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Chapter Six of the Blade Dance
« on: May 05, 2004, 09:14:28 pm »
Here you go everybody! Chapter six! Enjoy!

Any comments good or bad are still welcomed graciously!

Blade Dance

A story by


© 2004 by Jim Wilson. All rights reserved. Story content and Characters herein are fictitious, any resemblance to any person living or dead or any actual event is coincidental. Characters Delanne, Luki, Malu, Alana, Raul, Kekona, Lani, James Terra Flastif, Kimberly Burr, Mister Thomas, or any other character other than specified. © Jim Wilson. Character Ce’Dra © Bobbie Wilson. Character Shoshana © Mellina Lathe-Steindler. Character Fixer © Robert Steindler.



It was now dark on the island and the tables were lighted by the many poles that were set up throughout the village and around the squared area. Each one having a bright flame that burned safely at the top within a metal lantern. Sounds of chatter and laughter from around the tables echoed into the ears of Luki as he noticed Delanne and Ce’Dra returning from where they had disappeared. It felt awful seeing Delanne’s reaction when his wife Alana and his brother in law Malu had playfully embraced during the paw exchange. Only then did he realize that he had forgotten to have the talk with his younger daughter and hoped Delanne didn’t hate Malu for his own failure and incompetence as her father. The grief began to lift away as he watched Delanne throw herself upon Malu embracing him tightly.

“Ha, ha, ha.” The sound of laughter coming from the massive lion from across the table. His head was shrouded by a huge mane that seemed to wrap around his face. “To be so young and full of wonder.” He laughed out load to Luki as he chomped down on a piece of crab meat he had pulled from its shell and tossed aside. “See, I told you Ce’Dra would bring her back in good spirits.”

Luki smiled at his old friend. “It will be good for Delanne having your daughter around all time…I can’t thank you enough Jayco, for your support.”

Swallowing his delightful bite. “Anytime my friend.”

Looking down at the table with a nod he looked back up at his friend. “I still wish that you hadn’t given up your position with the lions, your tribe has always supported the impure, it wasn’t necessary for you to join us.”

“Bah.” Waving a hand through the air, Jayco had always been one to speak out loudly and direct to how he was feeling. “I am needed here.” A slight pause in his voice as he leaned in towards Luki with a whispering chuckle. “Besides…My family isn’t entirely pure.” His head motioning to where his daughter Ce’Dra was sitting.

Following the lions lead, he watched the group at the end of the table laugh and giggle as Malu seemed to be telling them an enriching story. It appeared to him that Ce’Dra was constantly looking in Delanne’s direction. Returning his eyes upon the lion across the table he spoke of his curiosity. “I see the young lioness fancies Delanne?”

Some seriousness escaped through the smiling lion as he offered Luki the truth of the matter. “More than you know.” He began chuckling to himself, and then placed a friendly paw upon Luki’s shoulder as his voice seemed to have a hidden question within his words. “Times change my friend…and so must we.”

Luki exchanged both customary paws with his old friend and looked into his eyes with a friendly passion as he spoke. “Ce’Dra has always been welcome in our home…she has no need for permission to call upon Delanne.”

Jayco’s massive paw slapped down onto Luki’s shoulder as he boasted out in laughter. “I’ll be sure to tell her you said so.”


“Uncle Malu!” Kekona got after him again, only this time she was blushing. Malu was telling Brektor about something Kekona had done when she was very young. “I only kissed that damn rabbit because father said I had to stop punching her for teasing Delanne.”

Everyone around them was laughing. Delanne remembered that day well. They were only forty or fifty cycles old at the time and this rabbit named Cabitha used to pull on her ears and tail, making fun of her mixed markings as the rabbit’s group of friends giggled and laughed. She and Kekona were playing on the beach one day when Cabitha and her group of friends strolled over to tease her again. Usually Kekona ended up brawling with them, but after father had gotten after her about fighting, she had changed her tactics on the white bunny. Kekona had said. ‘How would you like it if you were seen as impure’ and kissed the giggling rabbit on the mouth.

“That’s a good one Uncle Malu.” Brektor was laughing with tears in his eyes. “I think I’m going to enjoy being a part of this family.”

