Dra blushed. “I asked him to bring me flowers so he could build up enough confidence to give you one.”

“You told him about the blue flower?” She asked adoringly.

Malu interrupted. “Actually, he asked your fathers permission if he could give you a flower…Your father told him about the flower you couldn’t reach…I offered to help him get one for you.”

They both smiled at her as she smelled the flower and thanked them. “Thank you.”

Looking over to where the raccoon was sitting, she noticed he was glancing at her as she placed the flower in her hair. The two male skunks next to him were pawing at him with excitement. Apparently they were rooting for him. Combing her hair back over her shoulder with her paw, she blushingly smiled at him as he ducked behind the bodies of his friends.

He’s cute. The thought entering her mind as she studied the hiding raccoon. Up close she had noticed his eyes were a deep blue and he had white short bushy hair with black triangular tips on the bangs. He as well was wearing a red robe, which meant he was of age as well and would be recognized this evening by the new tribe.

Suddenly the world went black as she felt warm paws covering her eyes.

“Doesn’t look like you need me protecting you anymore.” A soft giggling voice whispered into her ear.

“Kekona!” Delanne burst out as she spun around standing, embracing her sister tightly.

Smiling she sat down at the corner as a dark furred wolf took the end chair. “With the formation of the new tribe, things should be better for you, I’m very happy for you guys.”

Delanne nestled into the arm of her sister. “I’m glad you’re here, it means a lot to me.”

“I would have been here sooner, but Brektor here decided to chat with his buddies before we left.”

Brektor was sitting at the head of the table, it bothered Delanne that her sister was going to be bonded to him, as he was much like his father Grodi and didn’t care much for the impure. Looking up she noticed Brektor was wearing a blue robe with a gold belt and a white sash with silver trim that traveled diagonally down across his chest to his side. It meant he was one of the best blade dancers of his tribe and was an apprentice to become a teacher.

“I was being polite.” The dark furred wolf defended himself. He looked exactly like his father only his hair was longer and was a light grey. “They were inquiring if we would be joining them later this evening.”

“Only after the ceremony, I won’t miss Delanne’s recognition just to fool around with you and your friends.” Kekona warned him. “Or you can bet I’ll be having the release on my own tonight.”

Malu started laughing as Brektor blushed, apparently he didn’t want it known that he and Kekona shared in their release. “Welcome to the joys of spiritual bonding.” Placing a welcoming paw on the wolf’s shoulder. “You sure this wild niece of mine isn’t too much for you to handle?” He smiled openly at them. “Doesn’t hurt to stay optional for awhile you know.”

“Uncle Malu!” Kekona got after him. “You know he’s been optional for two years now, I think it’s rather sweet of him to propose bonding with me out of all the girls he’s known.”

Laughing at the straight forwardness of the young grey colored wolf. “Just a little family humor Kekona, we all know you two love each other.”

Delanne only half smiled, she was going to miss her sister greatly since she would be moving in with Brektor’s tribe. Kekona’s robe was red like hers, only she had a green belt, which meant she was in training to be one of the singers. There was something different about her sister. “Kekona…You cut your hair!”

It was shocking, besides the turquoise eyes, their hair style and color was the only thing that identified them as being twins. Her hair was now short, bushy and full, the sides and back of her hair were almost shaved down to nothing, at least she kept the long bangs and the streaks were still there.

“Do you like it?” She asked as her paw combed through the new style.

“No, I don’t.” Delanne answered truthfully. “It was nice knowing that I was at least a little like you.”

Kekona put an arm around her sister. “It’ll grow back sweetie, I just wanted to try something different for a change, besides…I could dye my hair green and you would still be my sister.”

The thought of her sister’s hair turning green made her laugh. “Then I would really hate it.” She teased.

There was motioning for everyone to quiet down as Luki stood from his chair near the center of the table. Delanne had wondered where he had been, he was sitting in-between mom and Aunt Lani, and Ce’Dra’s parents were across the table from them. “May I have your attention everyone?” Luki’s voice was strong but gentle. “Let us exchange paws with our new friends and begin this historic occasion.”

There were cheers of joy as Luki exchanged customary paws with Aunt Lani. They exchanged a rather warming hug and kiss as well. It didn’t bother Delanne, after all, she was family and Uncle Malu didn’t seem to mind, he was actually howling at them with laughter and clapping his paws together. After Lani, he moved to the next chair down and exchanged paws and a hug with a white female rabbit with long red hair. They seemed to know each other. Shrugging it off, she watched as Lani began down the table behind Luki, then the rabbit following after and so on as the old tradition worked its way down the table. Standing up to greet her father, she embraced him with all her heart, skipping over the paw exchange. He meant the world to her and she wanted him to know it. Luki held his daughter close and kissed her forehead.

