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Third Chapter of Blade Dance
« on: May 05, 2004, 03:04:57 pm »
':blush:'  Here's chapter three! Although I do have eleven chapters finished so far, I don't want to post them all here, I want them on the website for all to see and enjoy! Hopefully soon I will have it up!

Again, Comments good or bad are graciously welcomed!

Blade Dance

A story by


© 2004 by Jim Wilson. All rights reserved. Story content and Characters herein are fictitious, any resemblance to any person living or dead or any actual event is coincidental. Characters Delanne, Luki, Malu, Alana, Raul, Kekona, Lani, James Terra Flastif, Kimberly Burr, Mister Thomas, or any other character other than specified. © Jim Wilson. Character Ce'Dra © Bobbie Wilson. Character Shoshana © Mellina Lathe-Steindler. Character Fixer © Robert Steindler.


Life was wonderful for the moment as Delanne spotted a good size wave. Earlier this morning her heart was broken from being the only one of age not being honored in last nightís ceremony. Now, the news from Ce'Dra that her ceremony was tonight enlightened her spirits.

Nothing could spoil this joyful day. The wave was almost upon her. Excitement filling her heart as she turned her back against the oncoming wave. Assuming a dive position she readied herself and turned her head towards shore, preparing to launch...and froze.

There was a body covered in blue lying motionless on the beach. Eyes widening she stared at it and forgot all about the wave behind her. Its massive force struck, sending her head over heels and tail. Arms and legs flapped wildly as she fought to regain control as the wave expelled her onto shore.

Crawling onto her knees she coughed up water and took in a deep breath. She sat down and rung the water from her hair and tail as air returned to her lungs. Cautiously she looked around for the body; it was a few yards away and still lay there motionless.

There was something odd about it as she slowly stood ringing out the tip of her bushy tail. Tail, the body seemed to have no tail of any kind. The thought shot into her mind as she stared at the foreign body. It had on black boots that rose up to just below the knee. White pants continued up the legs and where there should have been a tail of some sort, there wasn't. The rest of the body was covered in a long blue coat with many folds and was decorated with gold buttons.

Daringly she approached the stranger with an eager feeling to run if it moved. It didn't. Stopping momentarily she took a deep breath and inched closer. Its hands had no fur only white pigmented skin and its head was covered with long wet sand colored hair that was tied into a pony tail by a black bow. The face had no fur as well but had brown hair neatly trimmed around its mouth and chin.

The stranger had funny shaped round ears that were furless and were on the sides of its head. In front of it lay a peculiar object that was formed into a triangle like pattern with a round bowl in the center and a quarter inch silver band that seemed to border the brim of what she thought might be a hat.

Cautiously she stood over the body noticing that it appeared to be a male of some kind. There was a slightly curved sword with a large gold shield protecting the hilt strapped to his left side. On the other there was a large square pouch with a strap that flung over the opposite shoulder.

There were old stories Uncle Malu used to tell about a human friend of his. Martin. She thought was his name but Malu always referred to him as the man in blue in his telling of the ancient stories. Was this strangerÖhuman? She wasnít sure, according to the stories no one has seen a human in centuries. Even so, growing up she thought the stories were nothing more than fairy tales, told at bedtime to humor her.

Were the stories Uncle Malu told her as a pup about his human friend true? They must be. She thought as she stared down at the man in blue.

Kneeling next to him, she looked all around making sure there weren't more of them lurking about. There were no signs of footprints or other bodies, nothing floating on the ocean that could explain where this stranger came from. Then she remembered.

Other Therians!

In Malu's stories not all the tribes accepted the man in blue. Some feared him, others hated him, but most agreed he didn't belong and wished for him to leave the island. Other tales told that almost all of the Therians bullied, teased, and knocked him around.

Would they kill, her people embraced life...or would they?

"I've got to hide you." She whispered touching his cheek. His skin was cold, yet smooth against the fur of her paw. It reminded her of the way a chicken felt after it had been plucked, but with a softer more gentle feel to it.

Rolling the man over onto his back she covered her muzzle in shock as her tail shot up straight.

