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Here we go...

Name: "Havok"

Age: 16
Race: Wolf

Profession: Bounty Hunter.

Weapons: Akimbo Uzis, Desert Eagle, Occasionally uses PSG-1

Attributes: Highly skilled with the use of automatic weapons and sniper rifles. Also good at using C4 and Semtex explosives. Competent in the field of computer hacking.

Equipment: Belt holster. Backpack with everything needed for shooting stuff. Also has bulletproof (To some degree) vest and laptop computer in backpack for hacking. Ammo clips dropped from bag (Kinda like in the Tomb Raider movie).

Background: "Havok" is his only known name. The name came around due tho the amount of havoc he caused while battling. All of his battles have only one catalyst. Cash. At 14, he left his schooling and killed his first bounty. His uncle, working for a little known branch of the Mafia. He only did it due to the high payout and the fact he thought his Uncle was an a$$hole. He took his Uncle's ship and flew around, working for more cash. Proved extremely adept at close quarters battle at 15 while training with the Galaxy Police, but left as soon as he got a gun liscence to continue his work as a bounty hunter.

if we posted in the other char creation, do we need to post here?

I did, just to be on the safe side.

Mind if I join in the fun? *grins*

Name: Jason "Darkpelt" Blackburn
Species: Wolffox (Dominant gene is wolf @ 90%)
Age: 21
Description: 5 feet 9 inches. Totally black fur. Eyes are dark blue. Looks like a wolf, except for the very fluffy tail. No other apparent signs.
Profession: Recon/infiltration/general dirty work dispatcher (merc)
Weapons: Claws, MP-25A5SD Energy Depleting sub-machinegunw/ 40x auto-calibrating digital scope (modified for ARAPS), Mk23 SOCOM (with optional silencer, modified for ARAPS)

Equipment: ARAPS (Advanced Regenerative Adaptive Protection System) w/ advanced recording system (embedded in helmet) & Tactical HUD helmet, thigh holster, 4 MP-25A5 mags (+1 in rifle) (60 shots each), 2 MK23 mags (+1 in pistol) (12 rounds each), 2 flashbangs, 2 frag grenades

Training: H2H combat, close-quarter gunfights, assault weapons, bomb placement, sabotage, interrogation
Specialities: Information retreival, "personnel asset neutralization" (AKA: assassination), pistol combat, infiltration, electronic surveilance, reckless driving, cooking

Enhancements: "FENRIS"-class chip embedded at the base of the skull. Allows the user to shift into a nearly all-energy being, unseeable unless using IR detectors (ultra-sensible only), which also increase the speed and strenght by 300% during the shift. The drawback of this technique is the extreme toll on the user, causing migraines and, after a too long sustained shift period, coma and possibly death. Also, any EMP pulse will automatically restart the chip, sending an incredible amount of pain in the user's brain, making him shift out and keeping the user from "shifting" for at least 5 minutes, depending on how fit the user is. Might also cause disorientation and dizziness.

"Darkpelt" is the last member of a military family. His father was a soldier, the father of his father was a soldier, and it just keeps going. Very young, he was trained in the fine skills of shooting pistols and later, bigger and bigger guns.
When he was old enough at 16, he enrolled in the military, where he was quickly selected for the "FENRIS" program. He was one of the few survivors of the program, most of the other "volunteers" having died at some point during the tests. Out of the 17 initially selected, only 4 survived. This labeled the project as a failure, and was put on ice. The 4 who had survived were selected for the new program the military ensued, which was to test the new ARAPS protection garment. The ARAPS is basically a honeymoon-weaven reactive plate armor, in which thermal dissipating material was added against possible energy weapons that could be encountered by other armies.
The ARAPS system has an impressive array of features. The first one is that the material in which it's made can react with a special goo, which is incorporated in a very thin layer under the armor, and regenerate itself, up to 98% of the original efficiency. Also, the external coating is in fact, both cameras and projectors, making the suit a nearly-perfect cloaking device. The major drawback is that any damage to the armor destroys those cameras, and therefore the cloaking capabilities are extremely reduced. Also, the drain on the battery is extreme, and cannot be held for more than 25 minutes. Also, the adaptive system allows the wearer to be in a airless environment for up to 30 minutes, thanks to the backpack-included air bottles.
The helmet is another work of art, incoporating a small on-plate HUD, allowing the wearer to instantly get the local time, mission time, bearing and display various weapon information, such as temperature and ammo count (with compatible and modified weapons).

Once the program was complete, the armor was put in production. The prototypes were supposed to be destroyed, but they all disappeared. What was unknown to the authorities is that all 4 suits had been stolen by the users, who stored them in a very safe place.
When it was latter found that the "4 chipped", as they were called, stole the armors, they were court-martialled and expelled from the army. For Jason, that was a year ago.

Since then, Jason has been making a rather stiff amount of money, and has more than enough means to keep the armor repaired and in prisitne shape, even after several field uses.

did it in two parts, character limit


Soon after his first couple missions he was hired for, he learned the craft of stealth and how to effectively use the armor, his chip and his training together. After a while, he soon realized that his usual weapon of choice, the venerable M-22, heir of the M-16 assault rifle, was too bulky, not manageable enough and rather loud.

Recent discoeries in both battery packs, hyperacceleration of metallic minislugs as well as fast-conducting alloys brought several new weapons that were virtually noiseless, and brought absolutly no muzzleflash. ne such weapon was the MP-25A4SD, the rightful replacement of the venerable MP-5 submachine gun.
Retaining all the good parts of the previous designs while incorporating a whole new way of ballistic usage, the MP-25A4 improves onit's predecessors by using the Hyper-Accelerated Ferronium Alloy Slug, or the HAFAS. The shell is a caseless slug, propelled at speeds well over 3 times the speed of sound. This is achieved by placing the slug in a barrel made of several electro-magnets, which in turns, send the slug flying at incredible speeds.
In order to counter the problem of the sonic boom that would generate such speeds is a simple white-noise wall integrated at the end of the muzzle, effectively cancelling out the sonic boom.
The time between the press on the trigger and the slug exiting the barrel is about 0.000000023 seconds.
The inherent problem of such a weapon is that it cannot be fired at over 120 rounds a minute, effectively giving it a 4 rounds per second cycle rate, which is slow compared to many other fully automatic weapons.
Another drawback is the heat generated. Any faster firing usually begins to overheat the magnets, and they start melting rendering the gun useless.
The small rate of fire has bee compensated with a bigger magazine, effectively containing 60 rounds and charges each, which is still double what the older models were. In testing, this has proven to be quite useful for when the enemy was reloading, the users of the MP-25A4SD could simply fire some more on the unsuspecting targets.

The round itself can penetrate most, if not all types of body armor, with the exception of the ARAPS armor so far, which simply repairs itself after being hit. Then again, a wise shooter would target a joint instead of the armor itself, but that would be quite a feat since they are very well protected nonetheless.
Tests demostrated that the slug could pierce effectively up to 30 centimeters of reinforced concrete, 10 centimeters of titanium armor and 7 centimeters of kevlar/aluminium inter-weave/ceramic body armor.
The accuracy of the bullet is 0.008 inch at 900 meters, and effective lethal range is about 2.5 kilometers in standard atmosphere.
The weapon, in space, has it's effectiveness multiplied by a factor of at least 10 in 94.3% of the cases.

All those facts helped Jason to make this new weapon his weapon of choice. He keeps an old HK Mk23 SOCOM .45ACP pistol as his sidearm, the weapon being more wieldly than a desert eagle and packing 95% of the punch of the same gun in the .50AE version, and with 6 extra bullets (in combat load for both).


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