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I just want furolks to know that a fellow artist is going to be putting a card set together and would like different artists to participate in helping to create the cards. He would like to have one artist per card, if at all possible. Yes, that means 52 artists!

Right now he has 9 artists participating.

If you are interested please let me know and I will send him a message that you are interested!

A standard deck of cards, as in poker, gin rummy, or such?
I know of someone doing a furry card game. Yiff the Card Game, or something like that.

A standard deck of cards.

Oh, I should also mention that the artwork for the cards is of an adult nature. Pin-up type preferred.

As he states, the rules are not set in stone so you can always approach him with your ideas.

For those interested, here is the email addy of the person creating these cards.


When sending him an email let him know who sent you, here you can just say you heard about it on the Furtopia Forums, this helps cut down on spam emails to him.

Firestorm Six:
It's sound cool Kada, let me know more details , if it's still in the works, I could contribute if you like *  


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