"Your eyes!" she gasped. They were burned and scratched.

Placing her paws on his head she leaned in and got a closer look at them. They werenít too badly damaged and would probably heal if they were cleaned out and covered.

Gently she grabbed his hat and lifted him up over her shoulder. The weight was heavy but manageable enough to carry for a short distance. There was a cave nearby where she spent most of her youth. Over the years she kind of turned it into a second home, a place where she went to cry when the other pups and cubs of the island teased her.

Good thing was only her family and Ce'Dra knew of its location. Thankfully it was in her tribe's territory and only Ce'Dra's tribe was even remotely close to its location. The whole island was free to roam for all who lived here; she just hoped no one saw her carrying this human.

The cave was located just off the sand and a little ways into the forest of bushes and palms. The entrance was just a couple of feet up a slanted hillside. Kicking the make shift door of palm branches she used to hide it, she glanced around making sure no one was nearby. Then quickly entered the cave. The entrance was only a foot shorter than her and at least six feet wide, so entering the cave carrying the man wasnít difficult.

Inside it opened up into a huge room at least ten feet wide and twenty feet long. On the floor against the back wall, a small stream of fresh water steadily flowed. To the right about half way in, there was a home made cot on the floor with a small bamboo dresser next to it. On the left a small wooden table sat with two chairs around it.

"Thank you Uncle Malu." She whispered to no one as she carefully laid the human on the cot.

Malu had converted the cave into a club house for her and Ce'Dra when they were very young, he thought it would make her feel more loved in times of woe. Luckily, her uncle had thought of everything when he furbished the place. Opening the top drawer of the dresser she pulled out some dry grass and two small rocks and kneeled in front of the fire place on the left wall.

Placing the grass in the center under an iron grid she struck the rocks together creating a spark. Instantly the dry grass caught fire, igniting the wood above. Looking upwards in the brightened room she saw that her white dress was still hanging on the clothes line. Quickly pulling the dress from the line, she tore a long strip along its side. Grabbing a small wash cloth from the clothes line and a pair of scissors from the table, she soaked the wash cloth in the running stream and rung it out.

Carefully she cleaned out the eyes of the stranger with the damp cloth, his eyes were reddened but it appeared he might see again. Painfully with the scissors she made a small incision on her forearm. Blood began to trickle down her arm as she placed it over the manís eyes allowing the blood to drip into them.

Therians for the most part regenerated when injured, she knew her wound would be fully healed by late tonight. When a member of her tribe received an awful deep injury, another Therian would add their blood to the wound in order to speed up the healing to prevent infection. The stories Malu told often said that humans do not heal as they do; she only hoped her blood would help him.

Reaching into the third drawer of the dresser she pulled out two wash cloths and folded them into small squares, placing one of them over each eye then securing the cloths by wrapping the strip from her dress around his head and tying it securely. Glancing over the stranger she noticed he was still wet.

"I've got to get you dry and warm." She whispered.

Unfastening a belt, she took his sword, pouch and hat and placed them on the table. Walking back she noticed two oddly shaped pieces of wood tucked into the waist line of his pants across his belly. Carefully she pulled them out and studied them. They were about fourteen inches long with a slight curve at one end. The other end had a small hole the size of a finger nail and a long metal rod attached to the bottom. On the curved end there was a fancy very odd shaped metal piece connected to a thin leaf looking piece. Both sticks were identical as she turned them over in her paws. Each one had a small metal plate with writing inscribed on it, neatly attached to the side. It read:


The language was in the common tongue of her people. However, a couple of the words she didnít recognize or understand. Captain and crew she figured were some type of title and group of friends or family. The name James was also unfamiliar; she wasnít sure how to pronounce it. Placing the odd sticks onto the table she turned back and looked at the stranger as she grabbed a cloth from the line, wetting it and cleaned her wound.

"So, your name is Jahmus."

Smiling, she knelt down lifting up the man in blue and removed his coat. Underneath there were two more layers of clothing; a cream colored vest that was buttoned and a white long sleeve shirt.

"It is a strange, yet beautiful name."

