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Chapter Seven of the Blade Dance
« on: May 10, 2004, 02:01:41 pm »
':blush:'  Here you go everyone Chapter 7! Hope you all enjoy!

Comments good or bad excepted graciously!

Blade Dance

A story by


© 2004 by Jim Wilson. All rights reserved. Story content and Characters herein are fictitious, any resemblance to any person living or dead or any actual event is coincidental. Characters Delanne, Luki, Malu, Alana, Raul, Kekona, Lani, James Terra Flastif, Kimberly Burr, Mister Thomas, or any other character other than specified. © Jim Wilson. Character Ce’Dra © Bobbie Wilson. Character Shoshana © Mellina Lathe-Steindler. Character Fixer © Robert Steindler.



Delanne wasn’t exactly showing Malu where the human was, she didn’t need too, he seemed to already know. It was at least a ten minute walk to the cave; Ce’Dra used the time to nervously ask questions.

“How many are there Delanne?”

Delanne was trying desperately to keep up with Uncle Malu, who was walking at a rather fast pace. “Just Jahmus…Uncle Malu, slow down!”

“Sorry Delanne.” As he slowed his pace. “I guess I’m just anxious to meet him.”

“You’ll scare him if you just show up, he’s blind…He’s only expecting me.” She warned him. “When we get there, stay outside until I check on him.”

Malu chuckled. “You’re right; I’m a little ahead of myself…So his name is Jahmus?” He asked questionably. “Such a strange name for a human.”

Blushing at her mistake she admitted. “I accidentally mispronounced his name.” She started giggling. “He told me he was rather fond of the name…said it sounded gentle like a breeze…he told me I could call him Jahmus if I wished.”

“Is he friendly?” Asked Ce’Dra nervously.

“I’ve already told you, yes he’s friendly.” Delanne answered in a stale tone.

“You don’t have to get mad me…The stories frighten me, I don’t know what to expect, I’ve never met a human.” Ce’Dra felt better now that she understood the human was friendly.

“I’m not mad at you Ce’Dra…Just trust me, he’s really sweet.” Trying to make the lioness feel better. “I kissed him on the cheek if that helps you define his disposition.”

Malu stopped in his tracks turning around as he smiled at Delanne in surprise. “You kissed him on the cheek?”

“He was being nice.” Defending her self as she continued. “I allowed him to touch my face because he couldn’t see…He told me I was pretty.”

Malu laughed. “That explains the odd look in the bath tub.”

Delanne blushed.

“How did he get here?” Ce’Dra asked. She was feeling more confident talking about the stranger.

“You two aren’t going to leave me alone until I tell you everything, aren’t you?” Delanne asked a little annoyed.

“I’m all ears.” Malu laughed.

Seeing now that Malu wouldn’t give up if she had kept silent, she explained everything to them both, down to detail from seeing him lying on the beach to the promise to come back and talk with him some more.

Malu was laughing. “Well, at least you met under better terms than old Martin and I did…I can see now where you get Jahmus…He was right, that’s a variation of James I haven’t heard either…Do you know the rest of his name?” He asked curiously.

Delanne shook her head. “I can’t remember all that was written on the tiny plaque that was on his pistols…Just that he’s Captain James of some HMS thing or another.”

“Ah…He’s British.” Malu seemed lost in thought.

Delanne corrected him. “I don’t think so…I think the name he said was English.”

Malu smiled at her. “English is the term of his common tongue, it means he is from England, also known as Britain which defines him as being British.”

“Oh…” She felt a little depressed. Malu seemed to know more about him than she did.

Delanne’s spirits perked up a little. At least Uncle Malu was excited about meeting him. The thought entering her mind as they were now nearing the cave.

“Sshh.” She motioned to them at the entrance as she spoke in a whisper. “Wait here, I don’t want to frighten him.”

They both nodded as Delanne slowly opened the door and called out to him as she stepped inside. “Jahmus…It’s me Delanne.”

There was no answer. “Jahmus?” She called out again. Then she saw him. “JAHMUS!”

That was enough to tell Malu not to stand around. Ce’Dra took a step backwards as he rushed in after Delanne. “Delanne?” He called out.

