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The world of Redwall.

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Any Redwall fans here? Raise your paw.

I tried to get started into the Redwall book series long ago, but it didn't last very long. I had 4-5 books, but didn't get very far in reading them.  :( Maybe at some point in the future, I'll try to get back into them again if I can.

For now though, I recently checked out the complete Seasons 1, 2, and 3 of the Redwall animated tv series from my local library and have been watching that. Seasons 1 and 2 are done, so now I just have #3 left to watch.

Anybody else a fan of Redwall? Have you read all the books and/or watched the tv series? What are your thoughts? What are your favorite books, stories, characters, etc.?

And here's something interesting I just read tonight:

I don't know about anybody else, but I am particuarly interested in seeing feature length movies made of the Redwall and Mattimeo books. And if successful, I think more movie adaptations could be done with other book titles. Only companies I can think of that could produce a movie series like this might be Disney and/or Pixar. And the animation/CGI would need to be spectacuarly photorealistic too.
In my opinion, Redwall is long overdue to be made into a film series. In an age where all Hollywood cares about is reboot, reboot, and more reboots, or making more "sequels and prequels", I think Redwall would offer some fresh new storytelling to audiences everywhere.  :) I would certainly rather see a new Redwall movie instead of another Fast and Furious #10 movie or another Jurassic Park #5 movie, etc., etc.  :P

Read all the books. Absolutely loved them. Remain one of my favourite series. Don't own the books any more - My parents gave them away when I moved to uni.
Seen the first series of the TV show. Honestly didn't think it was that great. Too many deviations from the book. Alright if you hadn't read the books, but not amazing if you were a huge fan of them.
Not really fussed if they make a film of it or not. I doubt it will happen though.

Old Rabbit:
I have read almost all of the series. One should remember the stories are
meant for young people. So one should expect the plots to be easier for
kids to follow.

Brian must have loved food.  :D  The big thing the creatures that lived in the
Redwall abby loved is food. It made sense as creatures in the wild generally
don't have a lot to eat. I think Brian had kids in mind with all the sweets he
wrote about. I imagine the creatures would have been fat and toothless with
all that sugar. LOL.

I don't know if Britain has any Skunks, or Ground hogs as he never encluded
them that I remembered. Good beasts were mice, badgers, hares, otters,
moles, squirrels, shrews, birds, and others. Lots  of villains, rats, foxes, martans,
stoats, wildcats, water rats, birds, fish, snakes, lizards and others.

He usually encluded a puzzle or riddle in the stories. I am sure those added
to the enjoyment of the stories.

Redwall is for the young at heart. Even someone my age can enjoy the stories
if you allow yourself to leave reality. Actually the stories are well written. One
could change from animals to humans and they would be a good read for young

I reccomend the Redwall stories for anyone who loves animals and advanture
stories from the middle ages. Swords, daggers, spears, slings and arrows, oh my.

Some do feel the stories tend to be repetitious. Yes they do follow similar plots, but
I think Brian did keep the series interesting. He used different lead characters in most
of the books.

I did enjoy the series and plan to read them again. :orbunny:

While we have the odd escaped colony of skunks, neither they nor groundhogs are native to the UK, and the odd escaped lot are not common by any means. Whereas we do have native lizards and snakes.

Old Rabbit:

--- Quote from: Loc on May 28, 2017, 01:28:40 pm ---While we have the odd escaped colony of skunks, neither they nor groundhogs are native to the UK, and the odd escaped lot are not common by any means. Whereas we do have native lizards and snakes.

--- End quote ---

Thanks for the info Loc.. Good reason for not encluding them. 

Personally I found the video series enjoyable, but I hadn't read the books first. I agree
not following the story line harms the videos for those who have read the story first.


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