Uncle Malu? Hearing Brektor calling him that disturbed Delanne, but he seemed different from what she remembered of him. When they were younger, Brektor had been one of those who used to tease her; she wondered if perhaps being with Kekona had changed him.

Malu began to butter a piece of bread, as his laughter started to die down from the story. “We’re happy to have you.”

Kekona nestled into the dark wolf. “See, I told you everyone would accept you, even Delanne.”

What? The question popping into Delanne’s head. Did Brektor actually think she wouldn’t accept him? Looking over at the dark grey wolf, she noticed he was looking at her.

“Delanne.” He began to speak to her. “I’m sorry for the way I treated you when were young, I didn’t know any better.” He actually meant it. “Falling in love with your sister and getting to know you all, has taught me a lot.”

Delanne’s eyes only widened as she stared at him, she wasn’t expecting such a straight forward apology.

Brektor smiled at her and then began to nestle and rub noses with Kekona.

Malu was chuckling. “You going to stare at them all night Delanne?” Taking a bite out of the buttered piece of bread as Ce’Dra giggled.

Delanne blushed as she looked away from where she had been staring.

“Father.” The sound of a happy red fox called out.

Malu turned around and found his son Raul coming over from the third table. Standing, he embraced his son and motioned for him to join them.

Taking the vacant seat on the opposite side of Ce’Dra, the lioness blushed as he smiled at her and greeted the two friends. “Ce’Dra…Delanne.”

“Hi Raul.” Delanne waved at her cousin. He was the spitting image of his father. Same height, same build, the shaved head, the only difference between the two of them was the fact that Uncle Malu had an eye patch over his left eye and Raul took things more seriously.

“I’ve got the four music pits finished and set up as you asked.” Raul told his father as he helped himself to a crab leg. “Though your apprentice was being persistent about the band staying together as one group.”

Malu smiled. “Thank you…As for the young raccoon, he’ll change his mind when he hears them play.”

Delanne just noticed that the silver sash across Malu’s black robe was solid instead of white with silver trim. “Father isn’t conducting the band anymore?” She asked curiously. It didn’t bother her; after all, Uncle Malu was her father’s apprentice. It’s just that she was under the impression that her father would never give it up, he loved it so much.

Smiling at her. “Your father felt that since I am going to be the new teacher of the dance, that I should direct the ceremony of it as well.”

Brektor joined into the conversation. “From what I hear, you’re the best composer on the entire island.”

Admiring the comment. “Luki’s always telling me that… he says I’m ready.” Taking a sip from his mug and setting it back down. “I must admit, that I do enjoy it…I’ve always dreamed of this day.”

“I’m proud of you Uncle Malu.” Delanne announced to him.

“Thank you Delanne.” He was actually blushing from behind his mug as he took another sip.

“I’m proud of you too.” Ce’Dra added.

“Thank you Ce’Dra.” Ruffling her hair with his paw.

“Delanne?” Raul was calling her.

Taking her glance off her blushing Uncle she looked over to Raul, who was offering her a strand of lavender. The oddness of it made her raise an eyebrow. A strand of lavender was a peculiar way to show he fancied her. Though she was thrilled to know that someone else thought of her as being pretty, even if it was her cousin.

“It was the only thing I could find that matched your eyes…I hope it doesn’t bother you that it isn’t a flower?” He asked apologetically.

Delanne began teething her bottom lip, a habit from Ce’Dra that was beginning to rub off on her. Standing from her chair, she rushed around the table hugging him and planting a kiss on his cheek. “That was very sweet of you Raul, thank you.”

Raul then turned to Ce’Dra offering her a flower as she choked on her pineapple juice; she wasn’t expecting a flower from him, and not just any flower, but a blue one from the northern hillside. “I’ve never seen a green flower, so I looked all over the island for the prettiest one.”

Staring at the flower with widened eyes, she reached out to receive it. “You climbed that hill, just for me?” She asked adoringly.

“A pretty lion deserves a pretty flower.” He answered with a smile.

