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Jigokuhen DVD Rental
« on: July 12, 2004, 05:12:59 am »
OK... I've already finished the first part of my story... It's strange, I know, that's why I really need some opinions.
I swear to Nipped I wasn't God when I wrote this.

   Hearts flutter, taken by the strange wind of one’s self. A mind is not made of a mind, but minds. When you find your dream, what is it that you wish for?


   What am I?… I ask myself, looking beyond the orange-red fur of my vulpine paw. I am here in this store for their wishes… Whatever they want, I give. I’m some sort of Genie, then, ne?… Then this is my magical lamp… I don’t have any problem staying here… But, what do I…
   “Dash… Snap out of it!” Tsuruko snapped in a rare moment of irritation, sliding my supper onto the counter in front of me, reviving my normally chipper mood. The young Panda sat in front of me, talking in her soft, mild-mannered way in between mouthfuls. I don’t really remember what she said that night, if it was night. It still felt strange, our relation, that of a mixture between brotherhood and marital love. We both awoke into awareness in this island, floating in a misty void, surrounded only by the outer gardens, with it’s flowers, bushes and trees, spring and small lake. The most peculiar aspect was what we would consider our ‘home’, a looming, one-story brick building, with the sign “Jigokuhen DVD Rental” hanging over the window of the shop. A path of stone bricks led from the entrance of the store to the border of our ‘island’, and almost into the tidy shop. Strange signals were printed onto the boxes of the many DVDs in store, waiting to be taken away by ‘customers’.
   “It hasn’t been really busy ‘round here, ne…” I almost stuttered, trying to break the silence “I guess everything’s going alright in the world…”
   How strange that I speak of that word… All I can really remember is the Shop and Tsuruko. But, somehow, I know that I must help those in need. I want to, at least… After all, I am here for some reason.
   Suddenly, the chimes above the door ring, as a human girl walks in, looking around the room incredulously. The beach-tanned girl comes in, like any other customer. And, like any customer, she stares at the two of us. I must admit, the midst of Awkwardness and Shock on their faces never ceases to entertain me. Of course, I let Tsuruko take care of this one.
   “Good Day…” she says, approaching the human woman slowly, as not to scare off the woman, who just stares at the strange, fur covered being in front of her.
   “Erm… Am I dreaming?…” she replies. Interesting. A new answer. Normally they would freak out, and this would result in a 5 Minute chase around the store. Not something that would be quite welcome right now. Tsuruko approached into what we, after experience, had defined as a safe distance. Sometimes the humans would be scared, even after calmed, and attack when we approached to closely.
   But, our task was not to simply calm them. We are like Genies, and this is our bottle. When someone pure of heart is in need, they somehow find their way here. Whether it is Romantic Problems, Family Problems, Personal Problems, we are here to soothe and help those in need and worthy. I’ve never really understood, though, how they find us…
   “So then, if that’s your problem…” Tsuruko responds to the girl, in a dialogue I pretty much ignore out of habit “Then you should take this DVD. It’s a sort of charm. Play it at home. Don’t be afraid!…”
   Her soothing voice calms the young woman, who takes the DVD, looking at the symbol on the case. We never understood exactly how we knew which DVD to give for each case… We simply knew. And acted on it. The girl bows politely, taking it, as she leaves the shop, and hesitatingly steps into the mist. On occasion, we had tried to cross it ourselves, but somehow it pushed us back, as if a cotton pillow.
   “Well… Guess we should just go settle down for the night…” I tell Tsuruko, as I pick up the empty dishes “Let’s hope nobody comes during the night.”
   Going upstairs, we came into our room: A large apartment, without divisions, illuminated by a mix of the darkening Purple Mist outside, and dim electrical lights inside. No particular decorations, just a mirror near the staircase, and only a bit more than what could be considered essential appliances filled the ample living quarters.
   After a quick bath together, in silence, we went to bed and silently began brushing each other’s hair and fur.
   “Dash…” Tsuruko’s voice sounded from behind me, in a slight concern “Are you alright?…”
   “What do you mean?…”
   She put down the brush, and held my back closely to her chest. The first signal that she was actually preoccupied. “You seem so unlike yourself today… Normally, you jump right ahead when you see a pretty woman, and today you just sat there all day, day-dreaming…”
   “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine…” I said, worried about her as much as she seemed to be with me.
   “It’s just that you seem so empty…”
   Bullseye. I kept silent, to myself. Over the last few days, if they were days, I felt something of myself missing. A hollowness of some sort, which I couldn’t put a finger on. I felt myself complete, yet at the same time lacking. I felt I had an objective, yet lacked a goal. I tried to dissipate the feeling, that was stinging my mind like a bunch of pesky mosquitoes.
   “Is there any way I can help you?” my lover asked, nuzzling my ears in her soft, tender way.
   “Wanna try?” I challenged childishly, with a pinch on her naked rear and a soft kiss, as I turned over onto her.