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My first go!
« on: July 12, 2004, 01:31:50 am »
Well here it is! my very first attempt!
Im still thinking wether to finish it or not.
(its a little gory in some places)

Malakai moved his eye away from the scope and brushed his fur out of his eye. He took a deep breath and took in his surroundings once again. The world around him was bathed in a ghostly gray, the buildings around him were in ruins, they showed the result of a long and drawn out war. The sky was dark and was unforgiving in the rain and storms it threw down on the world below.
Malakai had been lying in waiting for at least 6 hours now, he looked over to his spotter, Scott. He was still there, lying perfectly still looking through his spotter's scope. Malakai shuffled around quickly, his fur was soaked through with water and felt heavy as he moved.
His gaze returned to the scope, now all he saw was a single building.
He had been watching this same building for the last 6 hours, waiting.
His mind began to wonder, would this work, would he get away, what would happen if he were caught.
Suddenly movement caught his eye and his thoughts returned to the real world. A door had swung open and two men moved out. Each one was wearing military gear, both were armed with fearsome P-90 assault rifles, these futuristic looking weapons were capable of firing an amazing 900 rounds per minute and with a 100 round magazine, these assault rifles were a frightening thing if you got caught on the wrong end of one.
Both men came out of the door, guns up and had a quick look around for obvious hostiles, then one cocked his head and spoke into his shoulder microphone and seconds later another man exited, though he was different. He wasn't armed, his chest was filled with shinny and colorful medals. He was an officer, He was the man Malakai was waiting for.
 Another two men followed the officer out, also armed with ferocious
P-90 assault rifles. They formed a close square around the officer protecting him from hostiles.
Little did they know Malakai was 150 meters away on the 5th story of an old apartment building readying his .50 caliber M82A1 sniper rifle.
He was just making the final adjustments to his shot, compensating for the range and atmospheric pressure. Because it was raining it would make this shot extremely difficult.
Most people believe that when you fire a rifle the bullet flies dead straight to its target. When you fire a bullet at long range, say from a sniper rifle the bullet actually arcs towards its target, so when you are firing from long ranges you need to aim above the target. Humidity plays a huge role in long range shooting, water droplets build up on the inside of the barrel and can make the shot unpredictable.
Today's shot would truly be a test of Malakai's skill as a marksman. He did the final checks with his spotter.
He exhaled, and moved his finger onto the trigger and squeezed it gently.
The rifle went off with a thunderous boom that resonated off the buildings around him. The muzzle flash was like a lightning bolt sent from god himself.
Malakai felt the familiar kick of his rifle agenst his shoulder, once the gun went off he shut his eyes instinctively. He prayed that the bullet hit home and he opened his eyes.
The officer and his four bodyguards were moving for cover.
Malakai had missed. He swore.
"Must make the shot" he thought. He reached his rain soaked paw forward and grabbed the bolt and moved it up, backwards then forwards again. Loading a new .50 cal round into the chamber, he looked back through the scope.
He was running, Malakai thought to himself how hard it would be to hit a moving target from this range. He positioned the rifle and squeezed the trigger once again, the familiar boom and flash happened once again and Malakai opened his eyes to see if the bullet hit.
The bullet flew straight and true into the skull of the officer. Hitting a person in the head with a .50 cal round was a very messy sight to see. It resembled hitting a watermelon with a sledgehammer. The officer was dead before he hit the ground.
This time the bodyguards where looking for the shooter, they saw the 2 foot long flame that was the muzzle flash and opened fire at its origin.
With his primary objective complete Malakai and Scott got up and started running to meet a Black Hawk helicopter and get extracted.
The combined weight of four P-90s firing at the same spot was cataclysmic for any poor soul caught there.
Because Scott was closer to the edge than Malakai he took the brunt of the fire. All in all Scott took 7 hits, 4 in the back region and 3 in the neck and head.
Malakai could only watch as his friend of 4 years was killed. There was nothing he could do except hit the deck.
Now Malakai was on his own. Pinned down my enemy fire and soon they would be calling in reinforcements.
He was in a lot of trouble now. He needed a plan.

Comments? Complaints? Threats?.

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My first go!
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2004, 05:07:00 am »
I liked it, and I normally don't care about this sort of story.
What type of plot is it gonna be?
In any case, you're going great.

My first go!
« Reply #2 on: July 12, 2004, 05:10:31 am »
Well that whole thing was a kind of a spur of the moment type thing, made it all up as i was going.... and now i have no clue where to take it!
Though if i do finish it ill post the rest of it!

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My first go!
« Reply #3 on: July 12, 2004, 05:15:02 am »
Sometimes Spur of the moment is the best inspiration... And the only true one, in my opinion.