Carefully she took them off and hung them on the line to dry. Glancing over the table, she noticed that the pouch had fallen open. Curiously she looked inside it and found it full of small metallic balls. There was also a small wooden box that had a sliding lid on the top, inside it were a lot of small square pieces of paper. Neatly closing the box, she placed it back into the pouch and pulled out a pear shaped container. The container was made out of wood with a small metal cylinder cap at its tip. Securing a thumb and finger around the cap, she pulled it off and tipped the container over into her paw. A black sand like substance poured out of it.

Bringing her paw up to her face she sniffed it.


It smelled of sulfur, salt and some other odor she couldn't identify. She put as much of the black substance as she could back into the container and resealed it. For some reason she felt compelled to hold onto it and tucked the pear shaped container under her skirt and went back over to the stranger.

He was still unconscious and goose bumps were beginning to show over his bare hairless chest. Full of curiosity about the humanís outward appearance she reached out and gently rubbed her paw over his chest. The texture was smoother and softer than his face had been. It was also very cold.

"I've got to warm you up."

There were a couple of blankets stored in the bottom drawer, she took them both and tucked them over his chest. Kneeling at his feet she grabbed hold of his right boot and attempted to pull it off towards her. It didnít budge. Gritting her teeth, she swung her body around and straddled the manís leg. Leaning forward, she pushed hard from the sole of the boot and it popped off.

It kind of took her by surprise, or was that the unexpected feeling of having a hand clasp onto her tail? The foot moved and she scampered forward in pure panic. There was a slight tug on her tail, but it released its grip. Hugging her tail to her chest she sat on the ground wide eyed and stared as the man slid up against the wall.

"Who's there?" His voice was weak sounding and held fear.

Delanne continued to stare as the man moved his head about trying to see. The human looked just as frightened as she was as he felt the bandages over his eyes.

" someone there?" There was an ounce of desperation in his voice.

"D-Don't be frightened...I-I won't hurt you." She managed to force out.

The man seemed to relax a bit and his voice changed to a relieved tone. "You speak English."

She wasn't sure what English was. "W-We speak the same common tongue as you, yes." Which was surprising, but her voice still held fear in it.

Coughing, the man sat up a little straighter against the wall and flung the blankets behind him, wrapping them tightly in his arms. A friendly smile covered his face as he spoke again.

"Do I frighten you?" He asked.

What a strange question! She was scared to death! "Y-yes you do."

The man continued to smile. "No need to be frightened my lady...I am in your debt."

Coughing several times combined with the lack of strength caused him to fall over out of the cot.

Delanne urged forward to help, but fell short of doing so. "Y-You shouldn't move."

She wanted to help to him, but she was fearful of him at the same time. Apparently the blind man thought she was human and it frightened her to think what his reaction would be upon discovering their differences.

The young man was struggling to crawl back onto the cot, he managed to do so and worked his way back up into a sitting position. He seemed to be full of pride in his accomplishment, not once did he ask for help and he continued the conversation as if it never happened.

"Has anyone else been found?"

"No, you were on the beach alone, I didn't see anyone else." She answered honestly. The news seemed to sadden him. "I'll be sure to keep an eye out for them."

Were there more humans on the island? The thought frightened her as the man coughed again but he managed to maintain his balance.

"Thank you...May I have the honor of knowing your name?"

The man seemed to be very polite and friendly. "Duh-lawn-ee, you are Jahmus?" She asked.

The strange name made him laugh softly. "Jahmus? there's a variation of James I have not yet heard."

"James." Taking the sound of his name and repeating it.

James continued to smile. "That's right...Though I prefer the name Jim when among friends."

A sigh of relief escaped her as she repeated the new name he gave her. "Jim."

Pulling the blankets tighter around himself he coughed and continued to speak. "Though, I am rather fond of the name JahmusÖIt sounds gentle like a breeze, you may call me Jahmus if you like."

Delanne managed a smile. "You are as kind and friendly as you're..." She struggled to find the word. "Crew thinks of you."

There was a brief pause as the man seemed to be lost in thought. "Be careful with those pistols Miss Delanne, I wouldn't want to see you hurt."