“I’m very proud of you.” His eyes were glowing with the pride he felt.

Delanne squeezed him closer and then allowed him to move down the table as she hugged Aunt Lani, who was smiling. “I see the young raccoon fancies you.”

The comment made her blush as Aunt Lani moved on to hug Kekona. Next was the white rabbit with long red hair. They exchanged both paws rather than just the one, Delanne didn’t know her, but her parents and Aunt Lani seemed too, so she accepted the second paw of trust. The pretty rabbit was followed by a red fox with white hair that was short with long bangs. They exchanged only the paw of friendship as he was followed by a female raccoon. After the raccoon, it was time for her to follow the line around the table.

Starting with a hug to her sister, she moved next to Brektor who she didn’t like. They exchanged both paws as Brektor moved to embrace her. His hug felt dirty and was unwanted. Delanne didn’t return the gesture, so he let her go as she moved on to Uncle Malu who she embraced lovingly. Next was Ce’Dra, they both laughed and hugged each other warmly giving each other a kiss on the cheek.

After a few minutes she was finally nearing her seat. Exchanging paws a second time with the raccoon, she retook her seat as her sister exchanged paws with her and took her seat as well. Her mother was the last to come by and they embraced lovingly. Delanne was glad the tradition didn’t take very long and that it was only the one table they had to go around, she was starving.

Jahmus! The thought of the human entering her thoughts, he must be starving as well. After the dance, remember, after the dance. She reminded herself. There was a thunderous uproar of howling that snapped her out of it. Looking up, she noticed her mother had her legs wrapped around Uncle Malu who was holding onto her bottom as he swung around in a circle as they kissed.

Delanne stared in shock as there noses rubbed each other as Uncle Malu set her down. Was that a wink her mom just gave him! Her jaw was still open as her mother continued down the table.

“Geez Delanne, you act as if you didn’t know.” Kekona sounded bothered by her reaction.

Staring at her sister in disbelief. “Know what?”

Kekona couldn’t believe it, Delanne actually didn’t know. “That our parents, Uncle Malu and Aunt Lani share the release together sometimes.” She stated.

“What!?” It was a complete shock to her.

Her sister miffed. “Come on Delanne, you act as if they were doing something horrible…As long as Uncle Malu and Aunt Lani are bonded and experience the release as a couple while with others, there’s nothing wrong with it.” Delanne only continued to stare at her sister as she continued. “Now if one of them were to mate with another without their spiritual bond sharing the experience, then there’s a problem…It would mean that they no longer wish to be bonded.”

Delanne still couldn’t believe it. Uncle Malu, Aunt Lani, her parents? She looked at Uncle Malu in disbelief.

“Uncle Malu…You’ve been with mum?” There was deep concern in her voice.

Malu’s eye looked apologetic, he gathered that no one has had the talk of the cycle with her yet and he didn’t want Delanne hating him over something many couples and the un-bonded enjoyed doing. “Yes I have…but only with your father and Aunt Lani sharing in the release.” For once, he was actually being serious which was unlike him. “I would never share the release with anyone without Lani being there, and I would never dream of mating with your mother, unless both your father and Aunt Lani were present and involved.”

The truth was so devastating that her Uncle seemed to be a stranger to her. “Why?” Her voice was cracking from the disbelief. “I don’t understand.”

Malu nodded slowly, letting her know that he understood her questioning; he wondered why no one has had the talk with her yet. “You haven’t had the coming of age talk have you?” He asked to confirm his suspicions.

Delanne shook her head. “No.”

Ce’Dra and Kekona looked at her in shock. Kekona couldn’t believe it. “I can’t believe father hasn’t had the talk with you yet, that’s so unlike him.”

Not wanting for Delanne to feel embarrassed having the release explained to her in front of everyone he motioned for her to leave the table with him. “Let us go talk in private Delanne, its time you knew.”

Ce’Dra noticed that her friend was nervous and didn’t seem to want to leave the table; she could tell Delanne had lost all faith and trust in her Uncle, it was saddening to see her this way. “Uncle Malu?” She interrupted politely. “I think it would be best if I told her.” Standing from her chair, she hoped that Delanne would rather talk with her than Malu.

Delanne’s face held the look of someone who had become lost in a world she had never seen before and looked upon Ce’Dra with the hopes of finding a guide. Malu seemed to notice the look as well. “Take your time Ce’Dra.”

Nodding, Ce’Dra walked around the table taking a hold of her friends paw and led her away from the village.

