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Japan to mix animal/human DNA.

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No, they won't be creating real "furries". The hope is to create new organs for human transplant.

Kay Alett:
Yeah but you know there's more than a few people working on this project who joke about making catgirls.

Still though I've been intruiged by transgenic science for yeas so seeing further development in that makes me happy.

Jade Sinapu:
I met a nice cart girl or two at Denfur,  so please Japan,  get working on cat girls. And then dog girls.

I take that back.  Get priorities straight.  Dog girls first.

But a little more serious now..
If this animal is raised to grow a human kidney,  can u eat the other bits of the animal later? Meaning would it be like eating a human in some way?? Kind of bothers me right now.

This won't end well I've seen the movies when creatures get sentience they're survival instincts will kick in and fight back its a cool concept

Rocket T. Coyote:
This was a sub-plot in the Tank Girl movie. Half-man/half-kangaroo. I think Boogah said he was a dog before upgrading to human.


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