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*bewildered she sits* i... really was just looking for a way out of here...*her ear twitches*

"This is your way out, we can't afford to let anyone stay here, nor do we have anything to let you use."

When everyone was finally sat down, the Kalga lurched. There was nothing to look out, just the simple organic looking walls. A slight vibration began to shake through the ship.

With Kalga I watched through it's eyes, watching the slipstream take us in, and close behind us just as we were fully in.

~May the Avari guide us well~ I thought towards Kalga.

~That they do, they are strong, and grand for a race such as them. Their wiseness is perhaps as great as my own. It will be a pleasure to meet these people, whom have gotten to know the space ways well.~

As the lights lead you down the hall, you finally come to the command room, where you are greated by a wide range of bewildered faces. Quite suddenly you see a chair move up from the ground.

Then a voice catches your ears, "You'd better get settled in, we are about to use a Slipstream created by the Avari. Please hurry, The Kalga can not defend its self for long against the Kal'Tak."

You identify the voice coming from a horse like anthro, his eyes closed, as if in a trance.

*slowly makes her way down*... hello?

*walks closer to it holding up the "weapon" * hello?


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