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Varg the wanderer:
It seems like a lot of the story repositories have either vanished or gone defunct. Currenly I am aware of FA, Inkbunny, Weasyl, VCL, Shifti, and SoFurry, but most of those are geared for art and just happen to have stories posted on them too. There used to be many more, but Mia's, The Raccoon's Bookshelf, FurRag, Anthrofiction, AnthroArchives, Furlisophical, Furnation have all either vanished or look like a rusted out car with flat tires: full or broken links and missing pages.

Where the heck did they go? Are there any good ones out there that I've missed?

I'm surprised you didn't mention gotfox.

I've never ran a successful furry site, a few guilds on gaia, but that was it.

I think it has to do with the fact that the internet is changing and that many furries either stop caring or aren't tech saavy enough to keep certain projects going.

I don't think vcl or SF are going away anytime soon tho.


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