"Pistols?"  She asked. That was a strange name for a pair of sticks.

The man seemed understanding of her lack of knowledge. "They are weapons, please treat them as such."

Against a sword, she couldn't see how two small 'pistols' would be of any use. "I understand."

Nodding at her understanding he changed the subject. "Delanne is a beautiful name...Tell me, what is the name of your furry companion?"

"Huh?" The question caught her off guard, there was no one else in the cave.

Sitting up a little straighter the man explained. "I awoke with a tail in my face, it felt like the tail of a dog, what is it's...?"

"I AM NOT A DOG!" The words exploding out of her. "It's a horrible word and I don't appreciate you calling me that!"

The man looked upon her in shock, she didnít care. It was bad enough that her own people saw her as impure and now this 'human' saw her the same way.

Politely he apologized. "Forgive me my lady, I was not referring to you."

A thought crossed her mind, one she had completely forgotten about. The man 'did' think she was human.

Swallowing hard, she slowly crawled closer to him. "Th-That was my tail."

There was a puzzled look on the manís face then he playfully smiled. "For sure my lady pulls upon thy leg in the wake of my blindness?"

What was he talking about? "Yes, I was removing your boot."

He laughed. "No, no, no, I meant that you are teasing me."

Nervously she answered him. "I'm not like you...You have no tail...It was my tail you felt."

Confusion filled his voice. "What do you mean?"

Inching a little closer to him she went on. "Please...Don't be frightened...I only wish to help you."

There was a sense of courage and gratitude in the man's voice. "My lady, you have been most kind to me and have saved my life...Why would I have reason to fear you?"

Slowly crawling up next to him, she placed a paw on his thigh as she sat. "It's me."

Managing what little energy was left he outstretched his arm to touch her.

Cautiously she reached out with her other paw and took a hold of his hand. The man flinched but only momentarily, his fingers probed her paw feeling each finger in turn and gathering the texture of her padded palm then worked his way up to her wrist.

"Your hand is like mine...Only its covered in fur...Is the rest of your body like this?"

Feeling a little more confident in the humans trust. "Yes...would you like to see?"

Accepting his nod as a yes she sat down beside him, her tail lying relaxed across his lap.

A moist feeling of fur brushed up against his abdomen. Touching the unknown object, his hands traced the structure of her tail. Gently, his hands followed it up to the tip and back down to the curve of her buttocks. Gliding upwards, he followed the slender contour of her side.

"You are wearing silk?" He asked as if he was trying to identify what his hands were feeling.

"Yes" She answered as she took a hold of his hands and rotated her body to face him. "Let me guide you."

Slowly she guided his hands under her garment allowing him to feel the texture and formation of her body as she led his hands up her sides, across her breasts and back down her belly. An enlightened smile over took her as she noticed that Jahmus was blushing.

"I want to show you my face."

The man nodded as she brought his hands up to her face gently guiding them from the edge of her snout to the fluffy points of her checks. Letting go of his hands, she allowed him to explore freely. His touch was kind and curious as his fingers traced her muzzle and back over to her eyes. Leaning forward she allowed him to further explore the style of her fur like hair and the soft formation of her ears. Slowly his hands escaped her and tightened onto the blanket as he shivered from the cold.

"I must admit, if I was not blind and did not find your kindness first through words...your appearance would have frightened me a great deal more."

A smile of relief filled her heart as she found herself giggling. "You frightened me when you grabbed my tail."

The man seemed to relax more as he smiled at her. "So, my lady does pull upon thy leg in the wake of my blindness?"

Delanne laughed. "Yes, I do."

He is playing with meÖand treats me as he did before. The thought excited her as they laughed together. "So we are friends?" She asked eagerly.

The man was still smiling. "My lady, you bring laughter upon my heart and have saved my lifeÖWe are friends."

The sudden urge to pounce began to tingle in her veins but she held back and smiled joyfully. "I was so afraid that my appearance would frighten you."

Nodding, he seemed to understand. "Your appearance did frighten me at first touch...but your kindness has proven to me that you are not to be feared."