As his eyes adjusted to the low dim light of a dying fire he spotted Delanne kneeling next to a man that was lying on the floor with a cup in his hand. Evidentially, he was attempting to crawl to the stream to refill his class, and didn’t make it. Rushing over to them, Malu knelt down next to Delanne and felt the mans forehead. It was very warm and sweaty.

“He’s got a fever, we need to get him indoors…Delanne wrap the blankets around him.” Malu lifted the man to his feet as Delanne tucked the blankets around him. Slinging the man over his shoulder, he began for the caves exit as he gave the girls tasks to do. “Delanne, Gather his things from the table…CE’DRA!” He called out. She was already standing by the table. Malu smiled. “Get his clothing from the line…Thanks sweetie.”

After gathering everything, they followed Uncle Malu back towards the village. Delanne used the opportunity to replace the container back into the pouch.

“What’s that?” Ce’Dra asked curiously.

Delanne shrugged. “I don’t know, just a container full of black sand that smells horrible.”

Malu made himself sound clear. “It’s called gunpowder…Be extremely careful with it…If only a handful of that stuff touches fire, it would destroy an entire hut as if he it were never there.” They didn’t know what an explosion was so he did his best to describe to them that it was dangerous stuff.

Delanne’s eyes widened as did Ce’Dra’s as they both glanced to where she had been keeping it in her skirt.

Leading the girls down a different path he took them in through the back side of the village. It was vacant as everyone was over at the circle dancing.

Dancing? The music catching Delanne’s attention. “We’ve missed the commemoration!”

“Sshh…Quiet Delanne…We’ll take care of that later, I promise…Let’s get him inside.” Malu continued the lead as they entered Delanne’s home and into her bedroom. Placing the man into the bed, Malu relieved himself of breath. “He started getting heavy, I’m glad we don’t live on the other side of the island.” He chuckled softly.

“There you guys are… I was getting worried.”

“Mumma?” Delanne answered the voice behind her.

Alana smiled at the girls. “You two go on and enjoy what’s left of the dancing, I’ll see to it he gets better.”

Delanne complained. “Mumma.”

Alana’s voice was stern. “I’ll call you if you wakes, now go on.”

Determined to stand her ground, which she didn’t do much with her mother. “That’s the problem, if we wakes you might scare him, he only knows me.”

Malu raised an eyebrow defending her. “She’s got a point Alana; Delanne should be nearby for when he wakes up.”

Alana didn’t like it, but agreed to it. “Very well, you can sit at the foot of the bed…but I need the rest of you out…Go on.” She half chuckled as she gave Malu a pinch on his buttocks.

“Hey!” Malu played rubbing the spot where she had pinched him.

Alana only smiled and waved them out with a paw.

“Is Jahmus going to be okay Mumma?” Delanne asked worriedly.

“He’ll be fine once I get some medicine down him and he sleeps for awhile.” Answering her daughter as she headed to the kitchen.

Glancing over at him, she could tell he didn’t look so good. “I’m sorry I didn’t come back sooner.” Apologizing to him as she rubbed his lower leg through the blanket.

Alana came back with some kind of red liquid in a small cup. “Are you okay Delanne?” Asking at the site of a tear coming out of her daughter’s eye.

Wiping the tear away with a paw. “It’s my fault his so ill…If I hadn’t kept him a secret, he’d probably still be okay.”

Lifting the mans head up, she poured the liquid down his throat. “Don’t go blaming yourself sweetie, he’s ill from surviving the ocean…It’s a wonder he made it here at all.”

“Will he see again?” The thought worried her; she promised him he would see again.

Alana began unraveling the bandages from his eyes. “Let’s take a look.”

It didn’t take her very long to get them off. “Did you do this sweetie?” She asked.

Delanne only shook her head.

“You did a wonderful job of protecting his eyes, and their healing rather nicely…Take a look.” Motioning her to look into the mans eyes.

A lot of the burns and scratches had completely healed and his eyes were beginning to show signs of coloration.

“Thanks to you sweetie, he’ll see again in about two days.” Alana complimented.

