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« on: February 04, 2004, 04:57:30 pm »
I flopped my bookbag down on the kitchen table and glanced at the clock, heart sinking a bit. I was the only one home, everyone else was late.

My sister was away at college, and mom and dad were at work. Usually, they’re home before I am-but today, as was becoming more and more common for them, they weren’t. I turned on the radio and sat down, ready to do my homework, but for some reason, I couldn’t get in the vibe. I read the problems over and over again not really seeing them or comprehending. I headed upstairs and into my room, plopping down on my bed.

Lately, things had been weird for me. I’d been doing things I hadn’t thought of in years-drawing and writing, for example-and was fading away from my friends and the things I had recently gotten into. I used to be an active French club member, now I was lucky to show up at all. I also used to hang out with my friends, but recently, I had become more of a loner. My parents seemed convinced it was a phase, and some people were wondering if something was wrong at home.

It wasn’t my home that was bothering me. It was my heart.

Something was missing, something I had lived without for a long while but couldn’t anymore. When I had tried explaining this to my friends they were convinced I needed a boyfriend or a pet. The pet seemed like a good idea, but my parents didn’t think I’d take care of it and didn’t want to clean up after it. I ended up getting fish. They were cool, and I proved I was responsible, but you couldn’t cuddle a fish. As for a boyfriend? They were overrated; I didn’t need one at the moment.

I looked at my far wall, covered with posters of various actors and singers. My desk was cluttered with junk, and I spotted the laptop my sister had given to me when she went away for college. She had gotten a newer, better one, and gave the old one to me. I’d done literally nothing with it.

I grabbed it and flopped back down on my bed. I hadn’t ever operated a laptop before, but I was right good with the others. I decided to wipe out all my sisters old files, first, to clear out disk space.

Fortunately, there wasn’t a lot to clear up. She’d only left a few things there, and they made me laugh. One was a folder labeled ‘pr0n’, which was a joke between us. It contained a bunch of joke media and movie files, from a poor man bullet time skit, to some very r rated talk show skits. Another was labeled ‘Music’, another ‘documents’ and another ‘projects’.

I looked through each folder, skipping documents-they were probably boring homework stuff. I got to projects. There were some doodles, and then another folder inside of this one, labeled ‘Furry’. I thought of it as another joke, and opened it.

I was wrong.

There were pictures of animals at first. Then I noticed, as I continued to browse, that some of them had hands or feet or humanoid expressions. I didn’t get it. I thought my sister hated animals! They were done by varying artists, reading the signatures on them. Finally, at the end, some were wearing clothing, talking, or doing human things-all walking on two feet. This was pretty interesting-animals with humanoid intelligence and features-and then there was another folder inside, this one labeled ‘Yiff’.

I double clicked, but it asked for a password. I tried out some of the more common ones- no1bigsista, lagrrl, to no avail. I then typed in ‘yiff’, as if THAT would work-but got in.

I wish I hadn’t.

There were some VERY revealing pictures of more of the part animal people-some just posing, and some doing things I didn’t even think were possible. I clicked out of there fast and decided to use the net, to do a search on google.

I decided to type in ‘Furry’ first, rather than yiff.

Only the third hit seemed relevant. Tigerden, it said. Shrugging, I clicked the link. Reading through it, certain surprised jumped out at me.

“shows, including CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Jimmy Kimmel, The Man Show, ER, Drew Carey, and specials on MTV and HBO have featured furries” and “Bugs Bunny; mythical creatures such as werewolves and dragons (the possession of fur is not a requirement of being "furry"); or aliens such as the Wookies and Ewoks of Star Wars’” stuck to me.

Well, I knew my sis had a thing for MTV and CSI. I couldn’t picture her watching the others, though. I decided to look a little deeper. The next hit, the fourth, was good as well- I found that there were comics, magazines, books, conventions, websites with art-anything that could include the content did.

Doing a ‘furry links’ search, I looked through the third hit,’s links. I glanced at some of them and added tigerden to my favorites.

I didn’t look at the individual art pages, and skipped over the ‘furrymuck’-as I had no idea what that even was. It sounded pretty dirty, rather like yiff appeared to be. After furry publications came furry web providers. Well, THAT seemed interesting enough. I looked at all of them, spending the greater part of two hours looking at a lot of the posts, pictures, stories, and URLs. I found that the MTV and CSI, as well as other programs, were based upon mainly false pretenses. MTV and CSI stated that furs were perverts who did the nasty in fursuits, did disgusting things to stuffed animals, and exposed themselves to unwilling animals. But most of the people were, in fact, just that-people. Only they wore fur sometimes.

I shut off the computer as I heard the door opening downstairs. Mom was home, and as she was late it meant pizza was, too.

Hopping off my bed, I ran down the stairs, head spinning with what had occurred in the last few hours.

Does anyone have any comments, questions, suggestions? I feel like I rushed through it a little, I might go back sometime and add more or take away some things. And, this isn't about me, I just decided to write in first person for a change '<img'>

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Its interesting.
Like to see where you go with it
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'<img'>  Not bad. It is a good start. '<img'>
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I can't wait to see what happens when you actually talk to furries.... *grin*