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Roland Autani
« on: December 22, 2003, 04:23:54 pm »
A character I'm working on for Stwellar Convergence MUCK, and I felt he deserved some backgroudn writing after everything he's been through, prior to the MUCK incarnation of him '<img'>

Roland was a happy member of the Sonnet, a rather militaristic race of furs with a superiority complex. Having conquered much of their own solar system, they've gotten into the pracitce of storing surplus soldiers cryogenically, for times of need. When a civil war breaks out, over whether full-blown genetic engineering or cyborg-like enhancements will be better to further the races conquest, His troop ship is brought in by the 'Tech' side, the Venra.

he's unwittingly put into their ranks, and stays to fight, from a mix of the inborn need for conflict, and the eagerness to return home, and ride out the war with his family and friends from childhood.

Anyways, a prior warning that the story is a bit angsty... Roland isn't happy with his predicament.

Looking for feedback, compliments, writing suggestions... *cough picture offers cough* '<img'>
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