The sky was now fully dark as Ce’Dra led Delanne down a path away from the village paw in paw. The look Delanne had upon her face was horrifying, it was as if everything she loved and held dear had been erased with the setting sun.

“Delanne?” She asked squeezing her paw gently. “Do you know what the release is?”

Letting go of the lioness’s paw she sounded furious. “Of course I know what the release is Ce’Dra.”  Turning her back on her friend, as her tail snapped back and forth. “It’s something you experience when you’re in love and you mate.”

Ce’Dra knew her friend was angry, not at her, but at the discovery of Uncle Malu’s confession at the table. “Partially, yes” She admitted softly, but there was so much more, and it was difficult to explain.

Turning to face her. “What do you mean, partially?” The repeated word firing out of her mouth, she was enriched with anger, not only was she impure but now it seemed she was ignorant as well.

Ce’Dra was sliding her teeth along her bottom lip not knowing where to begin.

“Well?” Delanne asked after a moment of silence, she was getting impatient.

Looking into the eyes of her angry friend, she felt perhaps being blunt, but sincere would be the best route. “It has to do with your blood…If you don’t have the release at least once within the cycle of each new moon, your blood will slowly poison you.”

“What are you talking about?” Now she was getting mad at her friend, she wasn’t making any sense. No one was making any sense.

Now Ce’Dra wished she had let Uncle Malu do the explaining, it was more difficult than she imagined it would be. “Well, you know how our blood regenerates our body’s right?”

Delanne was getting more impatient. “Yes.”

It was becoming more difficult to explain, but she continued. “For some reason, when we become of age, our blood can’t regenerate our bodies as well as it used to…So our blood becomes weaker… and instead of regenerating our bodies… it destroys them… unless we have the release… which some how strengthens our blood again… at least until the next cycle.”

“Are you kidding me?” Delanne shouted out. “You mean to tell me that this coming of age ceremony is nothing more than an excuse to find a mate for the evening?” The news infuriated her; she had no intention of mating with anyone.

“You don’t have to mate tonight…” She wanted so much for her friend to understand the way things worked. It was hard imagining that she actually wasn’t told about all this. “Like I said, you have until the next cycle of the new moon to do so, and even then, you can have the release without having to mate.”

It took her a moment to figure out how that was even possible, but a few ideas popped into her head. “That’s disgusting Ce’Dra!”

“Its how things are Delanne…You either mate as an optional; find someone you wish to bond with or damn well do it yourself!” Now she was getting all fired up, Delanne was being impossible.

The lioness’s frustration only made Delanne angrier as she fired back. “Well you can tell that raccoon friend of yours I have no interest in mating with him!”

“I didn’t say he was my friend and his interest in you wasn’t to mate!” The wolf fox was really beginning to upset her.

“Then why the flowers?” Pulling the blue flower from her hair and showing it to Ce’Dra. “Do the males pass them around to those who are optional and those who are coming of age in the hopes that they are a potential mate for the evening!?”

“No.” she answered almost in tears. “Being given a flower just means that someone fancies you… maybe even loves you.”

Throwing the flower to the ground. “Love!?” The word snapping from her as if it were something distasteful. “I don’t even know the damn raccoon…I don’t know anyone…No one knows me…And what do you know about love?” She snapped. “You just became of age yourself!”

“I may have just become of age, but I know when I am in love!” She cried out in tears.

The statement stunned Delanne. The lioness was crying as if her heart was broken, there was actually someone she cared for.

“I’m sorry sweetie…You never told me you were in love.” Her voice was calm and apologetic.

‘Sniff’ “I wanted to tell you, but we’ve been so busy today.” Wiping the tears from her eyes.

Embracing the lioness closely, she held onto her friend tightly. “You can tell me now if you wish.”

Ce’Dra slowly tightened her grip. “I don’t know if I can.”

Delanne loosened her grip enough to face her friend. “It’s not the raccoon is it…I didn’t mean those things I said…I was just upset…honest.”

Stepping back from her friends embrace she shook her head. “It’s not the raccoon.”

The lioness seemed really worried about something. A strange thought crossed Delanne’s mind, one she hadn’t thought of until now. “Who is she?”

Ce’Dra tried to tease her with a giggle but the words came out in half tears. “I’m not telling.”

Embracing the lioness with a gentle rocking hug. “Its okay sweetie…I’m happy you found someone…you can tell me who she is later, when you’re up to it.”

Locking her arms around Delanne, Ce’Dra cried. It was comforting to know that Delanne didn’t mind that the one she cared for was female. “I was so afraid you’d hate me.”

Smiling at her friend, she looked lovingly into her eyes. “I could never hate you.” Rubbing noses with her gently. “Was it her, that gave you your first kiss?” She began to giggle.

