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Comming Attractions
« on: April 28, 2004, 01:33:43 pm »
A bit of a preview for you of my new Idea. I will be posting the first part on friday if everything goes right. I still think it's unfair that the artists get their own forum and a technique forum while we writers get only the technique forum and no story forum. '<img'> anyway.

Somewhere in my Secret Heart
A never ending story by Rukan Hisashi
Based on true events

Episode 1:
The Storyteller’s Secrets

   Life has a funny way of making things change in the blink of an eye. One minute a person might think they have it all but in the next they see it fall apart and become a smoking pile of rubble. Now the real successful people in the world can use that pile to create a totally new life. And thus they are like a phoenix rising from the ashes of their former life with resourcefulness and creativity.
   Sometimes, however, life likes to play games with that which we hold most dear and true to ourselves, something that once broken takes a very very long time to heal. The heart.
   Rukan lay on his bed looking at the ceiling of his bedroom with a smile on his face. Everyone that knew the kitsune’ would have thought he would have a frown but no, a smile shone there brightly as he shook his head. He found himself deep in thought over what the past week had brought him and the one that took his heart and ran with it.
   He found that not even a tiny cell in his body could hate her for what she did to him. He figured that she had her reasons but it didn’t matter anyway because he loved her. He felt it every time she came to mind. A warm comforting feeling rising in his chest quickly that lingered there and the funny smile on his face causing him to give out a content and happy sigh.
   “Cali I would still wait for you.” Said Rukan softly closing his eyes and rolling to his side.
Fine! I'll go to my room! I have lots of video games ^.^