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Chapter Four of the Blade Dance
« on: May 05, 2004, 04:57:51 pm »
':blush:'  Otto Lontra enjoyed the first three so much, I decided to add chapter four to the forum.

Hope you all enjoy!

Comments good or bad Graciously welcomed!

Blade Dance

A story by


© 2004 by Jim Wilson. All rights reserved. Story content and Characters herein are fictitious, any resemblance to any person living or dead or any actual event is coincidental. Characters Delanne, Luki, Malu, Alana, Raul, Kekona, Lani, James Terra Flastif, Kimberly Burr, Mister Thomas, or any other character other than specified. © Jim Wilson. Character Ce'Dra © Bobbie Wilson. Character Shoshana © Mellina Lathe-Steindler. Character Fixer © Robert Steindler.



It had been a very emotional day. First there was no recognition of her coming of age. Then the news from Ce'Dra of a new tribe being formed and that her own ceremony was tonight, and to top it off, finding a human lying on the beach. The world seemed to be changing all around her. Coming of age was supposed to be a day full of fun, laughter and being allowed to enter the trials of the dance not spending it in tears and the rest in fear.

True beauty is found only in the rarest of treasures. The thought of Jahmus brought a blushing smile to her face. I only wish I could see such beauty.

The human was quite charming, polite and best of all their differences had led to an awkward beginning of friendship. Thinking of him clouded the awareness of her surroundings as she headed home.

"Delanne!" Ce'Dra came bounding out of the bushes embracing her friend and planting a kiss upon her lips.

The excited lioness took her by surprise as she stared in disbelief upon her friend. The kiss felt strange, yet it had the feeling of an overpowering sensation that seemed to weaken her body. Closing her eyes, Delanne surrendered to the lioness allowing the sensation to over take her. Ce'Dra's breath teased the opening of her mouth as she slowly pulled away.

"Ce'Dra." The name slowly escaping her as she blushed turning her head to the side and down with a smile.

Ce'Dra's eyes widened with wonder. "Was that your first kiss?"

Delanne only nodded bashfully, her tail began to sway majestically as her left foot petted the ground.

"I'm sorry Delanne…The first kiss is supposed to be something special…I didn’t mean to ruin it for you."

"Don't be…It was actually rather nice." She admitted as she continued to blush.

Ce'Dra giggled. "Well then, I'll be sure to give you another one later."

That snapped Delanne out of her trance and back into reality.

"Ce'Dra." Her voice was full of concern. "It's bad enough I’m impure because of my mixed heritage…What would others say, if they saw us engaging in two separate acts of impurity?"

The lioness raised an eyebrow. "You mean the impurity of us being different species and the impurity of us being the same gender?"

Delanne nodded.

Ce'Dra laughed. "That's what I’m so excited about…The council allowed your father to form a neutral tribe…My family was one of the first to join."

The news was shocking and confusing. "What do you mean?" Delanne asked.

"It means that anyone who wishes to live a lifestyle different from the traditional heritage of the tribes can do so without prejudice." Her voice full of excitement.

Delanne was still confused. "But your family is pure Ce'Dra…Why would you want to join a tribe of mixed…" A thought crossed her mind. "Is there someone you fancy that isn’t lion?" The question popping out of her.

Ce'Dra smiled happily. "Yes there is."

The gossip began to excite her. "Who is it?"

"Some one you least expect." She answered with a giggle.

Delanne gasped. "Don't tell me you fancy that cute Raccoon that's always giving you flowers?"

Closing her eyes, Ce'Dra playfully rubbed noses with Delanne. "I'm not going to tell you."

"Come on Ce'Dra who is it?" She hated it when Ce'Dra played these games. The gossip was too exciting to pass up. "If it's not the Raccoon, then who?"

The lioness turned around waving her tail in Delanne's face as she continued to giggle. "I’m not going to tell you."

Delanne moved up along side her friend as they began to walk back home. "Is it the white fox? He’s always had an eye on you."

Ce'Dra playfully sung out. "I'm not Telling."

They reached the village and Delanne looked in awe. There were several new huts added along the tree line to the north. Everyone seemed to be galloping about, several of the fox families of her tribe that she grew up with, where packing their things into carts as others began to travel up the trail leading out of the village. There was also a lot of different species moving into the now vacant huts while others seemed to be negotiating trade with those that apparently were leaving.

"Ce'Dra, you didn't tell me that 'I' wasn't going to be with the red foxes anymore." Disappointment was in her voice.

Trying to cheer her friend up. "A lot of them are staying…Including you…Nothings really changed except that we will be able to see each other all the time now…Uncle Malu was kind enough to hold the hut on the other side of him for us…Just think, we are only one house away."

That was nice of Uncle Malu and it would be nice to have her friend so close all the time, after all, Ce'Dra was considered as part of the family. Close enough that they called each others parents as their own.

The thought did make her smile. "Maybe it won’t be so bad after all."