With the medicine, she had brought a set of cloths and patches that were used for injuries. Carefully, she recovered the mans eyes and secured the band. “That’s all we can do for him right now…At least until he wakes up, there’s food and drink over on your desk if he gets hungry…Call me if you need anything, or if you need me to watch him okay?”

Delanne thru herself into her mothers grasp hugging her closely. “Thank you for helping him Mumma.”

Smiling at her daughter, she returned the hug. “You fancy the young man don’t you?”

“Is that wrong?” Delanne asked in a soft tone.

Her mother giggled. “Your Aunt Lani probably would have bonded with that Martin fellow if the elders allowed it; I can’t see any reason for you not to like him, he may be different, but he has a heart.”

Puzzled, she watched as her mother left the house to join the others at the dance. Aunt Lani? Bond? With…A human? That was one thought Delanne dwelled on for awhile as she watched the human sleep.


Delanne rolled her head as she sat up, it felt stiff from the position she was in. How long had she been asleep? Rubbing the crispies from her eyes she looked over at the shutters on the window. It was still dark out, but late enough that there were no reflections coming from the lanterns through out the village. Everyone must have turned in. The thought slowly taking effect as she reached out to check on Jahmus. He wasn’t there!

“Jahmus?” She called out softly. There was something moving on the floor next to the bed.

“My Lady, I thought you were a dream?” A voice stated from the ground.

“Sshh, you’ll wake everyone up.” She whispered crouching down onto the floor and taking a hold of him. “Let me help you get back into the bed.”

The man sat down at the edge of the bed and reached out to touch her. Delanne could barely see, but leaned forward so he could explore her face. “Delanne?” He asked making sure of himself.

Delanne giggled quietly. “Sshh, everyone’s sleeping…It’s me.” Her voice losing the giggle. “I’m sorry it took so long for me to return to you…When I came back, you were awfully ill.”

Jahmus felt the edge of the bed with his hands. “Where are we…This isn’t the cave.”

His boastfulness of not adhering to her warning to be quiet made her giggle; at least she was able to keep herself at low volume. “You need to keep quiet silly.”

“My apologies…It’s hard being blind.” He actually managed to whisper this time.

Taking a hold of his hand. “Is there anything I can get you?” She asked softly. “Food…or perhaps some juice?”

It was dark, but she could see his smile. “Your company is all I need for now.”

He was so good at making her blush. “Please…Humor me.” She smiled happily. “Allow me to get you something; you must be thirsty or hungry.”

Jahmus was ignoring her and seemed to be moving his head.

“What is it Jahmus?” Delanne asked in a quiet whisper.

Still looking around he asked her something she wasn’t expecting. “Who else is here?”

“My whole family, they’re down the hall.” She answered honestly.

“No…There’s someone else in the room.” He sounded nervous.

Straining in the dark, Delanne looked around her room carefully and barely spotted Uncle Malu hiding in the shadows. “Uncle Malu?”

Malu stepped out from the corner and lighted the candles on the vanity allowing Delanne to see him.

“Don’t be frightened Jahmus, it’s just my Uncle Malu…He carried you here from the cave.” Informing him of Malu’s presence.

Holding his arm up, Jahmus offered Malu his hand. “I am in you’re nieces debt sir, I am honored to meet you.”

Delanne watched with fascination as Malu clapped his paw into the hand of Jahmus and shook it accordingly. “The pleasures all mine Captain…You are welcome to stay as long as you like.”

“You are familiar with my customs Sir…After meeting the lovely young lady; I was under the impression that our cultures were different…Please forgive my ignorance.”

Delanne covered her muzzle to keep the sound of her giggles from being overheard. He was so charming and politely honest.

Malu shook his hand a second time chuckling as he did so. “Please Captain, by all means undress the propriety and call upon us as friends.”

The Captain was laughing; it brought Delanne a smile as she listened to him becoming friends with Uncle Malu.

“Well then Maw-Lu, I am known as Jim to close friends, though the lovely lady here has bestowed upon me the wondrous name of Jahmus, you are welcome to address me by this given name as well if you wish.”

Malu could tell Delanne was blushing.

“What’s all the laughter abo…?” Ce’Dra stopped in her tracks at seeing the human awake.

