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« on: June 30, 2013, 04:00:21 pm »
I would love to get critiques from people. Feel free to tell me how I can approve my work.

A streak of flames shot through the night sky. At first glance, it looked noting more than a meteor falling to the earth. On closer inspection, however, the “meteor” was actually a phoenix flying to a destination that only it knew. Such a sight was something truly remarkable… and troubling. It was a rare sight to see a phoenix flying at night; only something of great importance would cause one of these majestic creatures to do this.

With a flap of its wings, the phoenix sped up. He needed to reach Kaerakor’s cave. The elder dragon needed to know of the latest vision that came to the phoenix while he had been sleeping. Kaerakor was good friends with the phoenix, and would listen to every vision that the avian was gifted with. And this most recent vision was one that couldn't be simply ignored; not when the entire world depended on the success or failure of those involved.

Kaerakor sat at the entrance of his cave and gazed out at the sky. Try as he might, the sea green hued dragon could not go to sleep. His mind raced at a million miles a minute and refused to focus or slow down. The first snow of winter had come early this year; there were rumors of dragons becoming ill with a mysterious disease; and one of the dragons that lived nearby had disappeared days ago. Kaerakor shook his head slowly and sighed. Times were changing and he didn’t like it. Lifting his head, the elder dragon noticed that a phoenix was flying in his direction. Narrowing his eyes, he tried to figure out who the phoenix was. As the phoenix got closer, Kaerakor noticed that it had a more orange tint to it than red.

Kaerakor*Thinking* Hmm… It could be anyone… But still…

The phoenix came to a stop above the cave entrance and hovered there for a few moments. A silvery colored bracelet hugged the ankle of the phoenix's left leg, reflecting the bright glow of his feathers. In that instant, Kaerakor knew who it was.

Kaerakor: Agreild! *Thinking* Why is he here?

Kaerakor walked out of his cave, watching the eagle looking avian land gracefully before him. Folding his wings against hi sides, Agreild stepped closer to Kaerakor.

Agreild: I’m glad you're awake. I’ve had a vision.

The worried look in Agreild’s eyes told Kaerakor that the vision had been a serious one. Turning around, Kaerakor entered the cave.

Kaerakor: Come inside and tell me what you saw. I'll take notes.

Agreild followed Kaerakor, remaining stoic. Piles of treasure lined the cave and a large fancy writing desk was placed in the back. Scrolls covered the top o the desk, most already written on. Going behind the desk, Kaerakor searched for a blank scroll, ink, and his quill.

Kaerakor*When he was ready* Now tell me what you saw.

Agreild flies over to him and perches on his shoulder.

Agreild*Closing his eyes* There’s a castle… In Kcaj… I got this feeling of just… wrongness coming from it.

Kaerakor nods and writes this down.

Agreild: It will be the origin of a great evil that will plague our land. Only two friends—a griffon and a dragon—can fight this evil… That's it…

Kaerakor frowns as he writes. There was little to work with, much to his frustration. However, visions were often vague like this. With a sigh, he looked at Agreild.

Kaerakor: When will this “great evil” show up?

Agreild: A few years… I’m not sure how many though…

Kaerakor nods and writes it down. Agreild watches him, then spreads his wings and glides to the ground.

Kaerakor*Watching him* You're leaving?

Agreild: Yes. The eggs Kaige laid are supposed to be hatching soon. I don’t want to miss it.

Kaerakor: Congratulations.

Agreild nods and leaves. Five years pass by. Ziraven rolls around on the ground, kicking her legs in the air happily. For several minutes she did this, not having a care in the world. When she was finished, Ziraven stood up and shook off. A majority of the dirt and dust that clung to the young griffon's Dalmatian colored pelt flew into the air. Yes, this griffon was unique. Unlike other griffons that had tawny colored pelts, Ziraven was white with black spots. Gazing around the surrounding clearing, Ziraven snapped her beak shut in agitation. Where was the giant lizard she called friend?
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