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Icy Dragon:
Name:Auroth Trent

Age: 16


Apperance: Wears baggy brown pants and an oversized black shirt. He has bright turquoise eyes, white scales and a patch of grey fur running from his neck to his tail.  He is 6 feet and 5 inches, but is rather lightweight for a dragon.

Job: Freelancer, working for anyone he feels like as long as the pay is right

Ship: His ship, The Catalyst (If you play EVE online you probably know what it looks like, if you don't it looks like a B wing form Star Wars or a large, thin, wingshaped ship that has the cockpit sticking out in the middle, and various points for turrents and missle launchers to be placed) is a medium sized destroyer class ship, prone to EM attacks because of its weak computers, but has good armor and can destroy a group of firgates or even heavly damage a capital ship if done correctly.

History:  His Dad, who worked with several governments, taught him the tricks of his trade and where to get good jobs from the right people, enncoraging him to become a freelancer pilot.  When Auroth got his pilot's licsence, his Dad gave him his old ship, The Catalyst, to use on his missions.  Auroth left his family to start his new life out in the sea of space.


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