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Eye of the Tiger


I stumbled across this series by accident while browsing Amazon. There used to be a listing on Amazon for the paperback books, but the listing seems to have been taken down for some reason. :( So now, only the audiobooks are available. Bummer. :(
But anyway, kind of a unique "furry" type of sci-fi story about an ex-soldier who gets captured, imprisoned, and has his DNA genetically engineered so that the guy can change into a tiger.  :o
Here's a brief synopsis.

--- Quote ---Imprisoned and subjected to brutal genetic experiments, space marine Adam has been changed into a perfect predator. A super soldier that is part man, part tiger, and all killing machine.

When his latest mission has an unexpected outcome, Adam finds himself free of his explosive control collar and honor bound to protect a mysterious woman. Now he is on an alien planet, and they are both being hunted by the most powerful mega corporation in the solar system. Their only escape lays at the helm of an experimental starship hidden beyond countless layers of military security.

All Adam has is his military training, sense of honor, and a beautiful woman who needs to drink blood to live.

It is time to let the tiger out.
--- End quote ---
There's 11 books in the series. I can only hope they all eventually come out in paperback sometime. I hate audio.

Varg the wanderer:
Have you looked at TOR or Baen publishing? If you find the house you might have better luck at locating the hard copies.

Kay Alett:
Well it's a very interesting premise. I'd like to check it out.

Up until the super soldier part, it reads like a summary of one of my first background story for my own character which I wrote in late 1994. It makes me shudder though. You know it's not written by me because the only time I ever use the phrase 'space marine' is to call it trite and cliche.

This series would only make me more mad.


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