Ce’Dra blushed. “Sort of.”

Laughing. “Oh?” she asked curiously. “You mean… you kissed her?”

The lioness only turned a darker shade of red.

Delanne giggled. “I hope she liked it.”

The statement made her blush even more as she turned away from Delanne to hide her face. “She seemed too.” She started to giggle.

It felt good to be laughing and giggling again, instead of arguing. However, thoughts of the argument earlier brought her mind back to why they were out here.

“Ce’Dra?” She asked changing the subject. “Is it true, what you said… that I have to mate by the next new moon?”

The lioness stopped giggling, it was a topic she would rather not continue but she answered her friend truthfully. “You don’t have to mate…You just have to have the release, so you won’t become ill.”

Delanne was nervous and a little frightened as she admitted to her friend. “I…I don’t know if I can…I wouldn’t know where to begin…I’m not ready to mate, and having the release on my own, just sounds…so…” She couldn’t think of any words to describe how she felt. It was perhaps the most difficult thing she ever had to think about.

Placing a paw onto her friends shoulder. “It’s actually not that bad.” Ce’Dra admitted carefully.

Delanne’s eyes widened with wonder. “You’ve?” She swallowed nervously. “Had the release?”

The lioness was teething her bottom lip again, as she always did when she was nervous. “Uh-huh.” She added with a soft nod.

The news surprised her, yet made her curious at the same time. “On your own?” She asked with a whispered voice.

Ce’Dra was still teething her bottom lip shaking her head slowly which told Delanne that she had. “Last night?” She continued to ask in the whispered voice as her question was answered with the continuing nod of the lioness.

It was strange, that since now they were of age, they were required now to have this release in order to prevent themselves from becoming ill. It was even stranger finding out that her friend had already experienced this release, that Delanne thought you only experienced when you were in love. Curious of what her friend had experienced, she quietly asked. “What was it like?”

Looking into her friends eyes, Ce’Dra answered her. “Like the first kiss.”

Delanne looked at her, remembering the kiss, her first kiss, the one that Ce’Dra had given her earlier. “Is that all I have to do?” She asked nervously. The question seemed rather stupid to ask, but she wanted to know what she needed to do. The thought of not having the release within the cycle of the new moon and becoming ill worried her.

The lioness seemed to be lost for words. “Sort of.” She answered turning her head away. It was something she wasn’t quite ready to talk about. “Can we talk about it later Delanne?” She asked kindly. “I…I’m not sure I’m ready for this.”

The question was completely understandable, Delanne wasn’t ready for all this either. Having this release, mating, blood weakening, becoming ill, it was too much information to gather in one night. Hugging her friend gently as she began to pet her. “Thank you for putting up with me.”

Ce’Dra held onto her tightly, she was still worried however about how Delanne felt about Uncle Malu. “Please don’t hate Uncle Malu…I don’t completely understand it myself…But I trust him.”

The reminder slapped her hard, she had totally forgotten about the scene between her mother and Uncle Malu. “I don’t hate him.” She answered honestly. “Watching my mother and him kiss like that really hurt me…I didn’t understand…I still don’t…But…Now that I think about it…I don’t think they would have done what they did in front of everyone if it wasn’t okay.”

They embraced each other tightly as they both began to feel happiness returning to them. Ce’Dra leaned over and picked up the flower Delanne had thrown to the ground and offered it back to her with a smile. “Don’t forget your flower.”

Taking the flower and placing it back into her hair, she teased the lioness playfully. “Why Ce’Dra.” She giggled in play. “I didn’t know you fancied me.” Sportingly she gave Ce’Dra a kiss on the cheek as the lioness blushed bashfully.

Laughing at her friends reddened face, she was ready to head back to the tables and eat. “Come on silly.” Wrapping an arm around her. “Let’s head back.”

Joyfully they held each other as they returned to the feast.
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Chapter Five of the Blade Dance
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2004, 08:44:09 pm »
Bleh! I finally got to read it after many other things getting in the way. '<img'> I must say that I'm really drawn into this more and more as I read it. It makes me just want to read more. You have really made a great story here. Some nice and interesting surprises in the story line. Looking forward to reading more. '<img'>

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Chapter Five of the Blade Dance
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'<img'>  Thats what Felias was saying! I will post Chapter Six, considering it is tied in with Chapter five. Thanks for the comments, I really do appreciate them.
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Chapter Five of the Blade Dance
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Cool. Chapter 6. '<img'> Hey, you're quite welcome. I'm really enjoying reading the story. I haven't left this chair but for a few things. I'll probably stay here until I head on off for the night. Now, to chapter 6. '<img'>