Author Topic: New question already; Digitigrade stilts?  (Read 1934 times)

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New question already; Digitigrade stilts?
« on: November 08, 2008, 11:20:19 am »
Oi gott, I'm busy... I JUST finished one thing, I'm on to the next.
I've actually been commissioned for a Cheshire cat fullsuit, and I'm confident that it will be a good project with plenty of new things to try out.
One thing I'm curious of though is whether or not to make the legs digitigrade and if so, what method to use.
I've seen three methods, and all of them are intriguing.
Of course, the foam method would be the easiest, simply gluing or making a system of foam blocks to simulate a digitigrade leg. However, it's cumbersome and unwieldy.
Wooden home-made stilts have made me curious too, considering they'd give a nicer look, but I'm still a bit lost no matter how much I look at the system. Every part of my common sense is telling me that it'd involve falling backwards. a lot.
Then there's the system I probably can't afford, using knee braces to form a brace-stilt. This looks the best in my opinion, but I haven't found any clear diagrams or schematics, and as said, I probably can't afford it.

Any ideas or suggestions? A note: I'm trying to make the suit as skin-tight and gangly as I can, as it's to be a very.. ahh, gothic cheshire.

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Re: New question already; Digitigrade stilts?
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2008, 12:22:11 pm »
There's quite a few different ways of making digitigrade legs. I'll just mention a few examples here, even though none of them may or may not work with stilts. I have no advice to give for stilt making, but a member here by the name of Tisket I believe, may be able to help you as she has made stilts before in the past. You may want to try contacting her. ;)
1. Gluing foam or other padding to a unitard or lycra diveskin to create a digitigrade look.
2. Adding "pockets" to a unitard/diveskin where you can add/remove padding as needed to create a digitigrade look or muscles.
3. Creating pockets as mentioned above, but to the inside of the fur fabric instead.
4. Directly sewing/gluing padding to the insides/backing of the fur fabric.

However, I think having pockets would be preferable as you can add/remove padding as needed and it will be easier to clean/wash a suit if that padding were removable. ;)
Also, here's some links that might help:
Post #4 here:,16313.0.html
Click link below for more fursuit information. ;)'s-fursuit-guides/