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Furtopia button for websites?

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Hey, wouldn't it be cool if Furtopia had a little button that people could use on their pages to link over to the site?  You know the kind I'm talking about I think.  It could even be a contest between artists and folks could vote on the design they like best maybe?

Anyway, just a thought!!!  

I did one last Autumn at some point and have it on my own site, in it's links section.
Link banners are fairly easy to do, really.
I don't think we'd need a contest, per se, but if artists had done some suitably sized banners, they should feel free to use them on their own sites or submit them for sharing at itself. Webmasters should have options available to them for what banner they could have on their sites, from colour scheme to size, and even whether or not to have animated effects.
The most popular banner sizes tend to be 200x40, 120x60, 88x31, and 468x60. I see a lot of furry web sites making use of that first set of dimensions that I listed.

Nice idea Ayame.  Currently we allow members to make there own buttons or use buttons that have been donated:  Anyone who creates a button/banner can have it shared here if they like.

On competition I am thinking (provided things clear up with Chaz) of having 3 Furtopia t-shirts.  Members have been asking for a Furtopia t-shirt and I think it would be a cool way to identify each other like at a con and such.

Currently I am leaning on having 3 different style shirts based on a theme and pricing shirts at $8 (a member thing and not to make a profit).  Members here on the forums will have a chance to vote on there 3 favorite submissions for the Furtopia t-shirt.  The top 3 designs would then be able to be ordered.  

So that's the "plan".  Hopefully we will be able to start this soon.

I do have something to say related to this topic, so I may as well bring it up here.  WS: those buttons/banners are, in my opinion, not very good.  The reason for that is that they do not fit, or have any relation to the current Furtopia site.  With exception, perhaps, of the last button on that list.  I personally feel that the Furtopia site on the whole could do with a BIG make-over.  Currently, there is little style and continuity to the site, which I feel poorly represents the exceptional services Furtopia provides.  When I look at other sites designed and maintained by everyday people, with everyday lives (I mean people that aren't like paid website designers), not necessrily furry sites, I realise how good they can look, and how good Furtopia could be.  Actually, this forum is a very good example of this.  The Furtopia forums have a consistent colour scheme and style.  The format and layout globally matches.  The graphics at the top give a stylish look and a focal point to each page.

Anyway, I bring this up not to be negative, but to help improve Furtopia for all current and future users.  I feel once Furtopia has established a style scheme, then, link banners and buttons, following the style, could be produced, and used for link button/banner exchanges with other furry sites and services.

Talking about button size, I think that 90 (or 88) x 35 are common dimensions that are used.  I think it would be worth investigating first, as obviously, when a site has a list of link buttons, they all want to be the same size - and you don't want the Furtopia one to be right out of place.

Again, I wish to state that these are my opinions, and that I wish this to be taken as constructive critisism, rather than a negative rant.

I just wanted to say I agree with DrakonianDanceR there is alot of room for improvment on the main pages of the Furtopia site.
Even the Logo here on the message board is not the same as the logo on the main site pages.
I do feel that the whole thing needs to be updated and more introgated together.

I did try to make this sergestion before but nothing happed from it.

Just my oppion


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