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comic strip
« on: May 20, 2004, 09:48:48 am »
hello all, just writeing to say that i'm working on a small comic strip, i actully need some help on it , i only have a few mins at the moment to start this topic but once i get back from work ill make a larger post containing what ive already done, mainly im looking for some tips, of course sugestions and coments are welcome
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comic strip
« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2004, 12:46:52 pm »
well everyone this is what ive got done so far for the comic the characters might change around things will be added and what not, the comic maily focusus on the first 4 characters listed, the other 2 were added as an after thought, i have yet to come up with wording for or an actully drawings for the strips as im still in the working process, any coments are welcomed as they will help me decide what to keep and change for the better of the comic strip

1. Kaze Katsumaru - a half breed wolf and fox coyote, he’s just gotten out of the army and has enlisted in colledge with his best friend from his hometown, Selinna.

2. Kumori - a pergine cat, she meets Kaze over the net and they slowly fall for one another

3. Selinna - a Roo attending colledge for acting, she works part time as a waitress at a night club

4. Leon - a horse, he ends up meeting Rebecca when she passes out durning gym class, love at first sight.

5. Nikki - a hermaphrodite Artic Tiger  who enjoys nothing more than to be with Timone, though she herself is quite a vixxen when she becomes interested in something, she is often mistaked as a male because of a rather flat chest and her masculine appearance, not to mention a slightly deep voice which is both feminine and masculine

6. Timone - a rather built and quite muscular Bear standing at 6’5”, he is bi-sexual and often playful towards other’s though he truly loves Nikki

Sub Characters
1. Carlos - Kaze Father a rather tall wolf at 6’9”
2. Jill - Kaze Mother a 5’ 9” fox coyote hybrid
3. Dan - Kaze younger Brother whose in middle school
4. Clair -Kaze  Younger Sister in elementary school
5. Celest -Kaze  Employer a Doe, hired Dante to be security Guard

1.  Adam - Rebecca’s Father, likes things to remain to custom
2. Serena- Rebecca’s Mother
3. Adam - Rebecca’s Employer a Raccon, hired Rebecca to be a Waitress

1. Thomas - Sellinna’s Father
2. Kerry - Sellinna’s Mother
3. Samantha - Sellinna’s Sister
4. Jamie -  Sellinna’s Employer a Squirrel, hired Sellina to be a tendress at night club

1. Kyle - Leon’s Father
2. Aerial - Leon’s Mother
3. Stephen - Leon’s Brother
4. Tanya - Leon’s Sister
5. Lucas - Leon’s Employer a Winged Wolf, hired Leon to be Graphic Designer for company’s Web Page’s

1. James - Nikki’s Father
2. Sarah - Nikki’s Employer a artic fox wolf hybrid, hired Nikki to be a clothing sale’s model

1. Micheal - Timone’s Father
2. Ada - Tmone’s Mother
3. Sebrina - Timone’s Employer a panther, hired Timone to be a Movie Star, x3 style

Strip one
Katsumaru is seen talking to best friend Selinna

Katsumaru is moveing thigns into room, while talking to Selinna, character Timone enters from bathroom with nothing but a towel on and waves lightly

Katsumaru and Selinna look at each other

Nikki steps behind Timone hugging him lightly

Selinna shakes head as Katsumaru eyes Nikki and Timone

Strip Two
Selinna Introduces Katsumaru to Timone and Nikki

Katsumaru dispite feeling quite out of place shakes hands

Katsumaru Heads to room to get some sleep

Selinna decides to head to bed and Katsumaru locks his room door

Katsumaru sighs shakeing head trying to fall asleep, listening to Nikki and Timone

Strip Three
Katsumaru wakes up late to class

Katsumaru scrambles to get dressed

Katsumaru runing down hallway's avoiding hall moitore

Katsumaru slips into class

Katsumaru shakes head, character 2 groans

Strip Four
Selinna is trying to setup Katsumaru computer

Katsumaru makes them dinner as Selinna’s getting frustrated

Selinna shouts and cheer’s as she gets the computer working and heads back to her own room

Selinna decide’s to go to bed as Timone and Nikki sit down to watcha  movie

Selinna sighs trying to sleep but cant because she can hear Timone and Nikki

Strip Five
Katsumaruand Selinna call Nikki and Timone to talk

All four talk about the setup of things

Selinna and Nikki switch rooms and things

Katsumaru and Selinna get ready for bed in their own rooms

Katsumaru and Selinna shake head sighing as they can hear characters 3 and 4 one room over

Strip 6
Next Morning Katsumaru begins getting computer setup for internet use

Sellina is woken by screaming and swear words

Katsumaru fuming at computer

Sellina smiles as she walks over and hooks up the phone line

Katsumaru bangs head on desk

Strip 7
i've learned to trust select few cause if you trust easily it shows how weak you are and when betrayal arises you are weak to confront it

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comic strip
« Reply #2 on: June 02, 2004, 10:52:30 pm »
'<img'>  Wow Kaze! Sounds as if you have everything in order and are ready to begin. Your cast of characters are in line and seem to have their own personalities and way of doing things. Your story board concept seems to take form. I think you're ready to start! Post a link or send me the address on pm or mail when you have part of it up!

I absolutely love and adore furry comics! Its what got me inspired to come out of the birthing box and write a story! I honestly can't wait to read it! You officially have your first fan!  '<img'>  Happy drawings!
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