Delanne was still giggling, she found the human to be rather interesting and honest. "Well, I certainly won't fear you anymore; you seem to be very friendly."

Curiously he asked. "Since it appears that we are different...would it be improper of me to ask what you are, and are there more like you?"

The question was one she knew would come sooner or later. "I am a mixed breed of wolf and fox...Are you human?"

"Yes." He nodded. "I see now why you were so defensive earlier...Please forgive me."

"You didnít know... I should of known better...I should be the one apologizing to you." She placed a paw on his thigh.

"So, you are wolf and fox...interesting...yet you are much like me."

She found herself giggling again. "I think of you the same are very much like us but with no fur or tail."

"I am a stranger in a strange land." The words were more true than poetic. "Are the others wolf and fox like you?"

Turning away from him, she softly spoke. "No...most of the islanders are pure in heritage...I am the first to be born of a mixed couple...My father is wolf and my mother fox."

The man reached forward touching her arm. "I donít mean to bring you sorrow my lady."

He was so polite, it made her smile. "Like you, I am different from the others."

"True beauty is found only in the rarest of treasures."

That made her blush; it was perhaps the nicest thing anyone had ever said to her. "Now it is you who is pulling thy leg."

There was seriousness in the man's voice. "I only wish I could see such treasure."

That deserved something. Leaning forward she kissed him on the cheek with a darker blush upon her face. "Thank you."

The man didnít seem to mind her reaction. I can't believe I just did that! The thought entering her mind as the man seemed worried about something as he spoke. "Are my eyes badly damaged?"

"No, they should heal naturally within a few days." She answered honestly. "However, we need to get the rest of you undressed and dry."

Together they managed to get his other boot off, then she removed his socks and with his help removed his pants and under garments. It was hard trying not to stare at his nakedness. His entire body was furless except for the small amounts of hair on his arms, legs, under his armpits and the patch surrounding hisÖ

Taking her mind off the strangeness of the manís appearance, she found a pair of loose pants and a kimono shirt to dress him in and helped him get into them as she continued to giggle some more.

"You are very much like us, only without the fur and tail."

The man laughed. "I see you have taken advantage of the situation."

"I'm sorry, I didnít mean to stare." She found herself blushing again.

The apology only made him laugh more. "My lady, the guiding of your hands upon your breasts gives no modesty to my nakedness."

She had forgotten all about that. "I guess were even then." She giggled.

"It would appear so." The man chuckled.

They shared a moment of laughter as she looked out through the caves entrance, the sun was beginning to set.

"I'm afraid I must go." The thought disappointed her; she was enjoying the humans company.

The man seemed to understand. "May I ask where I am and do you plan to return?"

"I have hidden you in a cave not far from the beach...I donít know how the others would react to you being here...Otherwise I would take you with me." She meant every word.

"I understand." He answered with a nod.

"There is a dinner and celebration I must attend, I promise I will return afterward with food and we can talk some more if you wish."

He smiled. "I would like that very much Delanne...I look forward to our next meeting."

Quickly she gathered a couple of wooden mugs from the table and filled them with water and placed them next to him.

"Youíll be safe here Jahmus...I promise...I'll return as soon as I can."

Regrettably she exited the cave covering it with the leaf door and headed for home.
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Third Chapter of Blade Dance
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2004, 04:20:17 pm »
Very interesting in having a human character in the story. Should be cool to see how the others react to him. All I can say is that I'm looking forward to reading the other 8 chapters. Thanks for posting these. Most excellent story.

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Third Chapter of Blade Dance
« Reply #2 on: May 05, 2004, 04:31:48 pm »
':blush:'  Wow, It makes me very happy to hear you say that! I know that Felias (who is beta reading the story for me) fell in love with it. She says she became addicted to it.

I hope to make this a long tale that continues for quite awhile, if everyone enjoy's them as much as you two did, I might be compelled to keep going!

Thanks again!
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Third Chapter of Blade Dance
« Reply #3 on: May 05, 2004, 05:13:55 pm »
You're quite welcome, and please do keep going if you think it needs to be longer. On to chapter 4. '<img'>