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Haunted Wolf
« on: September 09, 2004, 05:41:55 pm »
"So why do they call you Haunted anyway? That's not your real name is it?" Seidaki looked at the girl standing in front of him. She was about a foot shorter than him. Her hair was black, her eyes a strange unnatural purple, and her skin slightly tanned. She was dressed in a sleeveless white top and flare cut jeans. Her eyes seemed to glow in the moonlight.
Haunted smirked. "Well that's an interesting story. Ask any of the people who live around here and they'll tell you about a strange she-wolf who roams these parts on clear nights. They say that this wolf travels silently, even at full speed over dry autumn leaves. Her pawprints just end suddenly in some places, one old man swears he found wolf tracks headed in the direction of the woods and that they just ended in a big patch of snow. This wolf was also said to have odd glowing eyes. Purple eyes."
Seidaki listened to every word carefully. "Glowing purple eyes... You're the she-wolf then?"
Haunted leaned back against the trunk of a large tree. "Yes. Those things, and the fact that I frequently hunt for rabbits in the cemetery, made the locals think I was some kind of ghost. They started to refer to me as Haunted, the ghost wolf or wolf of death as I am more widely known now. Humans are so amusing."
He chuckled. "That they are. Well at last the mystery is solved. You're very brave you know, running around in full view of humans. Luckily that story will just make them think you're just something from local folklore."
"I hate it when you're right. However, humans don't exactly welcome our kind with open arms, or even tolerate us sharing the same space with them for that matter." She kicked a loose clump of dirt in front of her. "They're so scared of wolves these days. I am lucky they only think me to be some legend."
"Humans don't like anything that's different from them. There's nothing we can do about that." Seidaki scowled. "We are independant, wild, untamed. Perhaps that's what scares them the most. The lack of control over us."
Haunted crossed her arms. "Yeah, but I hate the fact that we always have to hide. This human disguise goes against everything I believe. Still, I have to wear it. This is the only place I can roam in my true form and that's only because of the legend."
"I don't like it either but we do what we can to survive." His stomach growled. "...Are you as hungry as I am?"
She nodded. "Starving. But there's not much around here we can get away with eating. People in this city are poor, and there's not much we can steal from them."
"Hmm, pity. At this point I'd eat my own paw if I had to. None of our pack has eaten in weeks." He growled.
"I know. There aren't any rabbits left. In fact there weren't many to begin with..." She sighed. "Where are the others?"
"Last I heard they were looking for signs of any animals that had died recently. It's not pretty but it's a meal." He looked over his right shoulder. "Ah, there they are."

Two boys, both younger than Seidaki, were coming over the hill carrying what looked like a dead animal. The first, a seventeen year old kid with messy mouse brown hair, spotted them and called out "Hey! We found food!"
They put the animal down in front of Haunted and Seidaki. Upon closer inspection they knew it was one of the local farmer's goats. Seidaki was furious. "A goat? But you know we're not supposed to kill any animals around here!" The second boy, who was around fifteen or so, backed up a few steps.
"We're sorry Seidaki! It's just we couldn't find anything else to eat. No trash, dead animals, nothing! We had to take the goat!" He whimpered. "I didn't want us to starve..."
"Do you two realize that we can't stay here now? We have to leave as soon as we've finished eating this thing." Haunted looked at the two boys.
The younger one looked to be near tears. "I'm sorry, I really am..."
She looked at him. "It's alright Felix, don't worry about it. You did what you thought was right." She hugged him.
"Excuse me, can we eat now?" The older boy was looking at the goat hungrily.
"Paul, stop being such an idiot. You can wait a minute longer. If it weren't for you we-"
"Seidaki! Be nice! Besides, we can finish this conversation later. Right now let's just eat and run." Haunted changed to her wolf form and tore open the soft underbelly of the goat, devouring the nourishing meat.
"Now you're talkin'!" Paul and the others quickly followed suit.

Seidaki was heading to the small forest on the edge of the run down city. He was followed closely by Paul, then Haunted, and Felix bringing up the rear. When they were almost to the forest Felix stopped walking. "Haunted?"
She stopped and turned around. "Yes Felix? What is it?"
He walked up to her and licked her on the cheek. "Thank you."
She wagged her tail. "You're welcome." If wolves can smile, then she certainly did. "Come Felix, let's go." He licked her again and they both bounded off to rejoin Paul and Seidaki. And so the wolves left the city, never to return.

...I don't know if I should just use this for a base and write a longer story or just leave it like it is. Oh and before you even say anything yes I was watching Wolf's Rain on the day I wrote this.  '<img'>
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