Ce’Dra pounced onto him with a big warming hug and kissed his cheek. “Thank you.” Her face turning a dark red from blushing as she placed the flower in her hair.

“Brektor?” Raul asked. “I hope you don’t mind, but I have a flower for Kekona as well…I cannot give one pretty sister a flower without giving one to the other.” He was holding out a small white flower with a blue center.

The soon to be bonded wolf smiled. “It’s nice to know I chose a mate who stands out with such beauty that others offer her flowers.”

Kekona looked upon him adoringly. “Brektor…” She nestled into his arms, holding him closely as her paw petted his chest.

Smiling at the young couple, Raul placed the flower on the table in front of them and hugged his father. “Now that I’ve given the prettiest girls on the island a flower, I’m going to go and finish up the preparations for the ceremony.”

Malu nodded as his son left, he was enjoying the moment of watching his nieces blush and giggle over each others flowers. At least until Lani surprised him out of his trance by straddling over him in the chair giving him a kiss.

“Aunt Lani.” Ce’Dra whined out. The tip of Lani’s tail was lying on her plate.

Breaking her embrace, she politely smiled. “Sorry Ce’Dra.” Lani began giggling and turned to rub noses with Malu.

Delanne watched them; it was comforting to know they were still in love, but it still bothered her knowing what Uncle Malu had admitted to her earlier, as she glanced down the row of tables, her eyes watched a couple of male squirrels kissing. “Uncle Malu?” She asked still looking over at the squirrels who were now rubbing noses. “How come everyone is so open now on their affections, I don’t remember ever seeing you and Aunt Lani loving each other in public before.” Looking back at her Uncle, she swallowed and continued. “Or you and Mom.”

Malu raised his head over Lani’s shoulder catching a glimpse of the squirrels and a mixed couple consisting of a male red fox and a brown female bunny sharing their affections with one another. Turning back to Delanne he smiled. “We never could before…It was seen as impure.” Carefully he rotated Lani sideways in his lap so he could better see his niece. “Before this historic night, we had to show our affections in private…” Smiling playfully at Lani. “Though certain affections are meant to have privacy.” He began teasing Lani’s nose with his, and then looked back in Delanne’s direction as he continued. “Everyone here has something about them that used to be seen as impure…Now that we are a mixed tribe without prejudice, we don’t have to secretly hide anymore.”

Lani could tell that wasn’t what was really bothering her. “Delanne sweetie.” She offered her niece with a smile. “I was very much like you when I was young…There were a lot of things I didn’t understand or want to understand, because they were seen as impure and were kept in secret by those who lived freely.”

Turning her smile on Malu she petted the side of his face and looked back towards Delanne. “The release is something that we unfortunately must have at least once per cycle…After time; it becomes difficult to force yourself cycle after cycle to do something that nature intended to be pleasant…Being bonded and in love, does make it easier, but it can still become unpleasant at times from being routine rather than spontaneous…So sometimes bonded couples will get together with an optional or another bonded couple to help make the release more pleasurable so the love between them doesn’t become stagnant.” Lani looked into Malu’s eyes as she continued to speak to Delanne. “I love Malu with all my heart…I know that we could be bonded and share the release together forever, without becoming routine or becoming stagnant.” Turning back to face Delanne. “But it is rather pleasurable to keep things interesting between us.” She began to blush.

“See Delanne, they just enjoy exploring each other, nothing wrong with that.” Kekona laughed as she massaged Brektor’s ears.

Aunt Lani always seemed to know how to explain things well; it made Delanne feel better knowing why and how things worked. If Uncle Malu had said this before hand, she probably wouldn’t have gotten upset with him and had that awful argument with Ce’Dra. “I’m sorry Uncle Malu for not trusting you.”

Malu smiled. “I’m just glad you understand things now…I’m sorry you had to find out this way.”

Returning his smile she put her attention on Lani. “Thanks Aunt Lani.”

Ce’Dra asked a question that made both Delanne and Aunt Lani stare at her. “Aunt Lani…Uncle Malu says that you fancied the man in blue, maybe even loved him; is that true?”

The question sparked Kekona’s and Brektor’s attention as well.

