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Sandbox Mishaps!
« on: December 07, 2015, 12:55:26 am »
Sandbox games like Minecraft and Terraria are fun to play, but they have those moments where everything goes against you. Tell about your worst sandbox fails here, if you play sandbox games, that is.

Space Engineers. It's a great sandbox game in space. You can build without worry, fight pirates that will raid you constantly until you delete the world, or play online with friends. I played this game today and built an Atmospheric Exploration Craft, AEC for short. I finished it and decided to test it before I saved it. Bad idea. I spawned in an Earth like planet and accelerated to 250 m/s. I paused the game to answer my phone and when I came back, the screen had frozen and showed my ship a second before impact with the newly spawned planet. It took five minutes for my weak PC to calculate all the damage done, but when it finished, the bottom of the hull of the ship was resting on a ledge and a tree, one of the hydrogen thrusters in the back had been destroyed, the entire bridge was smooshed. Out of 200 ion thrusters, 137 survived. I had six Sage thrusters and four were destroyed. I walked around the ship and went inside. It took 18 large atmospheric thrusters to get the thing off the ground. The three remaining hydrogen thrusters in the back pushed it off into space. Since the ship was so horribly disfigured, I decided to spawn in Lars and I lasered the AEC apart. Then I rammed it and had two disfigured, dead ships. The AEC took 4 hours to build while Lars took 9 hours to build. I saved the Lars and learned that I need more hydrogen thrusters and to always keep Inertia Dampners on at all times if I want to go to a planet.
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