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Tails at Renaissance Fair

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So I went to the Renaissance Fair in San Luis Obispo, CA yesterday and I saw several people sporting small fox tails as part of their whole Renaissance period costume. Only my girlfriend was courageous enough to ask one lady what it was about. The lady said she didn't know what it was about or whether there was any significance to the Renaissance time. She just liked wearing it. My girlfriend and I wondered if they were furs, but we didn't ask anyone that directly. There were also several venders selling the tails. I also saw a guy wearing a horse tail several years ago at a fair in Oklahoma.  

So does anyone know what the tails are about or if they have any relation to the Renaissance period? Of course at least some of them might be furs.

My girlfriend and I thought about wearing horse costumes, but we weren't sure if it would've been a good idea. There probably wasn't a place to suit up and it was too hot.

I thought about wearing my homemade tail to the Minnesota RenFest, but looking at it again I find it a pretty sorry specimen.  I'll probably buy the biggest fox tail I can up there and wear it around.

So, yes, I plan on it!

Narei Mooncatt:
Personally, I haven't even been to a renfaire in ages and not sure if I'd wear my tail or not.  But I know of several furs that have done so.  As to why, your guess is as good as mine.  I think I saw someone mention it being because you already see a lot of people in period costumes, so it's not as out of place as in the general public.

renfaire tail wearers of confusing... Most are NOT furs. I dont know why they do it tho. I met a girl wearing a horse tail just like mine.. I asked her, nope, not a fur. Safest bet there, let them come ask you.

The ren Fairs make a lot of money off selling genuine fox tails. People wear them at the ren fair because they want everyone to know they got it and want to be, "oh look what i got here, ain't it cool."
When they get home they'll hang it somewhere and it will proceed to collect dust.
Not a furry thing for the majority.


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