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Furtopia Forums Rules Update Thread Log

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Storm Fox:
The following rules/guidelines have been removed from the polling booth forum.

--- Quote ---Polling Forum Rules & Guidelines:

a) Polls should pertain to furs, furriness, and/or information gathering of a non-personal, non-competitive nature.
b) Polls of a “Whose more ____ than that person” or “Who would win…” polls will be considered spam and removed at staff discretion depending on subject matter.
c) Polls pertaining to an adult subject must go in the adult area which is described here:
d) Not all polls will go in the Polling Forum. Certain polls may remain in their respective areas: Photography, Art, Fursuiting, etc. If a member is unsure where a Poll should go, them please PM a Mod or Admin and we’ll help you out.  

Modifications of this may be posted later. Thanks and Enjoy.

--- End quote ---

Storm Fox:
The furtopia forum main rules page has been fully updated.

Version 3 [found here] has been replaced with version 4 [found here].


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