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Fursona story
« on: February 06, 2004, 02:55:28 pm »
This is basically the beginning of a story chronicalling the story of my fursona's life, at least in the universe he's originally from. Comments are weclome!

 Draska's Tale
 The most notable even tin Draska's childhood, besides his later abduction, was the death of his father.  Sianir Rr'Viski commanded a frigate in the Imperial Star Navy, which was destroyed in one of the earlier border skirmishes with the Ver'Kan's up and coming space fleet. For a short while, Draska and his grieving mother were the center of all the news spots, the family of the male who had sacrificed his life, and his ship, for the home world and the Empire. Than, the war was on and the reporters were off to the front.

   The Ver'kan came. They came in three massive fleets which smashed aside the Imperial Star Navy at Sirroi V, they proceeded to Drosh.  After a short and one-sided exchange with orbiting defense platforms, the invasion began.  

   Draska huddled in the shelter beneath the street, having fled there when the alarm was sounded.  The other civilians in the shelter winced every time an artillery round flew overhead to explode nearby.  Draska mewled in distress and huddled closer to his mother, the entire experience frightening him.  Suddenly, several armored Ver'Kan soldiers, led by an unarmored scientist entered the shelter.  The civilian, the only one who could actually be identified as a Ver’kan, had black hair, black eyes, pointed ears, and skin with a slightly yellowish tinge.
   He looked about for a moment before motioning at Draska and two other cubs that were in the shelter.  Several of the soldiers advanced, trying to take the children.
   "No!" Draska's mother screamed as she wrenched her son away from the soldier and leapt at him.
   The soldier took a step back, pulled out his pistol, and fired.  The female fell to the ground in mid leap, eyes dimming in death.  Draska yowled in surprise and fear as the soldier walked over and picked up the cub, carrying him out of the shelter where he was placed in a tiny shuttle with a group of other cubs, all between 9 and 13.  The shuttle lifted off slowly and blasted for space.  Draska's childhood was over.

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Fursona story
« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2004, 06:04:25 pm »
Nice story, love to read more!
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