Ce'Dra placed an arm around her friend. "Of course it won’t be…The ceremonial feast should be ready soon, you should go clean up and put on your robes…After all, you are being recognized." She giggled.

She had totally forgotten about that. "You're right, I gotta take a bath!"

Ce'Dra giggled some more. "Come on silly, I'll help you get ready."


The hut was very quiet and empty. Though occasionally her mother ran in and out carrying platters of the entrees she had been cooking all day desperately trying to get the tables set up for the feast.

"Tonight's your big night sweetie; do you need help getting ready?" Her mother asked quickly as she dashed into the kitchen for another platter.

Delanne answered from her bedroom as she took off her damp shirt. "No Mumma, Ce'Dra's here."

"All right then honey." The answer came as she rushed back outside with another platter.

Ce'Dra was giggling. "Your mother can never stand still can she?"

"As far back as I can remember, no." Delanne laughed out.

"I'll go make the bath for you."  Ce'Dra offered as she headed into the bathroom. In most of the villages the bathroom was usually a shared facility that required pumping water into a bucket and manually filling the tub. Delanne's village had recently installed a simple system of pipes and chains to control the path of water. Ce'Dra had been visiting when Uncle Malu and Luki installed them so it didn’t come as a shock to her. "I think I’m going to enjoy living here…Your village is the only one so far with running water." There was a chain coming out of the wall just above the head rest of the tub. Pulling it she discovered there was steam. "And you have hot water!" The words blurting out of her in pure amazement, there was only cold water when it was installed.

Delanne was cautiously hiding the pear shaped container under her mattress. "Uncle Malu discovered a hot spring nearby and added more pipes." She called out over the running water as she took off her skirt and placed it into a basket where she had put her shirt. "If you pull the chain at the foot of the tub you’ll get the cold water."

"Wow!" Her voice full of amazement as she pulled the second chain.

Naked, dirty and damp, Delanne walked into the bathroom, she was so ready for a hot soaking bath.

"More hot than cold, I want to enjoy a good soak."

Smiling, Ce'Dra released the chain at the foot of the tub. "Can't blame you there…I've never had a hot bath."  

"So climb in silly."  Offering with a smile as she stepped into the tub.

The offer was too good to pass up. "Okay!" Her answer was full of excitement. Handing off the chain of hot water to Delanne she began to undress. "Do all the huts have hot and cold water?"

Laughing as she sat down into the soothing hot bath. "You know Uncle Malu…He never misses the opportunity to over express himself."

"Ooh…Hot." Ce’Dra hissed through her teeth as she entered the opposite side of the tub facing her friend.

Delanne giggled. "You want me to pull the cold water chain?"

"Don't you dare!"  She laughed back. The thought of cold water running down her back did not sound pleasant.


A wave of water hit her face as Delanne laughed playfully. "How’s about hot water then?"

They both became engulfed in a barrage of flying water as they attacked each other playfully. Soaking everything around them and practically emptying the tub until a voice interrupted their fun.

"Well, I’m glad to see that you girls are enjoying the hot water."

"Uncle Malu!" They both shouted with excitement. There was so much going on they hadn’t seen him yet today.

"Is it true that all the huts in the village have hot water?" Ce'Dra boasted out.

Smiling at his adopted niece. "Yes, even in yours."

"Thank you Uncle Malu." The news of having hot water over in her place was wonderful.

Accepting the thanks with a nod he turned his attention to Delanne. "I've been waiting for you to come back…I wanted to explain to you why you weren't recognized last night."

Of all the things in the world to talk about, why did he have to bring that up, why now?

Lowering her head in shame. "I already know why Uncle Malu…I'm different and impure…You and father had to beg the council to form a new tribe just so I could be recognized without prejudice."

Kneeling in front of the tub he raised her head with his paw. "Delanne." Looking with his one good eye into hers. "There’s something we regrettably never told you about the day you were born."

What did that have to do with anything? She looked at him in puzzlement as he continued.

"All Therians are usually born on the morning of the new moon." Letting go of her chin he placed his paw on the side her face. "You were born on the morning after the new moon."

Ce'Dra's eyes widened. As did Delanne's. "How is that possible?" Delanne asked in astonishment.

Malu smiled sweetly. "Well, a couple having twins is rare but occasionally happens…Having maternal twins is almost unheard of." Glancing over at the lioness and back to Delanne he continued. "In the history of our people there has never been a set of maternal twins until you and Kekona were born…We believe that since you two are unique in form, so are you in the day you were born."

The news was horrible, it made Delanne feel even worse than she already was. First she is seen as impure because she is a mix and now Malu was telling her that she wasn’t even born on the spiritual day as every Therian was. "If I wasn’t born on the new moon…Does that mean I’m not Therian?"

It pained him to see her in such sorrow. "You are as much a Therian as I am." He stated boldly and with pride.

"If I am Therian…Why is it, that no one else sees me being as beautiful as Kekona?"