Aunt Lani began to turn a bright red as she blushed. The question brought back ancient memories of long ago. “Martin?” She asked blushing even more. Delanne listened closely with a feeling of admiration as Lani continued. “Yes I did.” Answering with a giggle. “He was friendly, kind and politely honest.” Rubbing noses with Malu. “A charming man who was handsome and always called me his lady.” Uncle Malu and her seemed to share an inside joke as their foreheads met while they smiled affectionately at each other.

Delanne started giggling. “Sounds like Jahmus, you’d like him.”

Everyone’s attention fell upon Delanne with wonder; no one knew she fancied anyone, especially Ce’Dra. Malu chuckled as he asked the question everyone was thinking. “Who’s Jahmus?”

Delanne froze at the realization of announcing Jahmus’s existence; her eyes were widened in panic as she stared at Malu. She hadn’t meant to say that out loud.

Ce’Dra looked puzzled and hurt; Delanne never said anything about fancying anyone. After a moment of silence from her friend without an answer, she quietly repeated Malu’s question. “Delanne…Who’s Jahmus?”

Gently punching Delanne’s arm, Kekona was curious too as she laughed. “Come on Delanne, speak up.”

Swallowing nervously she looked around the table and then up to Malu as she tried to find a way out of it, but only truth came out of her mouth. “Someone I met this afternoon on the beach.”

Aunt Lani looked at her with the feeling of being a proud mother. “Is he here?” She looked around at all the tables and then back at Delanne. “What species is he?”

Everyone started asking questions at once. Where is he? Is he Fox? Is he Raccoon? What’s the color of his eyes? Do we know him? What tribe is he with? Is he cute? Has he given you a flower?

The enormous amount of questions flooded her ears and began to make her panic as she stared into Malu’s eye; she was frightened as words exploded out of her mouth. “Don’t hurt him Uncle Malu…He won’t hurt anybody…He’s really nice…He’s been in an accident and he’s blind…I only meant to help him…Please Uncle Malu…It doesn’t bother him that we’re different…He actually likes me…I know you’ll like him…You said Martin was a good friend…Jahmus is just like Martin.”

The group fell completely silent upon her words; they were speechless and stared at her in disbelief. Malu leaned forward in his chair to get closer to her as his paw motioned for everyone to remain quiet. Very carefully and quietly he whispered. “Delanne…Are you trying to tell me he’s human?”

Teething her bottom lip, she stared at him shaking her head side to side, but Malu could tell her eyes were saying yes. Trying to comfort her, he kept his whisper. “Its okay Sweetie…I trust you…Is your friend okay…Do you need my help?”

Still teething her lip, Delanne nodded yes nervously.

Sitting up right Malu seemed to take command of the situation but kept his whisper. “Lani…Quietly ask Luki to direct the ceremony for me, let him know what’s going on…Kekona, Brektor…Go into Delanne’s room…Prepare her bed with extra pillows and blankets, we will be bringing him there, and gather some food and juice for him…Ce’Dra come with us, we might need your help carrying him back.”

Quietly the group broke up and went their separate ways to fulfill their assigned tasks.
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Chapter Six of the Blade Dance
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2004, 10:02:16 pm »
Woah! That's awesome. Looks like Delanne has gotten herself into a slight jam here. Should be interesting to see what happens when James is brought into the village. I'll have to find otu tomorrow though. Tis time to sign off and head to bed. I really want to thank you for posting the story, Blade Dance. Looking forward to reading more. Take care. '<img'>

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Chapter Six of the Blade Dance
« Reply #2 on: May 05, 2004, 10:21:06 pm »
':blush:'  Thanks Otto Lontra! Chapter Six is one of my favorite chapters! I really enjoyed writing it.

I might post the other four chapters I have, if enough people are interested, I feel kinda bad. I don't want to flood the forum with chapters. Even though I only have 10 completed so far and am working on 11 +.

I'll see though, at least a few people admire it, and that means alot to me! I really love my characters and being able to share them with everyone.

I'll decide by tomorrow morning if I should post them or not, give others a chance to read and catch up.  '<img'>

Thank you to those who have read it and enjoy it! Means alot!
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