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Deletion of Account

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Kay Alett:
You leaving us friend?

yes. the fandom is something i regret in my life. I've grown and experienced. I have a rare few good times from it but its not me anymore.
After 14 solid years of the fandom, all it has brought me is misery, depression and other bad luck. Its time I climbed out of the rabbit hole and close the lid of something that has been my life. Time to make a new one without it.

I'm not what it was back in 2006 and what the fandom is now is horrible, disgusting and not something I really want to be associated with. I was naive, young and innocent when I joined, I am sure not now. I'm corrupted because of misguidance, manipulation, disgusting habits that exist within the community. The good barely shines though at all, if there is any. The deep-rooted evil that is filled within. And the only way to repair yourself is to remove yourself from what caused it.

I'm out. I learnt lessons, lessons of pain, guilt and hate. Not something anyone someone should ever learn.

Jade Sinapu:
I don't know if you will get this before you log out. 
I feel I understand some of what you say.  And I am so sorry.
You know what you need to do, as you said.

I personally like the SFW and cute funny things in Furry, and that is it. 
Please take care of yourself and rest and repair.
You have intrinsic worth.  You deserve to be happy.


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