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Furtopia Forums Rules Update Thread Log

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New rules revisions and additions have been implemented in the following forums.

Added on 11/13/2011

Convention Forum Guidelines

Furry Connections Forum Guidelines

Gaming Discussion Forum Guidelines

Word Games Forum Guidelines

Added on 11/20/2011 - New graphical and literary arts rules have been revised/implemented for the following forums:
* Artwork Announcements
* Sharing & Artistry
* Furry Fiction
* Poetry

All these forums share pretty much the same common rules as described here:

Added on 11/22/2011

Added a topic about "critiquing" to the Artwork Techniques forum here:
It is NOT a rule thread, but merely a topic on how to give good feedback to artists on their works.

Added on 11/28/2011

The rules and guidelines for the Furry Role Playing Games forum have been revised and updated here:


After staff discussion and voting, Rule # 7d in the main Furtopian rules has been changed.

Old rule:

--- Quote ---Copyrighted art/material must not be posted on Furtopia without consent or public release of the copyright owner and/or permission from Furtopian staff. Also, Please be kind and give credit where credit is due if someone draws an avatar, signature pic, etc. for you to use on the forums.
--- End quote ---

New version:

--- Quote ---The use of copyrighted materials (Art, Stories, etc.) made by someone other than yourself, without getting written permission from or giving credit to the original owner/creator, is discouraged. Such material will be removed if requested by the original owner. Intentionally "stealing" and using a copyrighted work, either in whole or in part, and claiming it as your own will result in removal of the item by staff.
If you see any copyrighted works (Art, Stories, etc.) that you own and that have been used/stolen without permission or credit, you are encouraged to contact an Administrator here:
All inquiries will be reviewed by Staff and appropriate measures will be taken to correct the offense.
--- End quote ---


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