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The GOP and Trickle down economics
« on: March 13, 2017, 09:46:57 am »
Our friendly GOP is responsible for the middle class loosing out and the top
1-2 percent becoming super rich. Before Presidnt Reagan the Middle Class
had been growing for almost 40 years, but since they have lost ground.

The GOP feels trickle down economics works well for people of all classes
from the poor to the rich. In fact it only works well for the top 1 percent
of tax payers. This is mostly the Billionaire class.

The GOP also supports Bottom up politics vs Top down by the Democrats. They
feel all regulations and rules should be set to benefit the local area, not
based for the people as a whole. So a business will do best if they don't
have to follow national regulations for pollution, or protection for workers.

Democrats want Top down which sets rules an regulations for all businesses
instead of modeling for each business . One might feel this is more fair
using local control, but as we know human nature brings greed when left
to it's own devices. So the environment and working class suffers in many
cases. Local bureaucrats can be swayed by the wants of a large employer.

It's not uncommon where working people have to go to the federal court
to get justice when a local or state Attorney general favors a local big

People especially the rich hate regulations, but without them businesses
often take advantage of the public and their workers. Banks use money
recklessly when they know they don't have any penalties for failure. The
tax payer has had to bail out banks in the past, and will likely again if
regulations are relaxed.

the environment will suffer as well. Before the regulations made by
the EPA there were places where the pollution was so bad the river
caught on fire. Pollution affects us all, not just local areas.

The GOP seems to feel making people super rich helps everyone. In the 1980's
Reaganomics tripled the income of the top 1 percent of tax payers. It's
no wonder why those rich people support the GOP who did much to make them
very rich.

The GOP works very hard to convince people they are for the working class.
Promsing jobs, but not good paying ones or benifits. They hate Unions, because
they usually don't support the GOP. They work to stop people from voting for
their opponents. Set up voting districts to benefit them selves. They know the
only way they can stay in is by misleading the public. The ACA was a GOP plan
untill Obama worked to implement it. They decided to mislead the public by
telling lies about ACA. Starting in 2010 they ran against the ACA trying to
win back the congress. Not for the publics good but to regain power. So
they can pass laws to please those who agree with their ideas. Mainly the
religious right along with the rich and powerful.

I am not giving a green light to the democrats for everything, because all
politicians are subject to human failures. It's the informed voter who can
keep our law makers in line. No matter what party they represent. Many
want to make a career out of being in politics and often do things to help
them selves instead of the country. I think being a congressman or woman
should be a service to the country, not a career that can lead to corruption.
It's hard for some people to stay honest when they handle huge sums of

Big money wither it's for the GOP or any other politician will work to enrich
it's self. It's only human nature. If the voter doesn't keep a leash on those
who make the laws the middle class and working poor will pay the price.

Link to GOP favored economics started by President Reagan.

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Re: The GOP and Trickle down economics
« Reply #1 on: March 13, 2017, 01:02:42 pm »
I think the title of your thread should instead be "Trumped up trickle down economics".  :D
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