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Community Story
« on: January 26, 2004, 05:00:37 am »
To start off this is a mix if writing and role playing so if its better off in roleplaying plz move someone..I hate voilating forum rules!

Anyway just starting a commuity story how it works is I start off with a breif beginning then ppl come in and post a bit more to the story...

Im going to use a map from the book im already writing but please have the decency not to steal my names of places because alot of work has gone into my book and the names and this map are important to me!

Now The story Basics are : Its set in a medeival world about year 1300...and its a world full of anthro characters..US!!!

okay my part now....

It was a sunny day in Alkian pass, the sun beams came glistening through the tree tops and dancing across the stream which flowed down from the Zirath Ranges. A few little birds were splashing around in the stream and just near the edge on a rock sat Zwabbe. Zwabbe was a wolf cross human he was dressed in a black robe which flowed from his left shoulder down around his waist and down to his knees showing his right side of his chest and by his side fastend to his belt hung a long silver sword glistening in the sunlight.

Zwabbe was sleeping peacefully by the creek.....

(now someone else will enter..blah blah..that crap they can do what ever they want make other characters do things EG: like someone might come in and talk to me or fight or swin..but then i can come back and take control of myself and then the next person make use us two and themselves so on..there is no rules except of course it must stay as pg 13 so the forum guidelines state)