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Neverwinter Online & Grouping in MMO's
« on: August 20, 2015, 03:22:20 pm »
Hey guys,

So i've started playing Neverwinter Online, and managed to get to level 60 within a week, WOOO.

Neverwinter is a free MMO game that has recently had an expansion that allows guild wars.  So with that I've now started a guild that I would like anyone interested to be invited to :).

The game in itself it pretty fun and if your a nerd for games like neverwinter, icewindale, baulders gate, temple of elemental evil, etc.  Then tis MMO actually mentions and incorporates these games (and proobably more) into a single gaming unit, so there is some fun lore in this.

I am Beautrix (or Beautrix.1MG)
and My guild is Nocte Conclave

This includes the trailer for the newest expansion.

Also if this doesn't interest you then another question.

Is there an MMO that most of you go to anyway that is all joined together, and if not could there be.

Im NWN as an option but there is loads.  I think one of the most common furry wise was Second life(I think????)

Free wise you got:
 - Second life/second world....soemthing something
 - Star Trek Online
 - Neverwinter Nights
 - etc.

So wonder if its worth thinking about doing, what do you think gamers and socialisers?

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Re: Neverwinter Online & Grouping in MMO's
« Reply #1 on: August 31, 2015, 02:31:54 pm »
I've actually just started playing Neverwinter today. it's not hte best MMO I've played, but it's also no tthe worst. I can see myself sticking with it for a while. I've not gone as far as looking for a guild or anything as of yet - I'm still unsure if I will or if I'll solo it.

The only other one I play properly at the moment is Elder Scrolls Online (although I used to play Archeage - another free one for your list). I play ESO with two of my IRL closest friends. Despite most group content being balanced for four people, we can communicate well enough and know each others strengths and weaknesses to be able to complete it all with only three (although I have to multitask as healer and secondary DPS, as well as resource management for the others).
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