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Name: Strawberry the Fox
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Race: Fox
Eyes: Green
Height: 5 foot, 4 inches
Interests: Likes to build things, has an I.Q. of 350.

BIO: Pink female fox that wears a dress and shoes with two tails. She invents something!

Upgrades: Chaos Emerald Ring,Wind Ring and
Water Arm Bracelet.

Emerald Ring:
Use Chaos Control.

Wind Ring:
Summon wind gusts that can cause tornadoes.

Water/Wind Rings (Combined):
Water tornadoes.

Shield and Power Guns

Name: Phelan Restin

Age: 28 Terra cycles (Earth years, for you un-nerds)

Species: Red-tailed hawk

Fur colour:"Last time I checked, I had feathers. Typical hawk's coloration, white on the belly, brown on the back with banded primaries and of course, the red-colored tail."
Phelan's a sinewy, almost lanky bird. Almost no fat on his body, but with a hollow-boned skeleton, he still only weighs 160 lbs at 6'2".
A first glance would tend to have one believing he's a gryphon, though he's devoid of any feline phenotype.
He almost never wears a shirt, and almost always wears a pair of grubby, urban fatigue BDU-style pants and black canvas boots, worn down at the toe and untouched at the heel, due to his digitigrade gait.

Profession: deep-space salvage (ex-mercenary, 3 years)
Phelan hates being called a pirate, and insists on the term "salvage engineer", as though it made any difference.
If you crash it, he'll steal the wreckage.

Cybernetic implants: "Implants...? Was I supposed to have those?"
recoil-operated caseless .50x30 kinetic pistol, typically loaded with high-density depleted uranium slugs and boosted Cordite-II case-charges. This not only serves as a thoroughly effective close-quarters hand-cannon, but the match-grade reciever and barrel make it a severe threat, essentially as far as Phelan's vision limits him.
Phelan also toys with large-bore rifles, and owns a heavy gas-operated 20mm rifle, but seldom carries it.
Also, he's never seen more than three feet away from his big, rubber-handled combat knife.
Phelan pilots an Israeli-made military-surplus lightweight class dropship, modified to accommodate his equipment and supplies for extrasolar travel.

He's good at what he does.

Alright! I love RPs!

Name: Tac

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Species: Anthro Wolf

Profession: Lawyer and Cook (Owner of Das My Ramen)

Implants: Um... none

Eye Color: One blue, the other Blood Red

Height: 7' 2"

Intrests: Law, macrophilia, aquaphilia, hypothermophilia, yiff (doesn't matter, Male or Female. I could care less), and a few other things that he keeps personal.

Bio: Wolf who doesn't take crap from anyone. If you like ramen, go to his Das My Ramen ramen resturaunt. You don't like ramen? Get out of his way.

Weaponry: Kantana (2), Meat cleaver, Knives (?), Kuai (?), Shurkens (?), Bow and Arrow (?), Sai, Aquileratti Saphire and Aquamarine (1 of each) and Daggers (3)

Abilities: Ninjutsu, Tai Chi, and Endless Lecture.

Appearance: Normal Anthro-wolf wearing a suit and tie. But honestly, don't get  him annoyed, he'll kill you before you can say "Miso Ramen". His fur is a bluish gray and he constantly wears flannel-lined Khakis and carries a backpack full of... erm... crap..

Name: Revalyn Sciliana
Gender: Female
Age: 18
DOB: July 24th
Species: Felis Catus
Common name: Himalayan Cat
Fur Color: Snow White
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Cerulean
Hight: 5'10''
Weight: 145 lb
Mate Status: Single
Blood Type: Unknown
Place of Birth: Unknown

Occupation: None
Economic Status: Unknown

Allegence: None
Rank: None

Background File:  Abandoned at age 4, no memory of origins.  uneducated, shows no allegence to any faction, highly dangerous.

Mental File:  Evaluation concluded that subject was highly unstable and avoided all contact.  Not violent unless feeling threatened.  Will fight if cornered.  Refuses to communicate using verbal speech and seems very animalistic despite high level of intelligence.

Medical File:  Extremely healthy.  Inability to smell, apparent at birth.  Amino-iron defficiency found in blood tests.

Criminal History:  over 420 accounts of aggrivated assault reported as well as stowaway action.  never apprehended.
43 officers have been defeated by subject, though never killed.
Bounty:  3,244,000 creits

Approach with EXTREME caution.  Do not provoke.  Subject is extremely elusive and agile.  If possible, avoid close combat or conflict.

COMBAT DATA:  Subject is armed with 3 weapons. 2 concealed white handled katana are carried by the subject.  Subject has used the blades as projectiles in previous encounters and attempts to apprehend with great effect.  MAIN WEAPON is a 10 foot lance with a progressive blade embedded within.  If cut in half, the progressive will emerge from the second half, becoming another weapon.  Subject is trained in the art of Capoeira, a ground based attack dealing with high velocity kicks and spins.  The subject is also master of the "Sechster Angriff" an aerial based fighting style which employs the lance to its maximum potential.  Avoid any situations which will allow subject to emply either fighting technique.

Name: Loni de Lioncourt (pronounced de lawn-crey)




Apearance:still working on it


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