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Bear Paw:
Is there going to be a set time for actions to be posted or is it totaly freestyle either way is fine both have there advantages?

I'm figuring it'll be a free for all type of thing. Post when ever you want/can. We all have real lives, and as a result we tend to have to do things that take priority. I'm not going to hold it against anyone who plays, or plays for a little while. Tis just a game ^_^

I'm not sure what you mean by the last part of your post BearPaw.

Bear Paw:
sorry the question mark wasn't suposed to be there. What I ment was that free for all was good because for me I can only get on at weekends most of the time so a dead line would be difficult,
And dead line style means you keep the game pace going. But I do prefer the free style myself far more room to expand upon things this way. Looks like you got everything going well Jadnar hope this all goes ok for ya and us.  

Moved at on request.

Okay. I am confused. How do I join the RPGs?


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