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Name: Murrg  no last name given

Species: Believed to be a mutation or variation of the Dog pack project

Description: Last know accurate description was as follows, Height 6 feet 0 inches, Weight believed to be around 200- 220 pounds, Eye color emerald green luminesint green in darkness or when agitated, Hair err fur color black wings are of the same color

General  info gathered during holding: When subject was brought to use we had to keep him sedated after the first few days shows signs of being a telepath on par with our Mind meters Also believed to be able to control rifts and ley lines much like a ley mage. Interesting side note subject appears to be in fear of his own powers and refused to use them to resist capture or in any of his escape attempts will add more later.

Update: On his third week here we discovered him talking to himself and even more surprising he was becoming agitated very quickly at him self sent a telepath to find out what he was doing the result was unpleasant to say the least we fear for Clarks mind and have been forced to sedate him at all times All he would say was  void over and over will look into it further.

Update: The subject went berserk today even under heavy sedation he was able to manifest more power then we believed he could two Sams where destroyed and 10 solders wher killed before we got him under control thank god the commander thought to requisition some of that new sedative but a few things have me baffled the first happened when some of our brave but foolhardy troopers tried to take him down bare handed as soon as the first one touched him he recoiled as if he had been shocked not ten seconds after that he was thrown back far hard enough to dent the wall behind him need I not remind you sir that alloy can withstand a direct shot from an ion cannon with minimal damage though doing this seemed to weaken him greatly another thing that has me confused is the subject appeared to be crying? The entire time and when he was finally taken down and sedated I swore I heard him thank me truly odd.

Update: I have spoken with the subject and he apologized to me for the incident last week he claims to have not been himself literally strange but I was unable to get him to go into more detail also the men who came in direct contact with him where all put down for safety reasons  two began manifesting powers much like the subjects but seem to be void of any though the others turned into jibbering piles of mush we lost another melter trying to figure out what happened some sort of psychic back lash upon hearing of this the subject ask to be put down saying it was getting worse and frankly sir I am beginning to think it may not be a bad idea

Update: Sir I have horrible news the ldjskufha;lkdjfa;ldkjfalk lidlkjfklsd lskdj’fA;KSJFDIORHG UIHAOIOEW OAIHRJGLHGIUAH;OIHEO FAIHEFKIAH UOHRGOIAJ’POJEDFI AOIGHEURHGO[AIEJKW FKLASJDKLKJHDFJASH DAKLSE;FASJDIOFQHRUIGQ’JOEGQ -ORU Q[O QIHRUGHQUOHEUJOFKJR488Y5T7892YU9459-154758519-7465187698847RHKJ0[Q7E140JH0YU4Y74 FILE CORUPTED BASE TERMINAL LOST………………………………..........................................................................................


Equipment: Suit of specialy desighnd semipowerd armor (curently opperating at 50%effichency powerservos offline repair impossible all other featurs working within normal paramiters)  suit of light mdc full enviorment armor tech bow two un opened rmk feild kits one vile of rmk knitters 27 viles of sedditve 6 one vile of "reaper"

skills and abillitys: profichent in most firearms from energy to solid shell well trained bot and powerd armor piolit  Expert hand to hand and melee skilles fangs and claws Ley mage and master psyonict (limmits never tested wont use powers unless forced to)

Known fears weakness: Hights, himmself??

Murrgs abillitys are constanly changing and evolving from his core gifts he is loath to use any of them even to save his life but has been know to unleash vast amouts of destructave force on rare occasions he normaly has no recolection on the events that occured and the few who have seen it and survived could swear it was not him do there natural deaths he has taken steps to prevent losing controll by using sevral nerual surpressents and sevral inhibiters to keep things in check he has been known on two ocasions to use gifts that are not destructive

chimera soul:
now where do i go to use this character

Jalex Darnco:
Pop in how you wish. The game is extremly flexiable, it's up to the players to make the world, not the GM.

chimera soul:
but where is the game??????

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