The question stung as he knew most Therians saw her mixed heritage as impure. "True beauty is found only in the rarest of treasures." He answered lovingly.

Delanne stared at him as if she had seen a ghost. "Where did you hear that?"

Malu chuckled at the odd face Delanne was wearing. "Well, if you must know, it is a phrase an old friend once taught me…and one I will never forget."

Swallowing hard she hoped Jahmus wasn't discovered. "You mean your human friend…The man in blue?"

Ce'Dra found herself giggling. "Those are just old bed time stories Delanne…Don’t tell me you actually believe in such creatures?"

Malu gave the young lioness a stern look which made her stop giggling. "Yes." Turning back to Delanne with the smile of a lost memory upon his face. "Martin was a good friend…I miss him dearly."

Sighing in relief that Jahmus wasn't discovered. "Did he not wish to stay?" She asked curiously.

Smiling at the young wolf fox he answered her honestly. "He passed away many centuries ago."

"Were other Therians his friends as well?" While on the subject, she wanted to get as much information as she could.

Chuckling at the question. "Your parents were friendly to him…Strangely though, your Aunt Lani fancied him."

Delanne blushed knowing that she as well fancied the human that was hiding in the cave. Ce'Dra started giggling again. "Aunt Lani?"

Malu smiled. "There were times I could have sworn she loved him." He seemed to be lost on the thought.

The statement seemed to lose Delanne into thought of the topic as well. Fancying the human was one thing…Love? How is that even a possibility? An awful vision of mating with the human popped into her head. She shook it off. That was incredibly disgusting!

"Uncle Malu…What would happen if more humans came to the island…Would they try to kill us as the ones that betrayed your friend did?" Finding that the stories were true frightened Ce'Dra.

"I would hope that they would come in peace…Not all humans are bad…Martin's friendship and trust proved that."

She wasn’t buying it. "But he was only one man out of several hundred."

Trying to make the young lioness understand how he saw things. "A tree drops many seeds in the hopes that nature will give them life…But it is the seed that must have the willingness to grow and become a great tree."

Ce'Dra seemed a little comforted. "So you would try to become friends with them?"

"By all means…Only if they proved to be violent and cold hearted would I wish them gone." He meant it.

Delanne felt relieved. Should I tell Uncle Malu of Jahmus? She wasn’t sure. Uncle Malu sounded like he would welcome any human that was friendly and Jahmus was more than friendly…He was also charming and polite. According to Delanne those were good notions of someone who was kind and worth seeking friendship with.

"Uncle Malu?"

"Yes Delanne?"


"MALU!" A thunderous voice interrupted, it was Aunt Lani.

"What!?" Malu answered as if he wasn’t the cause of a problem that he knew full well that he was. It was a game him and Aunt Lani played continuously and always made Delanne giggle.

Aunt Lani was a red fox about the same height as Delanne and her mother. It made sense since she was her mother’s twin sister. Unlike her and Kekona, Lani and Alana were identical, right down to the deep dark red hair with a single white streak that began in a fine point on the bangs and fanned out over the left ear, then faded back into a fine point behind the left shoulder. Their long hair matched Delanne’s in length and in style, it explained where she got the multiple streaks of color in her own hair.

"It's a special night for Delanne… and for Ce'Dra as well, and here you are yapping away…Everyone is sitting at the tables waiting for you to join us so we can eat." She sounded furious.

Malu stuck his tongue out at her smiling as he did so. Aunt Lani copied him placing a paw over her left eye.

Everyone laughed as Aunt Lani was smiling happily. "You girls hurry up or the food will get cold."

"Yes Aunt Lani." They replied in unison.

Lani eyed Malu suspiciously as he was now sitting on the edge of the tub making faces at her. "And as for you little boy."

There was a yelp, a splash, and a muzzle buried in Delanne's crotch. Aunt Lani had pushed him into the tub and was playfully swaying her tail as she left the room. Malu caught his breath and wiped the water from his face as he sat down between Ce'Dra and Delanne laughing hysterically.

"Sorry about that Delanne…I'm always sticking my nose into places where it doesn’t belong." He was howling with laughter. Delanne blushed. Ce'Dra was slouching downwards grasping her tummy the laughter hurt so much.
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Chapter Four of the Blade Dance
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2004, 05:46:08 pm »
More. I must read more. '<img'>

Very interesting in that Delanne might be developing feelings for James. Curious as to who Ce'Dra has feelings for.

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Chapter Four of the Blade Dance
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'<img'>  Wow! Maybe I should post five! I'll give it a quick try, word doesn't always copy and paste well on here without having to go thru and change all the "" and ' etc. I just paste it on and see if it works since I am out of time to correct the errors on pasting. Gotta pick the kid up from school!

Thanks again Otto Lontra, here's chapter five, at your request!
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Chapter Four of the Blade Dance
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Cool. Must read ch. 5. Thanks. '<img'>