Delanne was giggling. “It’s okay Ce’Dra…I’d like you to meet Jahmus.” Helping the man stand she walked him over to the lioness. “Jahmus…This is my best friend Said-Dra, she is a lioness and like a sister to me.”

He offered her his hand as the lioness took a step backward. “Lady Ce’Dra, it is a privilege meeting you.”

Malu urged her on. “Go on Ce’Dra…He won’t hurt you.”

Teething her bottom lip, she shook her head.

“Please Ce’Dra…He’s really nice…You’ll like him.” Delanne was pleading with her.

The lioness only continued to shake her head.

Jahmus seemed to understand, he was different, a stranger to her and his presence probably frightened her. “It is okay Ce’Dra…It is still a pleasure to meet you.”

“Why’s everyone…MARTIN?” Aunt Lani stared as if she saw the dead walking.

“I beg your pardon Madam…My fathers name was Martin…Did you know him?” The man seemed puzzled.

Lani walked up to him looking him up and down and then over to Malu, back to Jahmus, back to Malu, and back to Jahmus again. “If Martin Lewis was your father, yes I knew him…You look just like him minus the eye patch.”

Malu’s eye widened as Jahmus spoke. “I am James Terra Flastif…Son of Martin Lewis Flastif.”

Lani’s eyes began to tear as everyone stared in complete shock. “You were only two when I knew him; he talked of you all the time and your mother Christine.” She glanced over to Malu who was still staring as Lani embraced the startled human.

“My father made berth here, before his name was called upon by the sea?” His question was unbelievable even to himself as Lani let him go.

“Yes, he was our friend, Malu was closest to him, I’m surprised he didn’t recognize you.” She proclaimed.

Delanne couldn’t believe it. Uncle Malu never said that his friend Martin had family. “Uncle Malu?” She asked. “Is it true?”

Malu was shaking his head slowly. “Forgive me James, my last memories of your father were in his passing days…The Sea never got him for the record, he lived his life in full, here on the island.”

The news of his father seemed to wear him down, but had a look of relief upon him as well. “Then I truly am among friends…I think I need to lie down.” He stumbled momentarily, but Delanne caught him and helped him back into bed.

“I think we need to let the poor man rest.” Aunt Lani announced as she began motioning everyone to leave the room. Lani had left Delanne behind to look after him.

Waiting until Aunt Lani closed the curtain to her room. “Are you alright?”

Jahmus lay there staring at the ceiling he couldn’t see. “All this time I thought he had perished in the sea…I wonder why he decided to stay here and not come home…I never knew him.”

Delanne felt sorry for him but tried to explain what she knew. “From the stories Uncle Malu told us when we were young; your father lost his ship and crew and had no way of leaving the island.”

“Just like me.” Jahmus muttered in regret.

The comment he had made hurt her feelings as she lowered her head and offered to him softly. “You don’t have to stay…I’ll do what I can to help you leave.”

Reaching out he found her paw and held it. “Forgive me my lady, I would be honored to stay…Just…They were a good crew, they were my family.”

“I’m sorry you lost them.”

The man smiled and sat up beside her, changing the subject. “Tell me about your family…You said you were wolf and fox, and that Ce’Dra was a lioness…What are the others if you don’t mind me asking?”

Smiling at his interest in her and with her family. “Uncle Malu is a red fox with an eye patch over his left eye.” Starting to giggle. “He said it was the one thing in common that he and Martin shared and it led to their friendship.”

“Your Uncle seems to be a good man…I would enjoy getting to know him as my father did.”

Squeezing his hand gently. “He’d like that.”

“I take it your Aunt Lani is a red fox as well?” He chuckled.

Raising an eyebrow. “Yes…What’s so funny?” she asked.

Jahmus was laughing. “Just the thought of what went through my mind as she embraced me.”  

Delanne asked him curiously. “What’s that?”

The man chuckled. “That’s what I thought.”

Opening her mouth in shock, but with a feeling of play in her eyes, she lightly slapped his shoulder. “You’re horrible.” She teased him with a laugh.

Tapping the wolf fox’s knee he smiled tenderly. “Now that we are in good spirits, would you like to tell me of this dinner and celebration you spoke of last night, that stole you away from our meeting?”

