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The icons above where u put in what you post (Bold, Italix etc etc)


Neeco The Wolf:
None of these seem to work for me. I tried to insert and image but nothing happens when I click the icons.
And I doing something wrong?

They should add some tags into the text box that you then type inside (such as [b ] [/b ] for bold. The text will not instantly appear as bold, but after you type in those tags and submit the post, it will.

If for whatever reason the buttons aren't actually working and are not creating tags, you can manually type the tags to have the same effect.

Neeco The Wolf:
Ok. So its basically all HTML and javascript malarkey.


--- Quote from: Neeco The Wolf on November 20, 2016, 09:33:20 am ---Ok. So its basically all HTML and javascript malarkey.

--- End quote ---
It's BB code and most forums use it.


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