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« on: November 02, 2012, 05:17:09 am »
[a short story I wanted to do for halloween hehe but o.o it's a bit tardy]

Blood dripped onto the floor as the knife slide across the floor...stumbling back a man stood there holding his gut, blood soaking through his snow white fur as he gritted his teeth ~It..just doesnt stop...why wont it stop?~ he tore off the reminder of the black short sleeve shirt he was wearing, trying to stop the blood from spilling out with it. As he was slouched over a bit, no one would of guessed this man was really 6'7 and 290 lbs of lean muscle. His wolf tail twitching behind him as he had a sudden flash of how this came to be.


"Hey you guys this isnt funny anymore." a chuckle left his lips the wolf standing there, smiling without a care in the world it seemed. His black shirt covered with a leather vest that upon the back of it held a heptagram on it, each point being a different element. Angelic at the top and demonic at the bottom, the other five elements surrounding the outsides. His lower half he wore a pair of tight blue jeans and black knee high leather boots he had tucked his pants legs into. Hearing a rustling his orange eyes peered at the bush nearby, behind his black locks that had purple tips, before another male jumped out wrapping his arms around his neck "Gotcha." he chuckled a bit as they tumbled to the ground

The other that had jumped out was a small mouse guy, black furred with patches of white here and there, one being over his left eye. As he sat on the other he was wearing a Thor outfit complete with hammer...holding it up he lightly baps the wolf on the nose "You know, been better if you dressed up would look good in a captain american's outfit I bet." he teased as he brushed aside his light blond hair his light purple eyes looking into James' eyes hearing the other "Oh it would of been then I decided to go as a generic badguy from an anime that got killed off in episode 4." he chuckled poking the mouse in the gut "Victor mind getting off me before I have to go all Hulk on you?"

As they got up they hugged each other James giving Victor a light kiss on his nose "Ok let's get going. What is next on the agenda?" he asked before he got a cold feeling as they walked near a few Halloween decorations. Stopping he looked to see an amulet just hanging there, jade green with red gems adorning it with a white gold rim around the outside. There were engravings on it as he reached for it he felt the air get colder before he knew it he was holding this mysterious object in his hands as Victor looked at the object seeing that he had been talking and James wasnt paying attention.

Snatching the amulet from James Victor looked at it "What's this?" he began to run his finger along it blinking "This...isnt fake's too well made. Do you think someone lost this?" he said as James took hold of it tilting his head a bit "I guess but, look at these weird engravings on it. They are so interesting." as they held the amulet the two snatched it from each other looking it over as eyes were watching them...neither of them noticed but, a third party was watching from the tree near them.

Standing atop a low branch a cat stood there with realistic looking demonic wings on it's back as she wore a tight black leather corset that had a purple velvet pattern on the back, some of them looking like the engravings on the amulet, her bottom half wearing a tiny leather skirt as she went barefoot. Leaning down she grinned at the two spooking them when they took notice dropping the amulet to the ground it made a loud clang sound before it was repicked up by Victor as James faced the girl who appeared to be like a black and purple striped cat

"You mind not scaring the crap out of us." as he watched the girl he could tell her eyes were locked on the amulet "Is this yours?" James said before she shrugged a bit "Never seen it before in my life..though I do note it is very pretty. Wanted a better look is all." she said before she turned on the branch jumping out of it onto the street across a fence disappearing into the night

Victor held the amulet up pouting a bit "It's cracked James." he said that as he could of swore he saw the gems begin to lose their luster. As they looked at it James shrugged tossing it off behind them "I guess if it cracked with ease it wasnt real." as he said that the amulet hit the ground cracking in two before a cold wind came out of nowhere..standing there James pulled Victor close to him to keep him warm...the full moon that was out started to change the ground looking tinted with red coloring they both looked up to see the moon was starting to change in appearance

The moon began to turn a light red color as the clouds in the sky disappeared, though the clouds disappeared the sound of thunder could be heard before the red on the moon looked as if glass being hit, it began to crack before the red fully cracked breaking way to leave a beam of moon touching the ground near them...a black circle appeared as a hand reached out of it..normal in appearance grabbing hold of the ground a shockwave emitted from it just touching the ground...sending James and Victor back. Raising up through the hole was a figure with solid black eyes looking up at the sky, it's frame was that of a rather imposing looking 6'4 male, red fur mixed with white, black and purple stood there. No top on it just a pair of tattered black leather pants along with shackles and a collar..a rather large metallic one around the males neck with what appeared to be thick chains on it..on it's wrists were shackles were no small things..looking bigger then his own hands they were weighed down with chains, weights, and even what appeared to be paper with old looking symbols upon it. The black eyes were covered for a second by soft red locks as he stood still. As the hole behind him closed his head raised slowly revealing hisface which had a scar just above the collar,all the way around his neck. The imposing figure just let out a thunderous and rage filled growl sending the two further away as it turned slamming it's fists against the nearby tree...shattering the bark all along the trunk...with one more slam the tree cracked in two falling out into the street. Growling was all it seemed to know how to do as electricity flowed over him making him look like he was in pain

[more to come]

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Re: Halloween
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Hey Gauther, but shouldn't this be put into the furry fiction section? Since you said it was a story and all.  :D
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Re: Halloween
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@ Gauthar
This seems more suited to the furry fiction section, so Iíve moved itÖ
If this actually was intended to be the start of an RP game or story of some sort, let me or one of the staff know and it can be put back.
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