“It was a combined ceremony of the new moon and recognizing those of us who became of age.” She answered honestly.

“Were you born on this day?” He asked curiously.

“Yes I was.” She giggled.

The man looked surprised. “Well then my lady that is two things we share in common.”

Looking at him in puzzlement. “What do you mean?”

Smiling at her, he stood and asked for her help. “Could you walk me to my coat?”

Still holding his hand, she stood and guided him over to the blue coat that Ce’Dra had placed over the chair by her desk.

Fumbling around the pockets in his coat, she noticed he pulled out something rather quickly and held it behind his back to hide it.

“Delanne…It is customary of my people, when someone close to you celebrates a birthday, we find something meaningful to give them…Showing them that on this day, they are recognized as being someone special in our lives.”

Keeping the object behind his back with one hand, he held out his other for Delanne to hold. As she took hold, he continued. “Finding that we share the same birthday is rather interesting…but what sparks my interest is that you as well celebrate the cycles of the moon as I do.”

Delanne stared into the patches covering his eyes. It was like he said; it was interesting that they had so much in common. She continued to listen to him with a curious wonder.

“My lady.” Bringing her paw up to his face, he kissed it respectfully. “You have saved my life, and have won my heart in friendship with your kindness.”

Bringing forth his other hand, he held out an object that took Delanne by surprise as he finished. “This is a symbol of my family and of our way of life; I would be honored if you would accept it as a gift.”

Delanne’s eyes widened. The object was a round silver pendant about one and a half inches in diameter. In the center was an integrated star with five points and on the silver band that incased it were the phases of the moon in order.

“It’s beautiful.” She admitted as she continued eyeing it. “It looks important, I couldn’t possibly accept it.”

Jahmus smiled letting go of her hand. “My family has an old tradition, which is passed down throughout the generations.” His thumb and finger began rubbing over the necklace as he continued. “When a child in our family is born, the father forges a pentagram with his own hands and gives it to his offspring in the hopes that one day they will find someone worthy of passing it on to…Usually it is given to someone you have fallen in love with but there are rare occasions when it is given to a friend that is held dear.”

Delanne looked up into his covered eyes shaking her head slowly. “I hardly know you…and I couldn’t possibly take the only memory of your father, it wouldn’t feel right.”

Jahmus nodded. “You are very special my lady, your heart is a rare treasure…I have not yet found a love to give it to, and it would seem my only closest friends have perished due to my negligence…You have saved my life and have been most kind to me despite our differences…I can not think of anyone I would rather pass it on to.” Smiling, he held the necklace out by the leather strap the pendant was attached to. “It is your birthday, and we are friends…I do not have much in my possession that is meaningful, I would be pleased if you would accept this as a token of our friendship.”

Delanne was speechless. Jahmus was unlike anyone she ever knew, and he saw her as a friend and wished to give her something meaningful. Besides Ce’Dra, she had no friends because of her impurity and here was Jahmus, a stranger with much uniqueness as her own wanting to be her friend. “You are the kindest person I have ever known.” She admitted to him as she found herself embracing him tightly. To her surprise, Jahmus returned the embrace and whispered a thank you as he pulled back placing the necklace over Delanne’s head.

“Delanne…Breakfast is ready…Jahmus is more than welcome to join us if he’s well enough.” Aunt Lani’s voice interrupted from the kitchen.

Delanne giggled at her Aunt’s timely interruption as she relayed the question to Jahmus. “Would you like to join us for breakfast?”

Jahmus smiled and proposed an elbow to escort her. “It would be my pleasure my lady.”

Blushingly she hooked her arm around his and guided him towards the kitchen.
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Chapter Seven of the Blade Dance
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That's wonderful. I'm so drawn into the story. Plus the Celtic music I'm listening to adds to the reading and the imagery. Thanks for posting more of it. I must read on. On to chapter 8.

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Chapter Seven of the Blade Dance
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Thanks Otto Lontra!  '<img'>
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Chapter Seven of the Blade Dance
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You are most welcome, Blade Dance. Thank you for posting the chapters. '<img'>